Kratom tinctures are gaining popularity due to their greater potential and quick effect on nature. The liquid extracts, also known as the tinctures, are taken out from various strains, but Maeng da is the most popular.

With so many products available, it often becomes tough to choose the best quality. An ideal liquid should contain a blend of all alkaloids in perfect balance, and the liquid should be directly distilled from the harvested plant.

One of the leading brands in the extract industry is the Black OPMS. It stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions and excels at providing one of the most potent and quality kratom extracts.

According to them, all of their products are entirely natural and have never been adulterated. They are so potent that you can experience their effects from just a drop or two. This article further explores the OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shots and their efficacy.

What Is Meant By liquid Kratom?

A liquid kratom is a refined form of kratom extract and specific additives. The alkaloid profile is fairly richer than the normal powder or leaves though extracted from them as a source.

They contain an excess of the two most important alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, compared to the exact weight of the powder or leaves. Due to the excess concentration of the alkaloids, they are considered sufficiently more potent than the regular products of kratom. The liquid extracts come in various forms, from tinctures teas to shots.

What are kratom shots, and how are they different from other kratom products?

Kratom shots are a subclassification of the kratom liquid and are often compared to energy drinks. They come in small servings and tiny containers with droppers. Due to immediate effects and sizing, consumers refer to them as kratom energy drinks. Compared to the source leaves, they are sufficiently more concentrated and contain ingredients other than kratom.

The right brand choice is highly crucial to getting sober and refined products. Thus you should only buy them from trusted buyers.

Why Is OPMS Most Trusted For liquid Kratom Shots?

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions has been proving its excellence in kratom extracts, shots, powders, and capsules since 2010. Since its inception, their product line has been booming and now accommodates very popular Black Liquid Kratom Shots. It has revolutionized the extract and Kava industry through its unique extraction technique that yields premium-grade products. 

Though many brands offer shots now, they have not grabbed the large public, and OPMS still grips the largest number of users due to their quality and distinctive extraction method. According to veteran consumers, the liquid shots hit you more complex and faster to give you a quick bank of your buck.

What Does OPMS Have To Offer? The Product line

OPMS has a wide range of shorts, capsules, and powder products. These include:

  • OPMS Gold is a capsule available in 2, 3, and 5 capsules. 
  • OPMS Gold Liquid – shots that are available in 8 oz bottles. 
  • OPMS Black – Capsules available in 2-, 3-, and 5- capsule blister cards. 
  • OPMS Black Liquid – shots that are available in 8 oz bottles. 
  • OPMS Silver – available in powders and capsules. 
  • OPMS OPK Kava – Kava extracts that are available in capsules and extracts.

This product line reveals that OPMS sells many other products than shots, such as powdered extracts and capsules, but they are most famous for their shots in Gold and Black colors. These shorts are hard to find in the market, especially in unadulterated form. Hence, OPMS is the most reliable seller.

What To Know About OPMS Black Kratom Shots?

The OPMS Black kratom shots are prepared from Maeng Da kratom and are highly potent. Their bottles are labeled with potency so that chances of overdose are significantly reduced. They are usually prepared directly from the fresh leaves of Maeng Da. This strain is one of the top-selling kratom strains and has long been used to relieve stress by consumers.

How Are These Shots Extracted?

OPMS has successfully brought highly potent shots to the mainstream market by using the extraction procedure known as the cold-water extraction technique. It differs from the traditional extraction method using cold water or solvent and high pressure.

In the conventional methods, the extracts are procured by boiling the leaves or the powder and then concentrating the mixture to get a more potent liquid. In the cold-water extraction, more of the alkaloids can be preserved. Resultantly, a liquid with higher potency can be achieved.

This procedure was designed to expose kratom to higher temperatures and destroy its alkaloid content. Therefore, in the cold-extraction method, rather than boiling, the source leaves or powder are treated to cold temperatures and passed through high pressures to take out all the alkaloids.

What Are The Ingredients Of OPMS Black Kratom Shots?

Further attention to detail reveals that an 8.8 ml bottle of black OPMS kratom shots contains:

  • Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) leaf extract (50:1) -280mg per bottle
  • Mitragynine Content 48% – 180mg per bottle
  • 7-OH-Mitragynine Content – <2.2% – 8mg per bottle
  • Other Ingredients: In addition to the alkaloid content, each kratom shot also contains additives such as ethanol to ensure the stability of the product for an extended period

OPMS shots come in two forms Gold and Black. The Black shots are designed to be more potent since each shot contains around 225 mg alkaloid content extracted from 14 grams of the source leaves. These are prepared for veteran users who take larger doses of kratom powder. These shots come in a serving of 8.8ml at least. Each bottle has around three shots, and it is advised to begin from 1/3 shots.

The Color And The Price Of OPMS Black Kratom Shots

Many users ponder over the reason for OPMS Black Kratom shots’ color. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, it is extracted from Black Maeng Da kratom, which is one of the strongest strains in the Maeng Da family. Maeng Da kratom is commonly available in Red, Green, and white veins and has accommodated black strain as a newer member a few years ago.

It is stronger and often used in extraction procedures to produce higher potency liquids. This strain is deduced from red vein leaves through a similar method to coffee processing. This procedure involves roasting the red vein leaves after they have been fermented, giving the popular black color to the strain.

Secondly, the Maeng Da kratom passes through numerous concentration procedures during processing, further intensifying the black color. OPMS has chosen black for these high potency shots to reflect their highly potent nature.

As far as the price is concerned, OPMS provides the shots in 8ml bottles and a box of 45 shots. Each bottle officially costs 17. 99$.Though many resellers offer discounted products, OPMS does sot support any of their claims.

How Do Black Liquid Kratom Shots work?

Due to the Maeng Da kratom, these shots are credited to provide euphoric effects, as many consumers claimed. According to its users, kratom shots have helped them lift their pain and bring them to ease much more quickly compared to the powder and leaves. Due to high potency, users have reported experiencing effects within minutes. Their bodies absorbed the alkaloids faster through the liquid.

The container size and style make managing and measuring your dose even easier. Start with a drop and then gradually increase to achieve desired results. Owing to the latest extraction technique, you can have a greater concentration of active ingredients through a much smaller dosage. 

However, these shots are only recommended for those whose body is already adapted to taking some other form of kratom and not for new users.

How Much OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot should I Take?

Users design their optimum dosage based on the potency of the shots they are using. For this, you need to compare the dosage of your powder to the extracts’ potency level and start with less. It is recommended to start with 1/3 shots and increase only if the desired results are not achieved with this dosage.

As the product is highly potent, there are greater chances of experiencing side effects in overdose. These shots are ideal for those who cannot take large amounts of powder due to the sour taste. You can have the required drops added to your drinks or foods; otherwise, toss, and it wouldn’t be too much. 

The Bottom line

There is not enough research about its efficacy or even side effects for kratom. The only data is anecdotal research which should not be considered the safest advice. Whenever trying a new product, it is recommended to begin with less and increase gradually. The same goes for kratom shots. These products are not at all recommended during pregnancy or for any patient.


Kratom is not FDA approved, and it is not intended to be used as a medication.



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