Over the last few years, a paradigm shift has occurred in how people find relaxation. While everyone in the earlier days was almost always going for traditional methods, now, it is all about vaping and dabbing e-rigs. But as a beginner, you might find these fancy names quite intriguing. Vaporizers came up in the last decade to replace traditional methods as they do not leave unburnt carbon residues that may collect in your lungs, causing any side effects. The e-rigs are even newer discoveries that got introduced into the market because people wanted precise temperature control while vaping.

E-rigs have now completely taken over the market and are quite beginner-friendly too. Hence, you can use them for relaxation after a long and tiring day at work or college. But first, you must be aware of all the different aspects of the electric dab rigs. In this article, we will mention what the e-rig is. Then, we will also explain how this thing works. In addition, we will tell you about some key features of the electric dab rigs that you can use effectively. Ultimately, we will mention a few brand recommendations so you can get the e-rigs or delta 8 cartridges online based on your choice.

What Are Electic Dab Rigs?

The name e-rig is a short form of ‘electronic dab rig’. Now, an e-rig or electronic rig is a smart device that you can use for vaping cannabis products such as dried herbs, concentrates, etc. It operates on a battery that acts as a power source for heating the inflammable present inside the e-rig. The best thing about the e-rig is that it works by the dabbing method, and it allows the user to control the temperature of the dab precisely so that there is no overheating of the product that you want to vape. Hence, the e-rig avoids commonly encountered problems with the vaping machine, such as burnt taste, unburnt carbon residues, etc.

How Do The Electric Dab Rigs Work?

To understand the working mechanism of an electric dab rig, we will discuss the process under three different phases. At first, the heating mechanism, followed by the water filtration system, increases the quality of the vapours that the user inhales. Finally, there is the extraction of power, which results in the electronic working of the whole device.

Heating Mechanism

The electric dab rigs have a heating coil with precise temperature control. It causes the inflammable material inside the e-rig to heat up to produce the vapors. Precise temperature control is kind of a key feature. Different cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at different temperatures, and controlling the temperature ensures a more efficient and flavorful vaporization process.

Water Filtration System

The water filtration system inside an electric dab rigs is similar to the traditional dab rigs that do not operate on a battery source. When the vapor passes through this water chamber, it undergoes filtration. The water helps cool down the vapor and filters out any undesirable particles or impurities, enhancing the overall quality of the inhaled vapor. The filter acts upon the vapours to remove any unburnt carbon particles, and thus, it increases the smoothness and the quality of the vapours.

Extraction of Power

The step of extraction of power drives the entire e-rig device. The power source is a battery in most of these machines, but it can also come with an in-built plug that you have to connect to an electrical outlet. The extraction of power not only provides energy for the heating coil but also powers any electronic controls or displays that may be present on the electric dab rigs, allowing users to monitor and adjust settings.

To sum up the working mechanism, the electric dab rigs integrates precise heating, water filtration, and electronic power extraction to create a controlled and efficient system for consuming concentrates, offering users a more tailored and enjoyable dabbing experience

What Are Some Of The Key Features That Set E-Rigs Apart?

Now that we have told you what an e-rig is and what it does, you might be wondering why you should choose this device over all the other available options. Thus, we have mentioned the key points that set the e-rigs apart:

A. Temperature Control: This point is the major advantage that users of e-rigs get since many vaporizers do not have a built-in temperature control system. But every e-rig has one, enabling the users to regulate how much heating is required properly.

B. Portability and Design: The e-rigs are designed in such a way that they look very sleek and elegant. And they are quite easily transportable as well since the body of the e-rig is light and can be carried anywhere.

C. Safety Features: The e-rigs of today boast an ingenious auto shut-off mechanism that works wonders on conserving battery power. This also delivers protection against overheating, thus promoting the safety of the users.

Top 3 Brands of E-Rigs for You to Choose From

  1. OpenVape: Already known in the vaporizer industry, this brand has now released a novel e-rig machine called Sesh 510 e-rig. 
  2. Utillian: The Utillian 8 is a marvel in the e-rig industry that is appropriate for the usage of both seasoned as well as novice users. 
  3. Focus: The Focus V Carta 2 is the latest release from this brand. It boasts great design and superb reviews too.


Now that we have discussed the different things you must know before getting into the e-rig world. We hope you have all the information you need. If you are interested in these miraculous devices, check out our recommendations and get an e-rig for yourself right away!



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