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For all the new readers and those still not sure about using Kratom, this section brings answers to all your questions. This section has the most recent information on new Kratom strains and their effects. Read about the latest updates on Kratom from all around the world, industrial and manufacturer’s updates, benefits of using specific Kratom products, myths and reviews on Kratom status here.

Morning Glory Seeds

Is It Safe To Eat Morning Glory Seeds?

The love for gardening can lead you to plant morning glory flowers in your garden. Its distinctive shape, fascinating and vibrant colors...
Mayan Kratom

What Is Mayan Kratom?

The recent Kratom craze saw a significant influx of Kratom brands and vendors. As with any other lucrative industry, the Kratom one...
Smoke Blue Lotus

Can You Smoke Blue Lotus?

Blue Lotus, aka water lily, is cultivated and produced in many parts of North Africa and Central Asia. It is even known...
Kratom Legal Federal Employees

Is Kratom Legal For Federal Employees?

As the U.S. kratom industry is growing by leaps and bounds, the use of Kratom creeps into every segment of society. Everyone...
Kratom Stash Box

Kratom Stash Box – One Place To Keep Everything For Kratom Enthusiasts

Many people find the word “stash box” self-explanatory, but there exists a lot of confusion at the same time. You can say...
Kratom Powder

Can You Snort Your Kratom Powder?

Mitragyna speciosa, aka Kratom extracts, are increasingly popular globally, particularly in the US. There are numerous ways to consume Kratom; however, can...
buy kratom

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Kratom? Age Requirements

Kratom’s increasing popularity has made it a fan-favorite substance in recent decades, whether or not the taboo surrounding its use. With a...
drug addiction

Drug Addiction: The Journey from Recovery to Relapse

Addiction is a chemical dependency on a certain drug. An addict is someone whose body has developed a physical and/or psychological tolerance...
Kratom Packaging

A Guide To Compliant Kratom Packaging

In the United States, people who look for kratom products, usually look for reliable suppliers first. These search patterns are because the...
DEA Kratom Ban

DEA Kratom Ban Update 2022

Ever since in 2016, DEA recommended the ban on Kratom on a national level; Kratom has been the talk of the town....