To say that Kratom is one of nature’s most miraculous treasures is not an exaggeration. Thanks to its superb powers it renders the mind, body, and soul. From combatting everyday fatigue and physical discomfort to improving the overall well-being, lifting energy levels, boosting motivation, and enhancing sleep patterns, it is touted as a viable solution for all.

Lately, there is a growing inclination towards mixing this herb with energy. The resulting mixture is revered equivalent to a magical potion featuring incredible superpowers. But, is it really true?

There are plenty of speculations, concerns, queries, and clouds of certainty surrounding it. For instance, is the duo safe to consume? Is it healthy? What are its potential benefits and side effects? Which kratom strains work best with energy drinks? How to mix the two ingredients? How much dosage should you start with? If all these are your thoughts, too, then fret not. We are here to help you.

In this article, we have endeavored to gather all the crucial information to assist you in deciding whether kratom is safe to mix with energy drinks or not. And have covered every possible detail related to their usage.  

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and continue reading this fantastic article to get your queries resolved.

Kratom Strains with Energy Drinks – Delightful Combos

Are you wondering which kratom strain would match a particular flavor of energy drink? Also, which combination will work best for you? Don’t worry! We are here to help.

As we know, Kratom can be differentiated by the color and type of veins present on a leaf. You will normally find three hot-selling kratom variants: red-vein, green-vein, and white-vein. All of them have distinct purposes and impacts. Let’s have a look at each category:

1) Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom has a solid reputation for providing calming sensations and mild sedation. Therefore, when mixed with an energy drink it gives consumers a feeling of relaxed fullness and focus. Mostly, the red kratom strain features a chocolaty hint. Therefore, it will mix well with caffeine and fruit-flavored drinks. This is a plus point for coffee addicts as it will balance out the intense stimulation and the caffeine jitters.  

2) White Vein Kratom

If you are going through frequent emotional or physical breakdowns and mood swings, white veins are hands-down your best companion. This kratom strain is cherished for energizing the senses, boosting physical energy, and uplifting mental peace. Therefore, when combined with an energy drink, the resulting impact is enough to blow the mind and senses away. Some users have claimed that this combination is way too intense to try out due to its immense stimulative effect- and something that one must use with caution. You can pair white Kratom with any citrus flavor or tropical energy drinks, like orange, lime, lychee, and lemon.

3) Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom stands out from the crowd due to its middle-ground impact between the white and red strains. Therefore, a lot of people are simply in love with the awesome combo of a green strain with a refreshing and delightful energy drink. The resulting impact is improved mood, enhanced energy, a sense of relaxation, and a peaceful mind. Besides, it also increases vitality by reducing caffeine jitters.

How to Mix Kratom with Energy Drinks?

Now that you have got a good hang of a kratom-energy drink duo, you will naturally be intrigued to know the exact recipe.

While there is no authentic method or measurement, connoisseurs go for a trial and error approach, i.e. they keep on experimenting with different strains with different flavors of the drink until they land on the perfect combo.

However, the short and long of it is that both the ingredients must complement each other well. Hence, for your favorite kratom strain, select the drink that suits its undertones and vice versa. The following chart will give a quick overview of the best combinations:

Kratom StrainEnergy Drink
Green StrainThis pairs perfectly with lemonade, blueberry, pomegranate, goji berry, or acai flavored drinks. 
White StrainThis goes well with citrus-flavored and tropical flavors such as lime, orange, lychee, watermelon, and coconut drinks. 
Red StrainGiven the subtle cocoa hints, the red strain makes a delectable fusion with fruity energy drinks such as strawberry, cherry, berries, raspberry, and bananas. It also works in the mesh-up variety of energy drinks that feature chocolate and coffee flavors. 

Nevertheless, when you mix Kratom with energy drinks, the result is a guaranteed feeling of fullness and a sense of accomplishment throughout the day. 

Reddit User Experiences on Kratom With Energy Drinks

Learning from other fellow users is always a welcome idea. So, let’s see what our fellows have to say about the duo sub-Reddit forums:

One user shared his experience “I’ve mixed Kratom with energy drinks, pre-workouts, and very stimulating nootropics like phenylpiracetam. I take A LOT of supplements, and never had any bad interaction.” Another one too agreed, commenting, “It’s completely fine; I combine both probably once a week.

Likewise, in another thread, Energy Drink with Kratom, a frequent consumer expressed how taking energy pills or drinks has “a very nice effect” and helps one “enjoy the energy without the worries.”

Finally, some forum members expressed their opinions and individual preferences. For example, a user advised others “to take a green strain with the energy drink if you’re very sensitive to caffeine; a white strain with caffeine might give too much energy.” While another one was more inclined towards the red.

He mentioned how Kratom with energy drinks is a more potent combo than Kratom cum Coffee. “I like an energy drink or espresso with red veins. I find energy drinks and Kratom feels better than coffee and Kratom for whatever reason,” he added. 

Is it Safe to Mix Kratom with Energy Drinks?

Good question. One that we would love to answer.

After knowing all the essential tidbits of mixing Speciosa with energy drinks, the concern on whether it is even safe for human consumption or not is legit. But, unfortunately, no conclusive study on the arena has been established as of yet. And research is still underway.

As of now, you may find plenty of information on the safety and efficacy of kratom strains and energy drinks separately. For instance, a 2004 Study concluded that energy drinks significantly improved performance on “secondary memory” and “speed of attention” factors of participants compared with a placebo. There were no other cognitive or mood effects.”

Similarly, an article published by John Hopkins stated, “Lack of safety studies and side effects knowledge on herbal supplement kratom call for research and regulation but not a total ban, survey results suggest.”

But as a combination, you’ll rarely find any in-depth research. Therefore, before you incorporate this combo into your everyday regime, it is best if you consult any certified medical professional about its dosage and usage. This is especially important if you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Our Pro-Tip: If you decide to begin your kratom cum energy drink combo, the best bet is to start with a smaller dose and gradually make your way up as per your endurance.

Potential Benefits of Using Kratom with Energy Drinks

Kratom is touted as a viable means to improve mood, promote calming vibes, boost energy, enhance mental strength and render a sense of comfort. For instance, a recent 2019 Study by The University of Florida confirmed that “Respondents identified increased energy, decreased discomfort ness, increased focus, less depressed mood, lower levels of uneasiness, reduced or stopped the use of substances, and elevated mood as beneficial effects of their Kratom consumption”.

The same holds for energy drinks that release an instant energy rush while reinvigorating the senses. For example, a 2001 U.K. Study revealed how the participants exhibited “Significant improvements in mental performance included choice reaction time, concentration (number cancellation) and memory (immediate recall), which reflected increased subjective alertness” after consuming an energy drink. Hence, one can well imagine the amplified impact that comes about when using the two potent ingredients together than when used in isolation.

Whether you wish to overcome the Monday blues or combat a mental block ahead of a tight deadline, the right Kratom-energy drink combo will save the day. It will spark your productivity and creativity to a whole new level that will leave others impressed. Here is a list of all the benefits users have reported:

  • Improved physical activity
  • Enhanced vitality and mental peace
  • Feelings of comfort and relaxation
  • An enhanced sense of confidence and achievement
  • Relaxed stimulation
  • Increased cognitive clarity
  • Heightened alertness, optimism, motivation, and concentration

Final Thoughts

Mixing Kratom with energy drinks is the norm. More and more people are caught with the obsession of experimenting with the duo. Indeed, it has shown promise to help them in multiple ways. However, depending upon individual preferences, tastes, and needs, one must choose the kratom strain and drink the flavor of their choice.

Also, before you advise or seek advice from a friend, remember that it isn’t necessary that a combination that suited him/her will also give you the same result. A better idea is to seek advice from a healthcare practitioner to avert any adverse effects on your body.

Finally, if you are someone who has just ventured into the world of Kratom, then start with lower doses- gradually making your way to higher. Also, one golden rule for kratom consumption is: Less Is More!

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We hope the information provided in the article proves valuable to you. The above guidelines are guaranteed to yield a delectable and palatable fusion with energy drinks. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and the recipe for a perfect Kratom-energy drink combo in the comments below.



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