Red Sumatra Kratom is a smooth and comforting treat straight from Indonesia. It stands out among all the other strains of Kratom as the most relaxing available these days.

Red Sumatra is regarded as a herbal therapy crafted from the Southeast Asian tree, Mitragyna speciosa. It is claimed to generate both soothing and uplifting sensation in users.

Connoisseurs who seek out an ultimate remedy to treat their stress and relax their muscles have met their match with this red Strain of Sumatra. The leaves of Sumatra strain possess opioid-like properties which account for their medicinal use. If someone is in search of a meditative relief, Red Sumatra leaves is an ideal choice.

History and origin of Red Sumatra Kratom

Kratom grows on the Island of Sumatra which is one of the biggest inhabited islands across the globe. Sumatra is considered as a part of Indonesia and entertains over fifty million inhabitants. Mitragyna Speciosa, famous by the name of Kratom, is one of the commonest species from this island.

Locals of Sumatran island have been using Red leaves in their everyday life for thousands of years. Chewing on raw leaves can provide relaxing effects to the body and mind. The Red strain of Sumatra is now available to all countries of the world to provide a relaxation solution to people under stress.

Active Ingredients in Red Sumatra Kratom

Kratom consists of different alkaloids, the most important of which is mitragynine accounting for 82 percent of Kratom. In addition to this, Kratom leaves are enriched Mitraphylline, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine).

Raubasine is another alkaloid found in Kratom which is a cerebrocirculant and antiaggregant. It possesses antiadrenergic properties and is responsible for the sedative and muscle relaxing properties of Red Sumatra Kratom. Isomitraphyllin present in Kratom imparts immunostimulating properties to it.

Effects of Red Kratom Sumatra

The effects of Red Sumatra leaves are pleasant for health. It is known to have properties resembling those of opioid, making it perfect for managing the symptoms of pain and stress.

Use of Sumatra Kratom powder or supplements can free a person from stress and troubles of life. It allows him to have a break from all problems and relax.

Internally, it calms the nerves and sedates the user making it easier for him to fall asleep.

In addition to regulating the sleep, the alkaloids of Red Sumatra also lowers blood pressure and increases the tactile pleasure.

It also has euphoric properties, which elevates the mood and makes a person more energetic.

Using red Sumatran leaves regularly also increases the sensitivity of a user towards the temperature in a pleasant way.

How Long Do Red Sumatra Effects Last?

Most varieties of Kratom are thought to work for up to 3 hours after administration. Red Sumatra, on the other hand, is different in a way that it delivers a longer lasting effect. Sometimes it lasts for as long as 10 hours.

Unlike other strains of Kratom, long duration of action of this red vein strains does not bring along a feeling of tiredness. Instead, a sense of relaxation and trail-off effects are observed by Sumatran Kratom users.

This quality of Red Kratom makes it a perfect choice for those who are stressed out, over-energized or facing trouble passing through the second half of the day.

Does Red Sumatra Strain Cause Any Side Effect?

Side effects are rare if Red Sumatra Kratom used in an optimal dose. If a user takes an abnormally high dose of it, likely to suffer from nausea leading to vomiting.

Nausea is seen in people who are new to the use of Kratom, and it goes away after a user develops a habit.

Wobbles or twitching of eyes while focusing is also a reported side effect of almost all red strains, but it is unlikely to develop in the majority users.

As Red Sumatra Kratom possesses opioid-like properties, it can cause an addiction in some individuals. Withdrawal of Red Sumatra strain in such people can lead to a development of symptoms like insomnia, runny nose, aggression and mood swings.

Using red leaves in moderation is a key to avoiding all the undesirable side effects related to it.

How to use Red Sumatra Kratom?

There are a lot of answers on how to use Red Sumatra. This strain is available in the market in powdered form which can be used to make herbal teas.

Some individuals prefer chewing on the raw leaves of the Kratom tree while others smoke the leaves and use them in their everyday meals.

A toss and wash method can also be used to consume Red Sumatra Kratom in which the red leaves are ingested with the help of water.

Use of alcohol with any Kratom strain is strictly prohibited.

What is an accurate dose of Red Sumatra Kratom?

Sumatra Kratom, being more potent than other strains, is so powerful that it is advised to scale down its dose to a lower level.

The right dose of Red Kratom of Sumatra depends upon the tolerability of a user.

These red leaves are pleasant to use when taken in lower doses, but higher doses can also be tolerated to some extent.

1-2 grams of Red Sumatra strain is considered to be a threshold dose while the most proper dose of this strain is 2-3 grams.

For people who have high tolerance levels, 3 to 4 grams of Red Sumatra powder is sufficient to produce long lasting effects. For a stronger and longer lasting effect, 4 to 5 grams of the strain powder is suggested.

6 grams is the maximum recommended dose for this type of Kratom and exceeding this would result in various side effects.

As with every herbal supplement, Red Sumatra Kratom must be used with caution, and a new user must always proceed slowly and carefully. Upon feeling any discomfort, the dose must be lowered immediately.



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