The use of Kratom is growing popular with every passing day. Hence, it is becoming difficult to decide which strain is the strongest one to act on the body.

Also because every Kratom strain is said to have a plenty of benefits, it might become a bit difficult to test which Kratom fits the body of every user individually.

For this purpose, green leaves of Kratom are abundantly used as they come with benefits that fit all in perfect proportion.

Green Vein Kratom is mainly known to provide far-reaching effects in full balance.

This strain tends to provide the user a chance to have a Mitragyna Speciosa experience of a lifetime.

What makes Green Vein Kratom special?

Green leaves of Kratom are renowned among people for its sublime effects. This strain lies somewhere between the White and Red Kratom, and this is what makes it unique.

For example, it perks up the mood of a person but also does not put him on edge.

Green vein Kratom also helps to improve focus and alertness but does not cause an excessive stimulation of the brain.

The effects of green vein Kratom are kept rather subtle. It also treats pain like many other strains of Kratom but what it offers with it is less level of sedation and drowsiness.

Green leaves of Kratom are called so because the central vein running down the entire length of the leaves is green.

Some of the modern species of Green Vein Kratom include Green Borneo, Green Malaysian, Green Sumatra and Thai Green.

Effects of Green Vein Kratom

The results provided by green leaves of Kratom are so versatile that it might be very hard for the users to turn to other strains after using it.

This strain of Kratom is helpful for providing the best of both worlds to the persons using it.

A real strain of green Kratom leaves tends to produce euphoric, smooth and long lasting effects.

The effects of using green vein of Kratom are enumerated below:

  • Relief from pain
  • Energizing effect on the body
  • Mood lifting
  • Improvement of focus
  • Treatment of social anxiety
  • Relaxation

Different strains of Green Vein Kratom

Various types of green Kratom strains exist which differ regarding an area of their origin.

Moreover, these strains also have a slight difference in their properties.

A wide variety of green leaves of Kratom allows a person to choose the strain of his choice which is most appropriate for him.

Following are some of the green strains of Kratom found all over the world.

  1. Green Maeng Da

This strain grows in Thailand and is an effective remedy for the treatment of all kinds of pain. Also, it also boosts the energy of the user.

  1. Green Vietnam

Being one of the most modern strains of Kratom, this Vietnamese Kratom helps in developing euphoria in a person in addition to stimulating his brain and boosting his stamina and energy.

  1. Green Malay

Locals harvest Green Malay from the Floristic Regions of Malaysia. This strain provides a high level of brain stimulation leading to euphoria.

  1. Green Riau

On the contrary to its red vein strain, Green Riau provides a mood elevation with brain exhilaration.

  1. Green Sumatra

This Kratom type works just like an opiate and provides and energizes the body and mind.

  1. Green Cambodian

It is a relaxing strain which soothes the body but increases the mental efficiency.

  1. Green Indo

Green Indo is meant to provide a feeling of ecstasy, but it heightens the energy even more.

  1. Green Kapuas

Green Kapuas is best for those people who want to achieve both energy and joy in a perfect harmony.

The most strongest Green Kratom strain

Because green Kratom strains provide balanced effects to the people, many of them question about the best of them all.

The suitability regarding strength and range of effects vary from person to person.

However, two best strains of green vein Kratom include Green Maeng Da and Super Green Malay.

1. Green Maeng Da

People who use Maeng Da call it as the “fast strain” with powerful stimulating effects on the brain.

It is harvested from the forests of Thailand and tends to make the personality of the user more charming and fun to be around.

What makes Green vein Maeng Da different from other fast strains is that it does not overstimulate the body of a user.

In fact, It successfully maintains a balance between “slow” and “fast.”

Alkaloids found in Green Maeng Da

Following are the main alkaloids found in Green Maeng Da:

  • 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Somitraphylline
  • Corynoxine A and B
  • Mitragynine

What to expect from Green Maeng Da?

People using Green Maeng Da have frequently reported some benefits, some of which are discussed below:

  • Better Concentration

Green leaves of Maeng Da employed in any form have a strong effect on the central nervous system.

This strain not only enhances the sharpness of the brain but also lets the user observe his surroundings more carefully.

It allows the mind to focus on minor details and to process information with small effort.

  • Liveliness

Green Maeng Da improves the overall quality of life by making a person happy. It produces a feeling of satisfaction and, at higher doses, may cause euphoria.

Individuals use green Maeng Da to improve their mental drive and to generate enthusiasm in the daily routine.

Maeng Da is so powerful that it can even replace anti-depressants to help people fighting with depression.

  • Relief From Anxiety

Social anxiety is becoming prevalent with each passing day of the busy human life.

Instead of relying on dangerous medicines, people tend to prefer green vein Maeng Da to get rid of this problem.

The person becomes energetic, talkative and gains a lot of self-confidence.

  • Comfort

Because Green Maeng Da creates a perfect blend of different effects, it calms the body and refreshes the mind.

Those who are engaged in demanding jobs and hectic routines often turn to green Maeng Da to experience relaxation.

Dosage of Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is a relatively stronger Kratom Strain. Therefore, a small quantity is sufficient to produce effects.

A newbie should start with the minimum possible dose and then safely proceed to higher doses. Effects of green Maeng Da tend to last up to 8 hours.

The dosage scheme for this strain is tabulated below:

Threshold dose 1.5 grams
Moderate dose 2 to 4 grams
High dose 10 grams

2. Super Green Malay

Super Green Malay grows in Malaysian forests within the mountains of the Malaysian countryside.

These forests have a unique composition of oil which directly influences the rate of growth and quality of Kratom strains.

Owing to the rich soil, the leaves of Super Green Malay have a peculiar density of their cell walls.

This particular density of leaves allows these green leaves to exert longer lasting effects on the body of the person consuming it.

Farmers utilize a unique harvesting technique for collecting this green strain; therefore, it is known to be additionally strong.

Alkaloids found in Super Green Malay

Mentioned below is a list of alkaloids that make Super Green Malay effective:

  • 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Mitragynine
  • Mitraversine
  • Paynantheine
  • Mitrafoline

What to expect from Super Green Malay?

Following effects are most likely to be seen in a person using Super Green Malay Kratom:

  • Pain Relief

Super Green Malay is one of the best strains that provide relief from all types of body aches.

One of the reasons why people prefer it as an analgesic because it does not induce a state of drowsiness or sedation in them.

Also, it has minimal level of harmful substances which makes it perfect to for usage at any time of the day.

  • Improvement In Cognition

This is a unique effect that only a few strains of green vein Kratom possess.

Super Green Malay enhances the attention span and causes a decrease in lethargy and distraction. It is better than medicines like Adderall, for people suffering from ADHD.

  • Longevity Of Advantages

One of the many reasons why Super Green Malay is best because it effects lasts for an extended period. This makes it an affordable and efficient strain.

  • Brain Stimulation

Super Green Malay stimulates the sensory nerves of the body and permits a user to feel energetic and alert.

But at the same time, it maintains it’s relaxing and tranquil effects on the body.

It prepares a person to stay calm and be prepared to face the challenges of his everyday life.

Dosage For Super Green Malay

Following is the three different levels of dosage recommended for Super Green Malay Kratom:

Threshold dose 1 gram
Moderate dose 3 to 6 grams
High dose Up to 10 grams



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