Kratom has always been the center of criticism since its commercialization. Critics generally target kratom’s side effects and the low-quality products selling openly without a proper check. In short, people are still trying to find flaws in kratom and its community.

The critique wasn’t going down well as far as the kratom industry was concerned. Therefore, organizations stood up and fought against unnecessary criticism. Researchers did their part by providing evidence regarding the kratom’s safety.

However, the research only addressed one problem. The other problem, low-quality products, was still there. Hence, to take charge of the situation, the American Kratom Association (AKA) devised a certification that kept kratom’s quality in check.

But does this certification help the kratom vendors? Is it worth all the physical and financial effort? What difference does it make for a vendor? Read the brief account and see for yourself.

What Is AKA GMP Certification?

The American Kratom Association formulated a certificate that guarantees the overall caliber of the kratom products. AKA awards the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to specific products that pass rigorous testing.

Moreover, the AKA made this certificate to ensure a few things:

  • Customers’ safety
  • Quality products
  • Protecting the natural resource(Kratom)

But how does AKA certify the quality? How does it differentiate between high-end kratom and low-quality kratom that might be unsafe? The association takes specific measures for its quality control check.

It controls some of the most advanced state-of-the-art laboratories where experts check every batch rigorously. There are some set guidelines that kratom must meet before it can be GMP certified. Here are some of the most strict requirements:


  1. The production facilities must be free from all sorts of allergens and cross-contaminants that may render the product unsafe for human use.
  2. Experts must closely evaluate the manufacturing procedures.
  3. Operators must be experts in their work.
  4. A close check on a sample from EVERY batch
  5. The instructions must be in a written format, with no ambiguous language.
  6. Manufacturers must process high-quality raw material.
  7. 3rd Party Auditing and Consulting

If any vendor complies with the requirements above, they are deemed appropriate for selling kratom. But you may think that is it necessary to do all these checks? And we understand your stance.

These checks require a lot of money, resources, and time. Moreover, all these concerns question the need for GMP certification. But we assure you, it is worth every investment. The state of the kratom would be hanging in mid-air if it was not for the GMP certification.

Moreover, it benefits both the vendors and the consumers. Continue reading and see how the vendors benefit from the AKA GMP Certification.

Why Should A Vendor Go For AKA GMP Certification?

As kratom vendors, some of you might think that all this hassle isn’t worth it at all. But you are mistaken. It brings a lot to the table. Therefore, every kratom seller who wants to make a name in the industry must go for this certification.

If you are still unsure how it will help you as a vendor, we have listed three significant benefits below. Please go through them and clear all your ambiguities.

How Does This Help The Vendor?

The life of a kratom vendor has always been a rollercoaster ride. Every now and then, some news came up stating that there has been a ban on selling kratom and stuff like that. Therefore, people of the kratom community, especially vendors, were quite troubled back in the day.

Alternatively, since the GMP certification came into existence, kratom vendors’ lives have reached the clam of a seashore. Moreover, the GMP certificate shut down all the critics who kept complaining about kratom being unsafe.

Nevertheless, there are some exclusive benefits that the vendors get if they are AKA GMP certified. They are:

No Problems With The Authorities

If Mitragyna sales associates do not apply for the certification, they can face some real trouble. We are aware that kratom is still not legal in some states. Furthermore, the states where kratom is legal also need only the safest product available in the market.

Hence, the authorities only back the brands that sell GMP-certified kratom products. Many complaints arise complaining about the quality of kratom. Moreover, the protests are concerning Korth’s quality more often than not.

Therefore, if the authorities get a complaint stating that a vendor is selling a below-par product, they will take strict action. And the only way to prevent any beef is by having the GMP certification.

Because when you have the GMP certificate, the authorities will back you as a vendor. A certified product is less likely to cause any problems. Hence, the authorities will support you.

Ensuring High-Quality Production

As responsible vendors who care about their customers, you must keep a close eye on the finished products’ standards. As a matter of fact, manufacturing high-end products must be every company’s utmost priority.

The reason behind such high regard for quality is that there is no room for low-quality products in a saturated market. If you sell sub-par kratom to the customers, they will change their vendor in no time. Therefore, maintaining the product quality is imperative.

Moreover, the best way to regulate top-notch production is by getting that AKA GMP Certification. It will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will ensure the condition of the kratom selling facility. It would give the manufacturers a reality check if they were not maintaining the specified standards.

Secondly, in getting the certificate, the AKA will get experts to check your product from all angles. Furthermore, they will highlight the aspects where your products fall short of premium quality. Hence, you will get a clear idea of where and how to make your products better.

Attracts The Customers

The last benefit of GMP certification is perhaps the most significant one concerning vendors. The AKA GMP certification is the highest mark of authority that a product can achieve. Hence, the first thing customers look for is the GMP certification whenever they pursue any kratom product.

Kratom enthusiasts know the value of high-quality products. Therefore, they will only turn to the vendors who can cater to their needs regarding premium products. The GMP certificate speaks volumes about the product quality.

Moreover, there are thousands of kratom vendors worldwide. However, only a handful of them opts for the GMP certification to check their products’ quality. Similarly, customers prefer the vendors who sell AKA-certified products.

As you have seen, vendors are gaining many benefits when they go for the AKA GMP certification. Besides, some of you might still believe that kratom’s quality does not matter much. All the products are pretty much alike, and a certificate is not worth the hassle.

If that’s the case, allow us to clear your misconceptions. Read on.

Why Should I Put Kratom’s Quality Into The Equation?

There is no question regarding kratom’s worth. It has several proved therapeutic potentials. Moreover, it is also one of the most prevalent recreational herbs, right behind marijuana. However, things can head south in no time if kratom’s quality is compromised.

All the benefits and positives are associated with high-quality kratom. Therefore, users must purchase top-notch products if they want to use Korth for its notorious perks. It might seem like a harmless compound initially, but that is only the case for pure kratom.

If the products are impure or unclean, they can cause drastic side effects. Enlisted below are some of the most common ailments associated with the use of kratom that is below-par.

Drawbacks of Using Low-Quality Kratom

Users must look for that GMP certification label whenever they head out in search of kratom. Because if they buy any average product, they will have to face the music. Here are the most frequent problems that people face when they consume cheap kratom:

  • Moody behavior
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness

Besides, the CDC has said that these side effects are not very common. Hence, it is implausible that you face these drawbacks if you opt for high-quality products.

Besides, a question must arise in your mind at this instant. How can I check if the kratom I use is GMP certified or not? Well, it’s reasonably straightforward. Follow the next heading to get a clear idea.

Is The Kratom I Use GMP Certified?

Checking the GMP certification is a piece of cake. Firstly, you can simply check the packaging. The GMP certificate is the selling point of kratom products. Therefore, brands highlight their label so that the customer can see the certification. So you will have no trouble in looking for the GMP-certified tag.

But, some brands add false labels that confuse vendors and consumers. They buy those products without knowing that they are actually impure. The best way to tackle this problem is to turn back to the AKA.

The AKA has provided us with a list of all the brands that have got a GMP certificate. Hence, head over to the list if you are unsure regarding the status of the kratom you buy daily. If the product you usually buy is on the list, then well and good. If not, then there are plenty of options for selecting a new brand.

Change your regular product, but never settle for anything less. It would be a big mistake if you still opt for the low-quality product even after finding out that it is not GMP certified.

The Bottom Line

The AKA GMP certification is a revolutionary step in shaping the kratom community’s future. Not only for the vendors but also for the consumers and ultimately, for the entire industry. Because when a merchant chooses to adhere to the regulations, the whole industry gets a nudge in the right direction.

The professionally trained staff, the neat and clean manufacturing facilities, and the high-quality raw material all contribute towards the top-notch quality of the final product.
Moreover, when one vendor goes for the certification, it will encourage both their co-workers and competitors to do the same. Consequently, it will take the whole kratom community towards success.



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