The American Kratom Association (AKA) is an organization representing millions of citizens of America. It is fully committed to secure the right of citizens to their access to kratom and its products to maintain good health of its citizens.

Kratom is a naturally occurring herb used by the people of America for medicinal purposes and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This American organization has been working to assure safe use of kratom throughout America. AKA is of the view that kratom herb is safe for all users, used in any form that doesn’t enhance its natural alkaloids or any other natural material that can then cause ill-effects on the health.

AKA Mission & Vision

AKA has been working for the protection of the rights of kratom users of America, since its establishment in 2014. This Virginia-registered organization has been fighting against banning kratom in the United States of America. The cooperation believes in boosting the consumers and donors’ confidence by ensuring that their money is being put in good use.

AKA aims at ensuring complete compliance with the federal as well as state regulations, by adopting timely financial reconciliation internally and by following board-adopted policies for conduct.

AKA was founded with the sole agenda of clarifying all misconceptions regarding kratom’s effect on health. AKA was officially launched in the year 2015 and has been working since then to defend the rights of American citizens and provide them full access to kratom for medicinal use.

Kratom is a natural herb (Mitragyna speciosa) natively found in south-east Asia. It is used in medicines for centuries as an analgesic. It is commonly consumed as pill, capsule or extract to alleviate pain and fatigue. It is also effective against combating the effects of diseases like anxiety.

Kratom has been a subject of great misconception regarding its adverse effects on general health. AKA has played an essential role in educating the lawmakers of the state regarding the misconceptions and beneficial effects of the herb.

Goals of AKA

AKA is committed to protecting the right of Americans to use kratom to maintain a healthy lifestyle. AKA has got the main five goals and aims:

  • Support Consumers and Making Them a Priority

AKA is of the view that private and political parties don’t prioritize the needs of users. AKA has made it their goal to change this view and fully support the requirements of the consumers.

  • Educating the Citizens

AKA aims at educating the citizens of America regarding the kratom beneficial effects in the field of medicine. The organization has made its goal to create awareness among everyone; from consumers to producers.

  • Amplify

AKA is representing millions of American citizens each with their voice waiting to be heard. The organization believes that the citizens are living in an environment where their voices are not heard, and it promises to amplify and make the voices of citizens heard.

  • Spreading Global Awareness

AKA wants to spread global awareness regarding the medicinal effects and practical knowledge of kratom.

  • Protect Natural Resources

Kratom (an evergreen plant) is a naturally found resource. It is a goal of AKA to support new harvesting techniques and promote reforestation fully.

Policy Statement Issued by AKA on Kratom

Kratom has been marked safe for human use by AKA. The consumers can get kratom products mostly in crushed, encapsulated or powdered form.

All combinations made by mixing kratom with harmful components to produce “high” or other narcotic effects are submitted to law enforcement agencies so that they can be marked illegal and the citizens can remain protected from its abuse.

AKA has always fully supported the lawmaking agencies to remove the illegal and unsafe drugs from the community and promote the use of safe medications for maintaining good public health.

AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program

AKA developed this program to ensure that safe products are being offered to kratom users all over states. It was founded to save consumers from those producers who sell modified kratom products for boosting kratom’s analgesic effects. It will exclude all those producers who sell sub-standard products and those combinations in which kratom combined with harmful ingredients.

The manufacturers of kratom must follow the manufacturing rules as stated by the American kratom association in-order to qualify as AKA GMP Qualified to assure safe product supply to consumers.

Past & Recent Efforts of AKA to Protect The Kratom Ban

In 2016, the US Drug Enforcement (DEA) intended to place kratom in the list of the controlled substances and mark it as a Schedule 1 drug. But, with the support of AKA and community petition to White House forced the DEA to back from its decision.

kratom petition white house

As per the recent news, FDA is trying to shut down the routes of kratom supply to America. The commissioner of FDA Scott Gottlieb wants to ban kratom in states.

American Kratom Association (AKA) is now trying all they can to secure supply of safe kratom throughout America. Approximately 2 million dollars have been spent up till now by AKA to assure kratom legalization and safe supplication.

The association has sent their teams in several parts of the United States of America to train and spread awareness among people about the beneficial effects of the plant and to remove all the misconceptions regarding kratom use.

AKA lacks enough resources to achieve their goals. The association is trying their best to win battles against the kratom ban in several parts of America like Ohio, Arizona, and Florida. AKA wants to amplify and become a voice of consumers throughout the states, and for this, they are working day and night.

In the state of Ohio, AKA submitted a petition signed by thousands of Americans to the Board of Pharmacy. The appeal was against the proposal sent by the board to ban legalization of kratom in the state.

AKA presented scientific evidence related to benefits of kratom use. It stood against the misleading information that kratom was dangerous for the users, as stated in the proposal.

A “Save Kratom Day” was celebrated on Oct 19th to spread awareness regarding kratom safety throughout America. Volunteers went from office to office to educate the kratom advocates that kratom is not a dangerous herb and to remove all the misconceptions. The event was a massive success as it left a positive impact and helped in changing the views of advocates about kratom.

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