The Pros and Cons of Consuming Kratom Powder

The use of Kratom powders is on the rise, especially in the western world. It comes from the leaves of a kratom tree grown in Southeast Asia and is most often used for healing purposes. People with chronic pain have used it and found great relief.

Kratom is a natural substance and is usually fairly safe to use. However, you need to be cognizant of the fact that frequent use of it may harm and cause serious hypo-ventilation, commonly known as respiratory depression. That’s not the only problem, but its frequent use may also cause life-threatening, unhealthy conditions in rare cases.

Continuously using kratom can also cause addictiveness with alcohol. Therefore, it’s very important to point out and understand the hazardous part of the consumption on kratom, since kratom has found to be the linked with the death of nine people in Sweden.

Kratom is being consumed in the form of powders mixed into juices or other drinks. This form of kratom seems to be highly beneficial to middle-aged people by letting their lives flourish out during the years when they hit the highest point of their professional careers.

Kratom possesses so many of the things which people over the age of forty wish for in an herbal tonic. It seems to lessen tired muscles, frequent headaches, inflexible necks, and overall malaise. Gloom over the meaning of life can also be lessened because it gives one a clearness of thought.

It has been observed in the western world during the last few years that Kratom effects have turned out to be highly beneficial. Scientists have discovered that Kratom, a difficult to understand plant,  a substitute herbal therapy, if you wish, and a tonic give new hopes and freshly felt the power to hundreds of people suffering from pressure, lonesomeness, tiredness, and all the other discouragements of this life.

I have taken this from a website. It’s a man’s testimony of his journey of using kratom. I hope his list of pros and cons will help you see this herb more clearly.

  • It seems to really motivate the digestive system and cleanse out my body, unlike real opiates. I believe this is due to the initial stimulant rush; whenever I drink it, it makes me have to defecate almost instantly.
  • Whenever I have bloating or gas in my stomach, kratom will make me expel horrendously until it is all cleared up, fixing the problem entirely. In comparison to caffeine, it is MUCH, MUCH more effective in treating these ailments.
  • It seems to be much, much safer, and less addicting than opiates.
  • It makes me feel motivated, and if I get up and move during the first hour of stimulant effect, it allows me to push myself much harder than I usually can physically.
  • It synergizes excellently with marijuana.
  • It gives me a great mood lift and significant euphoria.
  • It costs much less than other drugs of its caliber. I compare the effects of kratom to those of oxycodone, with a little less euphoria and drowsiness, and, of course, oxycodone costs FAR more. It has excellent potential for treating more severe opiate addiction.
  • It keeps your mind clear. During my whole experience with kratom, I still managed to graduate college with a 3.8 GPA in four years, with two majors. I doubt I could have done that addicted to real opiates.

buy kratom kratoraCons:

  • It tastes terrible, nauseating really, and the more times you drink it, the greater an aversion your taste buds form to it.
  • It takes 45-50 minutes to make properly.
  • It is ADDICTIVE! The addiction is sneaky and subversive. It creeps up me little by little, and I never notice until I try to quit or find that my supply has run out.

In conclusion, I wanted to write this lengthy report to help others avoid my mistakes. Kratom is truly a great drug when used responsibly. However, as much as I love it, at this point in my life I wish I’d have never tried it in the first place. That since, final point in my cons list outweighs all the pros in my mind, by far,

maybe then I’d have a few thousand more dollars and not have this roller-coaster in my brain to deal with every day.



  1. I use kratom mostly for my chronic pain. If I didn’t take it I would be almost bedridden and suicidal; my dad committed suicide and so did his mother for different reasons than mine. I take it every four or five hours for pain relief, using anywhere from 3 tsps. to 3-1/2 tsps. mostly red kratom. I have been in pain since 1978 which, at that time, I only took Motrin for pain relief. It was in 2007 that my primary doctor gave me Vicodin, and then changed it to Norco. When Jeff Session made narcotics illegal; that is when I found out about Kratom. It has been a life saver for me, making my life more bearable. I am 75 now. What can I use to replace Kratom so that I don’t become addicted? I have been using Kratom since 2018. I need some advise; or at least, reassurance that what I am using is okay.

  2. Shelia
    I am wondering if that was a rhetorical question because of you been using it for that long! And it’s been helping you and you function all day and have a clear head and not in pain and no side effects from it then why would you want to try something else? I used it on and off for months and wasn’t addicted to it, well maybe addicted to the feeling of no chronic pain that stops me everyday from being able to do the simplest things. My body is in pain and I wanted to to see if I can go without it and I have for the past 3 months and all I feel it’s pain, no addiction of needing it.

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