Kats Botanicals is one of the few Kratom vendors who has added CBD product to their shelves. When opting for a CBD or Kratom vendors, there are a few things that one will always look out for. Most people look for the cheapest vendor.

However, there are other important criteria to consider when reviewing your options for a Kratom vendor. Experience is one of those things. How long a Kratom vendor has survived in the market can tell a lot about the quality of their products.

If you are well received and kept informed by the customer support staff, then you could argue that this is also a measure of a good vendor. Most customers also want to know that whatever they are looking for will be offered. This is where Kratom vendors who offer a wide variety of products score highly among customer reviews.

Can you save money when buying products from a certain vendor? Customers are always looking to maximize on saves whenever possible. As a result, they would opt for vendors who offer discounts and coupons from time to time.

When it comes to the authenticity of a Kratom product, consumers are less compromising when it comes to that. If you want to know whether a vendor is dealing with original Kratom and CBD products, all you have to do is visit Kratom forums.

Is Kats Botanicals Kratom Vendor Worth A Shot?

What is so special about Kats Botanicals that you would consider buying Kratom or CBD products from them? In a moment, we shall be looking how Kats Botanicals performs compared to other Kratom and CBD vendors in the market. Ultimately, the choice of whether to purchase from them comes down to you.

Kats Botanicals Customer Reviews

What are customers saying about Kats Botanicals? Our visit of popular Kratom forums reveals a lot that customers have to say about Kats Botanicals. If you quickly scheme through the comments, you can judge for yourself that Kats Botanicals isn’t doing so bad compared to other vendors. The vendor has somewhat of a lukewarm rating among its customers.

Kats Botanicals Products

Kats Botanicals is a Kratom turned CBD vendor. On their website, you can clearly see all the products that they sell. The CBD products are the latest addition to Kats Botanical’s shelves.

Most vendors will show detailed reports about their hemp products, but that is not the case with this vendor. They happen to provide a specialized filtered content about all the CBD products they sell. They even have a special name for this section which they call CBD bible.

Kat’s CBD Bible contains all the information you need about each single CBD product they offer. They even go to great lengths to compare one product from the other just so you can fully understand what you are going for. The CBD products can vary depending on their intended purpose.

If you are not sure what you are looking for in their CBD products, it is highly recommended that you browse the CBD Bible first. You will greatly benefit from all the articles they have on the usage or purpose of all the CBD products.

It is interesting to note that Kats Botanicals has even CBD for dogs. Indeed, man and dogs do suffer from similar diseases in some cases. Diseases that CBD has a high rate of efficacy when used to remedy them.

Kats Botanicals CBD Products

Kats Botanicals showcases the three forms of CBD that they offer. When you click on each of these CBD strains, you will get a very clear description of that particular product. Not many vendors provide as much information on CBD or Kratom as does this vendor. Videos accompany some product descriptions if the articles are missing. In some cases, it is both.

It is believed that Kats Botanicals values customer who purchases after making an informed decision. This is why they got to great lengths to make sure that all their CBD products are well understood before one chooses to buy them.

1) CBD Gummies

Kats Botanicals CBD GummiesAmong the CBD products, you can find at Kats Botanicals is the CBD Gummies. If you are too much into flavors, then this is the perfect product to go for. This provider has given the optimal dosage for the CBD Gummies. You can also find all the ingredients that make up the CBD Gummies you just purchased.

Many users have found gummies CBD to be the perfect source of fast relief and amazing taste. This vendor’s CBD Gummies are THC free and are sourced from the industrial hemp.

If you are looking for tiny supplements of all the strength that CBD provides, CBD Gummies are tiny squares that fit the selection. They are GMO-free and purely free from allergens.

2) CBD Oil

Kats Botanicals CBD OilBesides CBD Gummies, Kats Botanicals also vends CBD Oil. This is a naturally flavored hemp oil that is sold in packs of 600mg or 1020mg. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made pesticide free. This non-GMO product is derived from mature stems and stalks of the hemp tree.

Directions for using the CBD Oil are also clearly laid out on their website. Drop a desired amount of the CBD oil under your tongue for 1 minute before you swallow it. Adults should use a full dropper although dosage is bound to vary per individual.

Kats Botanicals Vendor Kratom Products

Kats Botanicals is a vendor who prides themselves in selling variety and not just one line of a product. Whether they do that to record sales purposefully or to keep their customers contended, we can say they really do a good job.

Their Kratom powder products come in variety packs and strains. Different strains have different strengths and hence purposes.

This vendor’s Kratom is harvested for two things; potency and maturity. They conduct laboratory tests on each of their Kratom products before releasing them into the market. This is done to ensure they end up with quality, clean and originally strong products.

By strain, you can buy any of the following Kratom powders from Kats Botanicals.

  • Maeng Da Kratom Strains: The Maeng Da strains offered by this vendor includes Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and Plantation Maeng Da. If you prefer high alkaloid content, then Maeng Da is your typical strain.
  • Bali Kratom: You can order for any Bali Kratom from Kats Botanicals. However, their best Bali strain is the Red Bali. Its potency levels are great, and due to the significant process of drying it is taken through, the Red Bali Kratom comes out with amazing quality.
  • Enhanced Kratom: Probably the best-enhanced Kratom you will ever find in the market. This product from Kats Botanicals is extracted from the oldest and matures Kratom leaves. They are made into blends to develop a persona of the best mixtures in the market.
  • Stem and Vein: This Kratom powder is made from the veins and stems of the Kratom tree. It contains a unique alkaloid ingredient that cannot be found in the leaves of the tree. If you are looking for some reprieve from daily Kratom, this is the product to order.
  • Specialty Blends Kratom Powder: This strain includes products such as Digital Buddha, Above Waves, Super Thai, and Spacebird.
  • Gold Kratom Extract: The Gold Kratom extract sold by Kats Botanicals comes from JongKong and Ketapang districts. These regions have for long been known for their rich environment for Kratom.
    The gold extract is an ethanol extract. It is primarily made from pure green powder but also contains lemon juice. It is a Kratom product known for its taste, potency, and quality.

Best Products

Kats Botanicals in itself as one of the richest source of Kratom powders and CBD products. They have pretty much everything Kratom related. Customers have particularly applauded certain Kratom and CBD products sold by this vendor.

If you are looking to buy any of the two form Kats Botanical and price isn’t a major concern of yours; you should aim for the following:

Maeng Da is by far their best Kratom strain. It is perhaps not only Kats best product but the best Kratom strain on the market. This product comes with a mix of blends. It yields the highest Kratom strength and experience.

Enhance Kratom closes in on the maturity and potency of Kratom. Harvesters of this great product are experts who can tell the difference between each Kratom leaf in the field.

Couple the harvesters experience with the technique of blending quality alkaloids together, and you will produce an enhance Kratom that outdoes users’ expectations.

For the CBD products, their innovative CBD Gummies comes at the top. It beats many how tiny square can contain so much CBD strength and potency.

However, their CBD Vape oil is also a product to admire. The CBD Vape oil as described by CBD enthusiasts can help you bring back clarity, ease, peace, and calmness. This e-liquid can be used sublingually or using a vaping device, and it is a fast-acting relief.

Kats Botanicals Prices

Kratom prices, as well as the prices for CBD products, vary depending on the strain or oil you are buying. Their prices are as competitive as the prices offered by their competitors.

Here is a list of the range of prices for the Kratom and CBD products sold by Kats Botanicals.

  • Green Maeng Da
    $6.50 – $25.00
  • Green Sunda
    $6.50 – $25.00
  • White Maeng Da
    $6.50 – $25.00
  • Wild Red Bali
    $6.50 – $25.00
  • Wild Red Vietnam
    $6.50 – $25.00
  • CBD Vape-Oil (Hemp)
    $31.99 – $64.99
  • CBD Gummies (Hemp)
    $17.99 $15.99
  • CBD Oil (Hemp)
    $34.99 – $61.99

Kats Botanicals Coupons, Deals and Offers

Kats Botanicals has been impressive over the years not only because they offer the best quality products but because of the incentives they give customers to shop from them.

If you thought shopping for Kratom was expensive, it is because you haven’t come across Kats Botanicals. The vendor has free sample ounce. This valid for offers above $100.

This vendor also has a VIP membership plan that is open for anyone. VIP Plan gives you access to the latest product launches, price variations, and discount offers. They also do provide coupons on occasions. All you have to do is watch out when the coupon codes are released, and you stand to save a lot of money during checkout.

Out of Stock

The disappointing thing about this Kratom vendor is that they seem to have almost everything out of stock on their website. Most of the items on their online store are marked as sold out.

However, when you inquire from their customer support, you will be told that you can order any product you like. This is quite misleading to a lot of new customers.

Final Remarks

There are a lot of vendors in the Kratom world, but honestly, Kats Botanicals beats most of them in a number of ways. The vendor has very approachable customer support staff. This makes placing of orders quite simple and fast.

The vendor also provides the consumer with a variety to choose from. You can opt for the VIP plan and enjoy amazing offers on products and shipping.

Kats stands out as an attractive Kratom vendor. They have clearly defined descriptions and even guidelines on how to use their CBD products.



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  2. Katz Botanicals are the royal family of spam! More than 5 emails a week. Their kratom is good but there are plenty of kratom retailers that have same or better quality.

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