Have you ever wondered how does Kratom tree grow? Or where does it come from? It’s grown in different areas of Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It grows in a warm and humid environment with plenty rainfall per annum. These areas of Southeast Asia provide the optimum conditions for the growth of Kratom.

Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa grows in nitrogen rich soil. To grow Kratom at home or in your own field, you need to provide the optimum conditions to allow it to thrive.

Kratom enthusiasts might have to face a lot of expenses and inconvenience if they try to grow it at home, but this article will help you to figure out an easy way of growing Kratom tree from seeds.

What are the requirements of growing Kratom tree from seeds?

The basic requirement is to keep the seeds fresh. The Kratom seeds are viable within the first few hours to first few days after leaving the parent tree.

If they are not grown immediately, they lose their freshness and mostly do not grow. This is why people who import sacks of dried seeds fail to grow Kratom.

  • So the first thing that you need to ensure is that the seeds are fresh. Get as many seeds as you can and plant them all. Only a few of them will sprout and grow into a plant. Contact your supplier and seek fresh seeds even if it’s going to cost you higher.
  • Kratom grows in moist areas. Provide a humid environment and fertilized the soil to grow Kratom seeds. Choose a land that is not always flooded with water as the fungus can grow but it shouldn’t be excessively dry either.
  • The plant should be exposed to an ample amount of sunlight but not all the time. Some shady time during the day is also needed to prevent excessive transpiration of the plant. A canopy will work best.
  • Warm breeze promotes the production of alkaloids in Kratom leaves. Adding a fan to your set up can generate gentle wind.
  • The soil should be well fertilized and must have all necessary nutrients to nourish the seeds and the plant.
  • The time of the year to be chosen is a difficult task as it varies.

What are Kratom seeds look like?

The seeds of Kratom are very delicate, and they grow in podheads. Each podhead contains around 50 seed pods per head, and each pod in return contains around 50 seeds.

The size of the seeds is equal or a little smaller than silver. They have low germination rate, and mostly they are viable for 2 days after being shed from the Kratom tree.

Can Kratom be grown from live plants too?

Yes, many Kratom growers use clippings from live plants to grow Kratom instead of using seeds. This way is more successful as compared to growing Kratom from seeds as the leaves start growing immediately.

Through this method, cloning has been practiced for years to get new varieties of Kratom.

However, such plants are easily prone to infections, so growers need to take a lot of care of these plants.

Is it legal to grow Kratom plant?

As consumption of Kratom is legal in many parts of the world so is growing Kratom plant legal. There are no legal implications for growing Kratom at your home or in your fields.

How cost effective is it to grow Kratom plant from seeds?

Harvesting Kratom on your own can be quite expensive as you’ll have to pay for original fresh seeds, fertilizers, nutrients, lights and even fans.

In the initial year, you won’t even produce any yield but slowly growing if properly cultivated. The Kratom trees will start giving a proper yield.

When shall I harvest my Kratom plant?

If you are lucky enough and your Kratom seeds grow into full-size Kratom tree, then you need to harvest the leaves of the plant.

The leaves of Kratom are most potent in the autumn season just before they fall off naturally.

You can harvest your first yield within a year after the seeds sprout.

Facts about growing Kratom plant from seeds

  • Planting 5-10 seeds per pot can ultimately give you a Kratom plant.
  • Kratom seeds can be commercially grown by placing seeds side to side in a plant bed.
  • Kratom seeds can be grown hydroponically as Kratom loves water.
  • Kratom trees can grow as big as 3m tall hydroponically so the set up should be made accordingly.
  • Kratom plant doesn’t need light 24/7.
  • Kratom plant doesn’t need to produce a flower to have the component of Mitragynine as this is solely present in Kratom leaves.
  • Grow Kratom plants away from the light source in an indoor setup.

If you are a hobbyist or a Kratom enthusiast it’s time for you to start growing Kratom plant at your home using the simple technique mentioned above. This way you also get rid of purchasing Kratom powder or extracts from vendors.

You have your own source of Mitragynine and you can use it in any way you like without the fear that additives are being added or it is fake Kratom.

Also, you save a lot of money that you spend on vendors.

Happy Kratom planting.



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