Everyone around us is well aware of the magical properties of Kratom. It works actually for lowering the increased blood pressure, helps in pain management, upgrades immunity, boosts metabolism, control and prevent diabetes, overcome anxiety and stress and balances sleeping hours combating insomnia. This multi-beneficial plant has the high amount of potential which makes it a competent herbal medicine. What if this potential increased through a particular method? The benefits would be doubled within the same dosage of it. This article will throw light on a unique combination of Kratom and Yerba Mate Tea which is a robust solution for various health problems.

Kratom – what makes it effective?

The magical benefits of Kratom are said to be because of chemical compounds which are spread throughout the plant body, majorly in leaves and roots. These chemical compounds include alkaloids and other organic substances which are extremely beneficial for the body cells. Traditionally the leaves are chewed for the relaxing effect, and root is used to make a celebratory drink, but the modernization has caused Kratom to be available in powder and dietary supplement forms of which are readily available everywhere. The benefits of Kratom are multiplied into more by adding substance to it which is termed as a potent.

How is Kratom potentiated?

Kratom can be potentiated in multiple ways such as by combining it with food, tea, or supplements.

Combined with Food: Many foods are famous to be used with Kratom. They improve the taste or Kratom which otherwise not liked by many of the people. Options include turmeric powder, grapefruit juice, watercress and cayenne pepper. These additives enhance the effect of Kratom and provide benefits to the user.

Combined With Supplements: Many supplements such as Cat’s claws can be used with Kratom because of their alkaloids. Caffeine and Valerian are two other options to mix Kratom which makes it more compelling.

Combined with Tea: Kratom can be used to make tea with an extra thing to be added to it. The other way includes adding another substance with Kratom and collectively used to make tea. These herbal teas are alternatives of tea and coffee with enormous health benefits. It makes the user healthy, fit and active too.  A popular choice to be infused for Kratom in tea is Yerba Mate which makes a perfect combination with it.

Yerba Mate and its benefits

Yerba Mate is an ancient South American brew which has effects like coffee and tea to the user. It makes one euphoric and provides multiple health benefits. It is locally called “the drink of Gods” for its benefits. Taking Yerba tea is a social norm which is followed by all festivals. Drinking it together is a sign of bonding and relationship.

The immediate health benefit of Yerba Mate makes the cognitive development enhanced. It increases the focus, memory, and concentration. It provides the enormous amount of energy which is equal to the strength given by the coffee and tea. It boosts brain functions and body coordination.  It’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which make it good for the health.

For centuries, Yerba has been used in traditional medicines in natural areas of Amazon rainforest.  It boosts the immune system and initiates healthy weight loss too as studied by Laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Sao Francisco University Medical School.

Just because it is a celebratory drink doesn’t mean everyone should take it and celebrate. Some people feel symptoms like nausea, anxiety, heart palpitation, stress, nervousness, and insomnia after taking it. It has the high amount of caffeine which makes it improper to be used for anxiety, stress, pregnancy or medical conditions.

Yerba Mate tea

The herbal brew made on grand festivals and family gatherings in natural areas. A gourd called calabash through a silver straw called a bombil la is used to sip it. However, this is only a festive approach, and it could be made and enjoyed in the easiest way to too. It is declared as one of the best herbal solutions available commercially. It is made from the traditional tea; leaves are boiled in hot water. For an easier way, the leaves are dried and stored in tea bag form to be used later.

Kratom and Yerba Mate tea

Kratom and Yerba Mate both are used to make tea. Chemically, all the constituents are not similar in both, but their mechanism and effects are somehow similar. Leaves and twigs of both Kratom and Yerba mate are mixed in equal quantity and dried, usually over a fire or in the sun. The dried leaves ground into a fine powder. Both dried leaves and powder can be used to boil in water and used as the tea.

A Reddit discussion has concluded it to be one of the unusual combinations. The mixture of Kratom and Yerba mate in a powerful stimulant which cures pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and initiates weight loss. Both the supplements are available locally. Even if the leaves or twigs aren’t available, you can still infuse the commercially available powder.

Kratom and Yerba Mate tea – Is it safe?

Several people raise the question of the associated risks with both Kratom and Yerba mate, but the truth is that side effects only observed when overdosage is taken or the user if allergic to any constituent of the tea. A discussion among users on an online forum has named this combination to be safe and easy to use. There are, no side effects or risks associated with the brewed tea of both, but one should check for the composition and sensitivity level of the body with it so that any reaction is avoided.

The dosage should not exceed the usual dosage and the people, already on medication should not combine it with their medicines. A healthcare provider can help you to administer the dose of it for you.



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