Reading about a “yellow” Kratom surely catches your attention. It’s not just the new readers; many old readers also find it surprising to know about a yellow Kratom. Yellow leaves are extremely unusual for any Kratom type.

Even many old users are not aware of yellow vein strains. Here is everything on yellow Kratom. Keep reading to know the best yellow Kratom strains to try next.

Basic Facts about Yellow Kratom

Yellow Vein Kratom is an extremely rare Kratom strain. It comes as a result of Kratom drying techniques that give Kratom its yellow color. Only a few leading online Kratom stores are selling these best yellow Kratom strains in powder form.

How Do They Make Yellow Kratom?

Usually, there are only three types of Kratom that everyone knows; red, green and white. Reading about a different strain like yellow Kratom sounds suspicious, but the benefits of these fantastic yellow strains are unimaginably good.

All yellow strains use a white vein, green vein or a mixture of both. The mature leaves of particular classical Kratom strains are selected.

A process called “photo-oxidation” makes the leaves dry. A team of experts leads this process to ensure its efficacy. After 15-20 days, these Kratom leaves become complete oxidized. They change their color from white or green to yellow.

These yellow leaves are then used to make a fine powder. Yellow strains made from green vein leaves have a bright yellow color. Yellow strains made from white vein leaves have a pale yellow color.

How is Yellow Kratom Better Than Other Strains?

Yellow Kratom is mostly linked with green vein Malay for similar effects. Both of these strains are extremely powerful and produce energetic boost, stress relief, and euphoria.

All these effects are more powerful and long lasting than regular Kratom strains. These two things make yellow vein Kratom powders a highly desirable product.

Best Effects of Yellow Vein Strains

All yellow vein strains typically show the following effects.

Best Yellow Vein Kratom Strains for You

Following are seven Kratom strains that are available in yellow vein powders. Try the one that you find interesting.

1) Yellow Sumatra Kratom

The amazing yellow Sumatra Kratom has all the benefits that one can every think. Although you may rarely find it at online Kratom stores, yet it is one of the most in-demand strains. This strain comes from the island of Sumatra that is near to Indonesia. No one may never see yellow Kratom leaves on trees because this is not a natural strain.

Yellow Sumatra leaves are a product of the original Sumatra Kratom. To make yellow Sumatra, both white and green vein Kratom leaves are used.

Yellow Sumatra has rich alkaloid content that makes it best for mood lifting, stimulation, calming, energy boosting, moderate euphoria and overall good health.

It is highly fragrant and tastes very good. It works best in 3.0 to g.0 grams dosage. Yellow Sumatra is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t like the bitter taste of regular Kratom strains.

2) Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

If someone is bored of all regular Kratom strains, yellow Maeng Da is something new and exciting. Yellow Maeng Da is an enhanced version of classic Maeng Da leaves. It is not as artificial as it may sound.

Yellow is not the natural color of Maeng Da leaves; it comes after a process of drying. It has more alkaloids than traditional Maeng Da leaves. The top effects of yellow Maeng Da leaves are energy production and mood enhancement.

No strain beats Maeng Da in these two aspects. In a yellow strain, the effects of original Maeng Da are super loaded. That is why yellow Maeng Da is more powerful than original Maeng Da strain.

Use Yellow Maeng Da strain if the user wants something that makes him active, energetic, and more confident. It has long-lasting effects and the best time to use yellow strains is in the morning.

The recommended dose of yellow Maeng Da is low to moderate. Do not overdose it for extra effects; anyone does not approve a high dose.

3) Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom is an extremely rare strain. White vein Thai leaves are used to make yellow Thai Kratom. Some manufacturers use both green and white vein leaves to prepare yellow Thai strain. The color of these veins is changed during the oxidation process.

Yellow vein Thai strain shows a mixture of effects such as it boosts energy, improves concentration, reduces stress, reduces anxiety, induces positivity and brings euphoria.

Previously it wasn’t available anywhere, but its demand has been increased recently. People like using yellow Thai for its super long lasting effects. It has no side effects as that of other powerful Kratom strains.

Kratom users like to use yellow vein Thai Kratom in their herbal tea, sauces or via toss and wash method. At the beginner level, it is better to use a low dose of yellow Kratom.

4) Yellow Bali Kratom

Like other yellow varieties, yellow Bali is made of classic yellow Kratom. This strain a mild stimulant which is famous for its alleged chronic pain relief and its competence to boost energy.

Yellow Bali is even more popular than red Bali, which is the best selling Kratom strain online. Yellow vein Kratom from Bali produces effects like stimulation, mood improvement, sleep regulation, moderate sedation, and pain relief.

5) Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam is one of the most popular Kratom strains online, and it is an enhanced version of classical Vietnam strains. It is either white or green vein Kratom leaves that grow in the dense forest alongside the Mekong River.

Being an enhanced strain, it has a high concentration of alkaloids than all other Vietnam strains. Yellow vein Vietnam works best for increasing concentration, focus, relaxation, mood improvement, and pain relief. These effects are highly dependent on dosage.

Low to moderate quantity in yellow Vietnam Kratom suits every user. There are no as such side effects but make sure not to exceed the standard dosage.

How to use Yellow Vein Kratom?

As it is explained before, yellow vein Kratom produces similar effects as that of white vein Kratom. But it is a little more potent due to high energetic potential.

As a herbal medicine, yellow Kratom is used through various ways that make its use easy and convenient. Though there is no separate recipe to use Kratom, there are many ways to use yellow Kratom.

  • Food Recipes

Most people add it to their food recipes. However, it is clear that adding regular Kratom strains in recipes don’t produce very significant results. However yellow Kratom strain in recipes leads to a very impressive output.

  • Herbal Tea

The yellow vein Kratom makes one of the best Kratom leaf tea. For this, boil the powder in water, like other herbal tea. Enjoy it sipping hot. This way the yellow Kratom produces full effects.

  • Kratom Juices

Another favorite way to use yellow Kratom is mixing it in fruit juices. Kratom works best when we add it in orange juice or grapefruit juice. It makes juice taste better, and this combination has numerous health benefits.

  • Toss and wash

Like all other medicines and supplements, using Kratom powder is the best way to get maximum effects. Yellow Kratom is available in powder form at all leading Kratom sellers online. Just put it into the mouth and sip water (or juice) to swallow it.

  • Smoke

Not the best way but one way to use yellow Kratom is to smoke it. Many people don’t know this but smoking Kratom is neither healthy, nor it offers any benefits to the user.

The reason is that it takes so much time for alkaloids to reach to your body system. It is better to use any conventional way to get the best effects of yellow vein Kratom.

Dosage Guide for Yellow Vein Kratom

Kratom is extremely dosage sensitive. Like medicines and supplements, yellow Kratom also needs standard dosing for best effects. This dosage guideline guides a user on how much yellow Kratom would work on him. It will also reduce the risk of excessive Kratom intake.

First, yellow Kratom helps for some health conditions. So it is better to be sure on why do you want to use it. Based on this information, the dosage is set. The best is to start from a low dosage. For yellow vein Kratom, a low dosage means 0.5g to 2.0g.

The experienced users can take the moderate dose for best results. The moderate dose of yellow vein strain is between 2.0 g to 5.0g. A high dose of yellow vein strain is not recommended.

Using the standard dosing guidelines, enjoy the best effects of yellow vein Kratom.

Expect an energetic boost, mood enhancement, stress relief, confidence, physical performance as well as mental performance. These effects are very stable and last for long hours.