Taking Kratom powder may seem like a house chore. Mixing it in water won’t help much as the herb is not water soluble and will make clumps on the top or stick on the side of the glass.

Alternatively, putting the powder in capsules is equivalent to a house chore as it requires a significant amount of capsules that need to be filled with the Kratom powder.

The main aim of this article is to guide you as to how you can measure and consume Kratom powders with or without measuring scale.

What Are Some Incorrect Methods Of Measuring Kratom?

  • Using any spoon that is lying in your Kitchen is a bad idea. It’s difficult to get the consistent dose every time and to figure out how much fraction less or more is needed in the spoonful.
  • Pouring the Kratom with your hand and eyeballing it also another inconsistent way of measuring it. And the saddest thing you could not measure at all.

What Are Some Correct Methods Of Measuring Kratom?

  • Using a scale is so far the best and proven method.
  • Using a measuring spoon is also suitable.
  • Using a digital measuring scale that measures up to two decimal places is also the best way.

How To Measure Your Kratom Powder Without Any Scale?

If you don’t have a scale, you don’t need to worry as measuring Kratom without a scale is pretty easy. This will only work for Kratom Powders, and you can’t be able to measure extracts or leaf without getting a scale.

Most of the Kratom powder measurement is 2.5g – 3g level for a teaspoon.  This measurement is for Kratom powder that has a floury texture.

Most users don’t experience any effects when they take 2.5g of powder so to experience the benefits of Kratom you must take two leveled teaspoons of Kratom. It is never recommended to take more than four leveled teaspoons as it will result in high doses. Taking more than four teaspoons will only lead to addiction and side effects.

How Do You Measure Kratom The Right Way?

The Best Scale Method

Take out the Kratom you want to use and a scale. I prefer the digital scale that measures in grams and that measure mostly in two decimal places. Take a container so you can hold the Kratom in it, I use the containers that are used in your lunch box to store the salad dressing.

Set the container on the digital scale and turn it on. Initially, the scale should read zero, and then you need to rescale it. You can push the reset button. Scoop some Kratom in the container while you keep a watch on the scale. Once the Kratom has reached the level you need you are ready to use the Kratom.

Best Way To Consume Kratom – Toss And Wash Method

The best and easiest way of consuming Kratom is through the Toss and Wash method. This approach includes the user scooping down the powder in their mouth, and they wash it down with a liquid which is mostly water or orange juice. It is not exactly the best or the cleanest way of taking Kratom, but you will experience amazing results from this method. Follow these steps for “toss & wash.”

  1. Make sure you are empty stomach – When Kratom is taken on an empty stomach it works the best. If you have eaten a meal at least wait two hours before you consume Kratom. The best results can be gained from Kratom for at least three hours. You can eat 45 minutes after taking the Kratom.
  2. Measure out one level teaspoon – One leveled teaspoon of Kratom powder is roughly around 2.5 -3 grams. Several users take around 3-7 grams of Kratom just to experience their desired effects. If going for the toss and wash method, you must never consume more than one teaspoon of Kratom. The reason for this is that any amount more than this will be too much for your mouth to handle and it will be an unpleasant experience.
  3. Take the teaspoon into the mouth – Take the teaspoon in your mouth and quickly drink water without swallowing. Swish the water all around your mouth until you can feel that the Kratom is cleared from the mouth and then you can consume it. Repeat this method for any further scoops is required to be ingested.

Caution: It is essential not to inhale it while you scoop the Kratom powder in your mouth as the fine bits can get into your lungs. Breathing in some micro-particles is not well as the effects of Kratom in the lungs are not studied yet. So, if you are in such a situation nothing much can be done about it.

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  1. I add kratom to the last 1/3 or 1/4 of my coffee, it seems to mix up well and goes down nicely. I add water after for clean up


  2. I add kratom to the last 1/3 or 1/4 of my coffee, it seems to mix up well and goes down nicely. I add water after for clean up


  3. i am looking for pain relief without sedation but i am unclear on how/what the dosage will be best for me. i have autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia i would like to use capsules for the ease. thank you


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