There’s no surefire formula for instant success. Still, Miracle Kratoms’ rise to fame has been astounding, as their accomplishments in the kratom world are akin to a miracle.

Miracle Kratom has flourished by leaps and bounds since it first joined the kratom industry in 2016. This vendor is well-known among Ohio’s kratom community for its convenient neighborhood store and low costs, but they aren’t the only ones.

The brand is only about six years old, which explains its reputation as a newcomer. Nonetheless, it is a reliable brand with a selection of many kratom powders. Today, we’ll look at their entire product line and why many people are raving about Miracle Kratom.

About Miracle Kratom

In 2016, Miracle Kratom opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Columbus, Ohio. The sleek, simple decor of the store quickly grabbed the attention of an otherwise unimpressive shopping mall.

Christian Stuart and his team started the company to share Mitragyna Speciosa in all of its glory. After completing this challenging feat, they wasted no time expanding to other places. 

The owners quickly made enough money to create a second boutique-style shop in Bellevue, Kentucky. Because of Bellevue’s proximity to Cincinnati, they maintained a close check on both locations.

What Is Miracle Kratom’s Product Line-Up?

This vendor offers a wide range of all-natural kratom powders, including unique blends and plain leaf strains. There are no kratom capsules or liquid kratom shots available for individuals who prefer ready-made, easy-to-swallow options. Miracle Kratom’s only focus is on powdered Kratom.

More than forty strains are accessible online and in their physical store, which is more than plenty for any kratom retailer. Any Ketum vendor knows how difficult it is to balance supply and demand. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the vendor is well-known in the area for its low prices, a wide variety of products, and a large selection of strain kinds.

Best Miracle Kratom Products

Green Forest Kratom

This unusual green vein kratom powder has everything, including over-flowing calm, sage-like clarity, and warmth that green kratom is known for, but none of the kratom hangover that some Indo leaves are known for.

Green Forest has an energizing effect at low doses and a refreshing effect at intermediate doses, with a well-balanced perfume that lingers.

Red Riau

One of my all-time favorites is red Riau, and Miracle Kratom’s Riau leaf is no exception. This red vein kratom powder isn’t as potent as Red Sumatra, but it’s still worth trying.

Four to five grams will invigorate you, providing a musky aroma and hours of tranquillity and general well-being.

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Their Products?

Miracle Kratom’s products start at $8 for one ounce of powder and go up to $15 for two ounces. Instead, four ounces will set you back $28, eight ounces will set you back $50, sixteen ounces will set you back $85, and a kilogram will set you back $160.

The cheapest quantity is $8 for one ounce, which pays 8 cents per gram. This is a reasonable price by industry standards. You might conclude that the vendor has agreed on a modest price range based on these criteria.

When it comes to greater amounts, though, affordability begins to dwindle. Purchasing sixteen ounces for $85 is an example of an expensive purchase. The 16-ounce pouch weighs around 453 grams, less than half a kilo. According to industry standards, a half kilogram is worth $50 to $70.

Similarly, a kilogram costs $160, at least $40 more than the industry average. Most well-known businesses sell their products for $99 to $120. The vendor is offering kilograms at 16 cents per gram for $160. 

Are Miracle Kratom’s Products GMP Compliant, And Do They Lab Test?

They do, in fact; we all know that when it comes to supplying Kratom, lab testing is crucial. For the best findings, they don’t rely on a single test; instead, they validate it with multiple labs. As a result, they can guarantee 100% quality. They look at alkaloids in combination and different ratios, soil samples, water quality, environmental changes, chemicals, etc.

The American Kratom Association approved Miracle Kratom Association and has GMP program certifications. While they claim to lab test their Kratom, they don’t provide any certificates of analysis for the Kratom they sell, and their website doesn’t mention any quality standards.

Maintaining quality is crucial since these products do not claim what they don’t have.

Does Miracle Kratom Offer Any Coupon Codes?

You can receive a discount code by liking Miracle Kratom’s Facebook page. Following them on social media can also result in you receiving discount codes or being notified of specials and promotions they are doing. You can also sign up for their email list to receive additional discount codes to spend on your purchases.

Promotional coupons can save you up to 20% off your total when you use them at checkout. There are also clearance sales and site-wide seasonal offers on the site.

What Are The Shipment And Return Policies of Miracle Kratom?

They only offer flat-rate shipping via USPS and have a rigid refund policy. There are no returns or exchanges on the website. Store credit or exchange may be granted in some cases.

Refund requests must be made within seven days. Only unopened orders are eligible for a return, and the customer is responsible for the shipping fees.

So Is Miracle Kratom Really Worth It?


  • Premium quality
  • Shipping in one day
  • Affordable
  • Accepts money orders


  • Credit cards and Bitcoin not accepted
  • No lab reports are provided

Final Thoughts

Despite our reservations regarding the lack of third-party test reports and cryptocurrency payments, Miracle Kratom has proven its worth in the market.

This vendor is at the top of its game because of its large selection and easy approach.

Miracle Kratom’s lush Green Forest and refreshing Red Riau are among the best in the world. When you visit this seller’s website, you’ll always find something to be excited about.



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