Greg Botanicals is a Kratom vendor in the USA that sells its Kratom, claiming “The freshest Kratom.” This statement not only piques interest but also sets high expectations among consumers searching for quality and potency in their kratom products. Let’s take a closer look and find out if Greg Botanicals Kratom is worth the hype or not.

Who are Greg Botanicals?

Greg and his partner Matt own Greg Botanicals. They have a long history in the Kratom world and are committed to offering fresh, premium, and lab-tested Kratom products without the hefty price tag. They take pride in growing their Kratom domestically and also on their farm in Puerto Rico, which ensures quality and authenticity for their customers. 

Greg Botanicals has been around in the kratom industry for a few years, but it’s taken hold as one of the best places to get kratom. Their mission is to provide a wide variety of high-quality kratom powders, shots, and capsules along with other botanical products and a satisfaction guarantee. 

Are Greg Botanicals AKA Certified?

A kratom vendor whom the American Kratom Association accelerates stands for the quality and safety of the kratom products. Greg’s botanicals are not AKA certified, but they still care about the quality. They still need to take an extra step to become AKA certified.

Greg’s Botanicals website mentions that they prioritize quality and authenticity by offering lab-tested Kratom products. However, details about the lab test results directly on the website are not provided.

Greg Botanical’s Kratom Product Line

Greg Botanicals sells Kratom in three different strains, including red, green, and white. Their products include:

  • Powder: White Malay Kratom, White Horned Powder, White Maeng Da, Triple Blend – Green/ White/ Red, White Elephant Powder, Super Green Elephant, Super Green Kratom, Red Bali Powder, Red Malay Powder, Jawi Green / White Kratom Blend, Green Malay Kratom, and Green Maeng da.
  • Capsules: Red Bali Capsules, Super Green Malay Kratom Capsules, White Horned Capsules, and White Maeng Da Capsules.
  • Shots and Extracts:  Chief Kratom 15ml Kratom Extract Shot, Choice Botanicals 12ml Kratom Extract Shot, K 80 Kratom Extract Shot, K-SHOT Kratom Extract Shot, MIT45 Kratom Extract Shot, Nodzilla Kratom Extract Shot, and OPMS Liquid Kratom Tincture Extract.

How are Greg Botanical Products Gonna Cost You?

The cost of Greg botanical Krataom products depends on the form (capsules, powders, shots, and extracts) and the strain (red, green, and white) you are buying. Typically, capsules are sold in bottles, and prices can range from $20 to $50, depending on the quantity. They also sell powder by weight, with prices usually going from $10 to $100+ for large quantities. 

What Customers Are Saying About Greg Botanicals?

Greg’s overall online reputation is positive. Customers have expressed high satisfaction across different platforms, including social media and Reddit. Many customer share that they have noted the noticeable effectiveness of their products. Customers have also shown satisfaction with Greg’s Botanical’s customer service, which includes fast shipping and competitive pricing. 

Do They Offer Refunds?

Greg Botanicals offers a 30-day no-question-asked refund policy for unused items that adds an extra layer of authenticity to this brand. However, a receipt or proof of purchase is required for returns. Once a return is received by the company and inspected, if approved, a refund is processed back to the original payment methods within a certain number of days. 

However, sale items are not eligible for refunds, but defective and damaged items can be exchanged. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, which are non-refundable. 

Greg’s Botanicals Coupon Code

Greg Botanicals offers coupon codes and newsletter subscriptions to its customers. You can check their website for an updated code and get a flat 15% discount on your purchase. You can also join their newsletter subscription for a flash discount. Greg Botanicals also offers free shipment on orders above $150.  

Are Greg Botanicals Present on Social Media?

Greg botanicals are present on social media, specifically on Facebook, where they post frequently about their new products and kratom benefits. They have 1.3K followers on Facebook, and their page has many productive customer ratings, which tells about Greg Botanical’s authenticity. 


Greg Botanicals offers quality kratom products at reasonable prices. However, the absence of AKA certifications and lab testing reports raises questions about the quality of products. But, their customer’s following and reviews across social media speak volumes about this brand’s authenticity and quality products. 



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