Kratom, a drug available on the market, generally used to have a stimulatory or energetic effect is highly controversial when it comes to dosage. Figuring out the right Kratom dosage for you is the key to having the desired effects. Unfortunately, it has no standard, and it depends on the capacity of the person to withstand the effects i.e. many people experience tolerance after taking the same dosage of Kratom, in this case, a little increase in dosage is recommended.

To get an overview about the correct Kratom dosage for stimulatory effect and various other effects, review the answers to frequently asked questions below.

What is Kratom dosage for a normal person to achieve stimulatory effects?

kratom dosage teaspoonHuman beings are one of the complex species in the universe. It’s not necessary to have a scale that is to be followed in this drug’s case to get the desired effect. It is more trial and error method to know the perfect dose for you.

It is recommended that you start with the lowest dose, and check for yourself what dosage is the most powerful and has the least side effects. The results are mainly sedative/analgesic in nature. Do not increase the dose more than 0.5g at one time and do not take another dose within 5-6 hours if the desired effect not achieved. Factors such as meal and the capsule of Kratom can delay the effects. It is done to avoid tolerance and addiction risk.

Start with a dose of 2g, below this dose; you won’t feel the effects. The average dose is around 3-6g. Persons with larger built require slightly higher dose to achieve effects like euphoria and high alertness. If you experience nausea and vomiting, most probably you have taken a strong dose. In this case, reduce the dose. The average doses that recommended are as follows. It should be noted that these are not standard values. These are based on user and experimental reports.

Dosage by grams

  • Mild- 1 to 2 grams
  • Moderate- 2 to 4.5 grams
  • High- 4.5 to 8 grams

Dosage by Teaspoon

  • Mild- 0.5 to 0.9 tsp
  • Moderate- 1 to 2 tsp
  • High- 2 to 3.5 tsp

After going through a large number of authenticated sources online, we have found a variety of recommended dosage of Kratom which we have cited below:

  • There are four grades of Kratom leaves sold in the commercial market.
  • The dosage of Super Enhanced grade is the most potent and ranges from 1 to 5 grams.
  • The dosage of Super grade of dried leaf is 2 to 8 grams.
  • The dosage of Premium Grade Kratom is 2 to15 grams.
  • The Commercial Grade of Kratom is of low potency and dosage rages from 5 to 30 grams.

  • The mild dosage of Premium Quality Kratom is 3-5 grams and effects are stimulant-like. 4-10 grams dosage of Kratom for experiencing high stimulating effects.
  • 8-15 and 12-25 grams of Kratom dosage are too strong and not good for the beginners and highly sensitive people.

According to both sources, the Kratom dosage of premium quality is 2 to 15 grams and give you an idea of the ideal selection of mild, moderate, strong or very high dosage. Strong dosage recommended for having analgesic, euphoric, sedative effects and that also reported by actual users on various online forums.

Maeng Da: The dosage depends on the potency and freshness of Maeng Da leaves. According to a discussion at, one user reported that the starting dosage of Maeng Da is 1.5 grams or 1/2 of a teaspoon. A decent quality of Maeng Da would have very substantial effects right after taking it because of high active alkaloids present in it. 3 grams of Maeng Da dosage on an empty stomach or after 4-5 hours of a meal is ideal to notice the significant effects. 5 grams of Maeng Da dosage is too much stimulating and not recommended for the beginners.

Read more about Maeng Da dosage here.

kratom-dosage-teaspoonRed Bali Kratom: The users at another discussion at reported that 2 to 4 grams of Bali Kratom dosage is an ideal for beginners without opiate tolerance. Another user on different thread claims that 7-8 grams are perfect for having high sedating effects.

Red Indo Kratom: It seems that there are some discussions about the Red Indo Kratom dosage at and reported 2-3 grams as a low dose. If someone has to increase the Red Indo effects, 5 grams is preferred, and 1g can be added after every 30 minutes.

Super Green Malay Kratom: There are some good threads on the Drugs Forum discussing the Super Green Malay dosage. Super Green Malay has the strongest psychoactive effects and stimulation last longer than any other Kratom. One user recommends to start with 3 grams and find out the potential. If not works well, then increase the dosage to 5 grams.

Is it true that Kratom dosage differs if different strains are used?

Yes, because each strain differs from the other ones. If you are taking Maeng Da, start with as little as 1g dose because it is highly stimulating and it can cause quick sedation. The average range for this strain is 1-6g. Strains like Indo, Borneo, and Bali, are also quite strong, and if overdosed they can cause nausea and vomiting. Recommended dosage is 1.5-7g. The strain Thai (Red vein) is over stimulating for sensitive individuals. Care should be taken while using these strains.

What is the appropriate dose to be taken for pain?

Strains that are taken for pain include green vein kratom and red veined kratom.  It reduces pain without leading to lethargy or drowsiness as other analgesics do. These strains are used to treat muscle tension and counteract fatigue. Its painkilling effects are used in many chronic pains that include conditions like migraines, headaches, back pain, broken bones, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, pain due to degenerative nerve disorders, scoliosis and kyphosis, chest and abdominal pain. Usually, red vein kratom is known for its pain relieving effect. The correct dosage depends on the type of pain, the site of pain and the chronicity of pain. Joint pain and backaches usually require higher doses of red veined kratom.

A dose between 4-8g relieves pain substantially. In the case of green vein strain, higher doses are needed to kill the pain. Usually, a dose around 7 or 8g is enough to introduce the pain killing effect.

kratom-for-painHow it help with opioid withdrawal and what is the correct dose?

The active ingredient in Kratom, mitragynine is involved in attachment to opioid receptors in our body.  It is an opiate agonist and has an affinity for opioid receptors. Unlike opiates it binds to the delta receptors instead of mu receptors, influencing your mood and causing euphoria like state.  Mitragynine weans the user off narcotics like opium and heroine. The addict stops using drugs within days of usage of Kratom. Mitragynine binding stabilizes the cravings and withdrawal symptoms to delta receptors.

Strains that are taken for opioid withdrawal include Borneo, Bali, Indo and Maeng Da. But to get the best possible effects, use strains that target the complicated issue. Different strains are used for various problems. For example, if you are having anxiety you will use one particular strain, and if have sleep disorders or want sedative and relaxing effects, you will be using another strain. To effectively eradicate withdrawal symptoms, make sure that the symptoms have not progressed to severity. Use Kratom, as soon as you stop using opiates.

opiate plantSince Kratom effects last 5 to 6 hours, make sure you take an additional dosage before the withdrawal symptoms reappear. The moderate dosage of 2-4g Kratom powder is sufficient to negate the symptoms, but then again dosage varies according to the type of opiate you were taking and the dosage you were taking as well as your physiological and biochemical uniqueness.

Once you have taken 2-4g, wait for 30 minutes to see systemic effects of the drug. In case, you don’t feel any effects, take an additional dose of 1g and wait for another 30 minutes to observe the effects.

Once you reach the optimal dosage, you can continue to take this dose after every 5-6 hours. When you noticed that you are feeling normal i.e. that your mood has enhanced substantially, your actual amount of energy has increased and that your anxiety has calmed, no more depressed and insomniac, you begin the process of weaning of kratom.

If you want to potentiate the effect of Kratom, take it with grapefruit juice. But it can make it too troublesome to you if you take a high dose of Kratom. So make sure you start with a small dose without grapefruit juices.




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