Kratom’s usage in pain medication and drug addiction recovery has steadily increased over the years. It has increased the demand for kratom, and various entrepreneurs have come forward with kratom products to fill the gap. Since then the market is flooded with kratom products.

Customers can buy kratom from both offline and online stores. It would be better for people to get the comparison of the various kratom products in a single place.

Kratom strains validated by customers, academics and scientists are the safest to use. There are fake products that do not produce the positive effects of kratom. In the worst case scenarios, they create adverse effects such as dryness of mouth, dizziness, etc. It is necessary for customers to be aware of which strains are suitable and which strains are not. It is complicated by the facts that different kratom strains are used for different purposes.

Medical practitioners suggest that addiction recovery patients need to take kratom at least four times a day with a total dosage of 75 mg. One needs to use it carefully. Kratom dosage can be small when you start, and it can be increased as per need.

Once the effects start kicking in, dosage needs to be maintained for 4-5 years. It can reduce the negative impact of drug addiction slowly over a period. As the symptoms decline, kratom dosage can be reduced and then stopped altogether. The dosage needs to be reduced gradually. It can be reduced to as less as 1 g towards the end of the treatment.

In online stores, people who are looking for Kratom, can look at customer reviews regarding the product and then take a decision. Since no government legislation governs the quality of kratom, people need to depend on ad-hoc measures to evaluate kratom quality.

Some people go ahead with taking trials with some of the products and find the right one for them. Some use information collected from various sources to evaluate the quality of the product. We hope that the government will take steps in the research to improve the quality and promote innovation in kratom production.

Therefore customers have been waiting for a website that can reduce the hassle of buying kratom. Gaia Ethnobotanical is the one website that fulfills all customer requirements. The website has many advantages, ease of use being the prominent one.

Gaia Ethnobotanical is an exclusive kratom product website that houses kratom strains from various vendors. Let’s see what make this website better than others in this article.

Gaia Ethnobotanical Vendor Site Features

  • Ease of use

Any online e-commerce website is only as good as the usability. Gaia Ethnobotanical has been designed with strong user experience principles. Browsing through hundreds of products is amazingly simple. Customers can find the right product at the right price easily. They can filter the products based on their name, origin, and popularity.

Customers can also see which products are trending, which ones have received rave customer reviews, etc. when you click on a product to buy, it gets added to the virtual shopping cart. You can mark the products you want to purchase and proceed to checkout with all those products in the end. It is a very convenient process.

  • Payment flexibility

Gaia Ethnobotanical has the option of paying with debit or credit card. Being a digitally savvy website, it has implemented secure protocols to protect user information. Card details are transacted by standard gateway providers who encrypt the message.

Recently the site has started giving attractive offers to users who use cryptocurrency for buying products. They can get up to 20% discount for using bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. By this, the website is also promoting advanced technologies that can change people’s future. It is a win-win situation for customers in all ways.

  • Products

Gaia Ethnobotanical has one of the most extensive collections of kratom strains in a single place. Be it red, white or green kratom, ones imported from Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia, customers can choose the variety of kratom that fits their needs.

The pricing of the products is also nominal and less than what is available in local markets. 1 oz comes at $5 which is very affordable. With the extensive browsing functionality, it is possible to go through all the products qualitatively and find the right one.

  • Affiliate marketing

You don’t just spend money on this website; You can earn some too. Gaia Ethnobotanical has one of the most profitable affiliate marketing programs. As per this program, you can become a marketer for any of the products. You can get paid a percentage of the profits you generate from your sales.

The website has a dedicated affiliate dashboard in which you can manage your subscriptions. You can also get subscribed to the newsletter in which new information about kratom is published every month. It is a great way to stay up to date with the kratom product market.

  • Delivery

Gaia Ethnobotanical has extensive logistics network that enables it to deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep. The last mile connectivity is superb and helps you to get kratom without leaving your room. The product also comes with same day delivery in specific regions. It has been a boon for customers. It lets them be flexible with planning their budget.

According to customers, there has not been a single delay in delivery since the website has started. The company is committed to getting the right product at the right time. The shipping charges are nominal, and in some products, shipping is free of cost.

  • Customer support

The customer support from the website is exceptional. They listen to customer complaints patiently and offer solutions within 24 hours. They are available all through the day. You can contact their toll-free number and get advice on the kratom product you need to buy. They also take orders and send emails to confirm it. You can track your order and shipping status at any point in time.

Best Gaia Ethnobotanical Kratom Strains

Let’s explore the best Kratom strains available on the site.

  • Maeng da kratom

Maeng Da kratom available at Gaia Ethnobotanical is of superior quality. It is also the most ordered kratom strain on the website. The essential feature of Maeng Da is that it reduces depression and anxiety.

Customers have stated that they can do their normal functioning even after taking a moderate dosage of Maeng Da. It is important as people battling drug addiction need to be ready to go to work after medication. Maeng da from this website is more potent than oxycontin and morphine.

It is advised to take Maeng da in standard dosage since the drug takes time to manifest. With the right dosage, you can get relief from the medication. Maeng da is sold by vendors such as Ganesh MD, Elephant, and Extract 20:1. The feedback from customers is positive. They have claimed that the consumption of the drug does not make them drowsy. Maeng Da is sold in capsules, powder and liquid form.

  • Bali gold

Bali gold is a high-quality kratom strain that is imported directly from Indonesia. Therefore there is no fear of contamination or adulteration by low quality kratom strains. It has one of the most potent strains of kratom. Bali gold is advised to be used with herbal tea. Using the product in this way ensures that pain is relieved and it also tastes good.

Bali gold comes in powder and capsule forms. The time required for the strain, to act is 1 hour. It mixes in the blood and keeps working for about 3-5 hours. With a dose four times a day, patients have got remarkable results in pain medication.

  • Green dragon

Green dragon comes in an attractive airtight package. The effects of this drug are better than Suboxone or Subutex. This product is famous because it has little to no side effects even under strong doses. The maximum impact will be vomiting and no other adverse reactions.

This strain is pure and has passed through several quality checks. It has been checked and verified by third-party chemists to be free from contamination and pollution. This product has been imported from Thailand. People suffering from insomnia and depression have used this product.

  • Elephant kratom

Elephant kratom gets its name from its massive leaves. It is harvested from kratom plants that have been cultivated sustainably. This product is a hybrid made from a mixture of red, white and green kratom.

That is why it has the best of all these three types of kratom. It is a high-quality kratom that has been rigorously checked for airtight packaging, the strength of the dose, etc. This product is offered at attractive prices and offer free shipping too.

  • Purple 8 in 1

As the name suggests purple 8 in 1 has a mixture of 8 kratom strains including red, white, green and gold. It is a premium brand and ideal for one who wants to have the benefits of all the eight strains without the side effects. It is the best value for money as the customer gets to try out all eight strains in the same package. It reduces the trial cost for the customers.

The shipping charges for this strain are very less. This product is becoming better compared to other strains. With blends from red Bali, Bali gold, green Malay, and white Borneo, the kratom product is one of a kind. It has been extracted from kratom that is grown ethically. It is one of the favorite products for customers.

  • 50X black diamond extract

The premium 50X black diamond extract is the most powerful kratom product available in the market. It gives you the highest level of pain relief and relaxation. It also offers a sense of well-being and euphoria.

With the help of a medical practitioner’s advice, it is possible to treat withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction. It also has fewer side effects compared to other products. A lot of people love this product for its portability, ease of taking and convenience. It offers the ingredient details and shows indications of the right dosage.

  • Red Bali

Red Bali is a kratom variety that has been around for a while. Various kratom vendors manufacture this product. It has enhanced strains that optimize for a particular medication. It is comparatively cheaper than other products. You can strike a good deal with the discounts and coupon codes associated with this product.

Free single day shipping can be availed, and express delivery ships the product. It is a legitimate variety of kratom that has help patients to recover from their illness. It has enabled thousands to leave behind their old life and choose a healthy lifestyle.


Kratom is becoming a popular medication drug and websites like Gaia Ethnobotanical provides the right platform for kratom vendors to showcase their products. Customers also get to browse various options and get the product that matches their requirements. Kratom strains like Maeng Da, Green kratom, Red kratom are abundantly found on the website.

While kratom has regained its reputation as a beneficial product, there are nagging quality issues in the market.

For example, there are no laws related to the proper manufacturing of kratom. It is entirely up to the vendor. It has enabled several short-sighted vendors to fill the market with low-quality kratom products that are either impotent or have serious side effects. This is a problem that has to be dealt with immediately.

It is where websites like Gaia Ethnobotanical contribute the most. The quality of kratom offered by this website is incredible. The products offered on this website are mandatory checked for quality, packaging and certified by chemical analysts for contamination.

It has gained credibility and reputation from kratom customers for its consistent quality. The logistics and delivery services are also impressive. You can get kratom in a matter of 4-5 working days all over the United States. It is a must visit the website for kratom lovers and people wanting to buy kratom for various treatments.



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