I do not want to prolong the suspense of truth whether Local GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS sell kratom or not. They do not sell kratom. The reasons for this situation vary, but legality issues are prominent in the United States.

Even though DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) approved it as safe to use, there is still confusion about whether kratom is legal to sell/buy or not. As per the official reports, kratom is legal in the United States.

Kratom Legality In The US

Kratom Legality In The USKratom is legal in and around 46 states of US. Few states like Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee and Alabama have placed kratom alongside with heroin, cocaine as Schedule 1 drugs and banned it.

Another scenario is that few states in the US are allowed to use kratom except in some cities.

For example, consider the California state, It is legal to use in California but is banned from using in San Diego city. There are many mixed cases like this and people are having a tough time to figure out whether kratom is legal to use in their respective cities or states or not.

Kratom’s Past In Brief

KratomKratom is a herbal plant grown in South-East Asia. The irony is that kratom is banned from using in Thailand.

Kratom is abundantly found in these regions, yet they banned it. There is a long history behind this situation of the ban.

In short, kratom is a wonder supplement curing many diseases in human body. What attracts people more is its opioid similarities.

Cocaine, heroin gives immense pleasure to humans after consumption. Dopamine and other hormones get released into the body which provides us with that feeling. Frequent usage results in addiction.

More usage leads to damaging organs and many other side effects. When it comes to kratom, it also gives that immense and satisfactory pleasure feeling to the body.

But it is not addictive. This is where many people propose to lift the ban on kratom as it helps many addicted people to get out of addiction from drugs.

Consider that if people who are addicted start taking kratom. Slowly as kratom is giving the similar happiness feeling, people can start avoiding the drugs. With time, they will be under self-control. As kratom itself is not addictive, they will not again fall under the chain of addiction.

Along with this, due to the health benefits of kratom, the person can be back to healthy and active like never before. Till now, every point is perfect, but why countries are not removing the ban on kratom, you may ask?

Why There Is A War On This Plant-Based Drug Kratom?

The federal people claim that they received cases where people died consuming kratom. But those were never medically proven. Supporters argue that those people may have taken something in addition with kratom which unfortunately killed them. This is one of the primary reasons for the holding of the ban.

That is why we continuously suggest you buy only high-quality kratom products. Whatever we have discussed related the health benefits can only be observed when you consume high-quality kratom.

In the past, around 1940’s, people in Thailand and other south-east Asian countries used to eat kratom leaves directly.

At that time, farmers and daily labour have to work at least 10 to 14 hours of physical work per day. They get exhausted completely. But few minutes after eating kratom leaves they gained more energy for doing the task along with faster healing time.

Even today we can firmly agree with the fact that the benefits of kratom are found more in leaves than the extracts and capsules. But every one of us cannot go to south-east Asian countries for the leaves.

The extracts, powder, pills are also of an excellent quality and give benefits as promised, but this is possible only when you shop these from reputed stores or smoke shops.

Now the biggest question is, where else you can buy kratom locally near you in 2019?

We, humans, have evolved a lot with time and are still evolving. This all happened because we look for alternatives when one route is closed to reach our destination.

You have got your answer regarding the question; since Walmart and CVS might not be selling kratom, there are still other ways to avail of it. Yes, there are alternatives for everything, there are alternatives to get kratom even if its legality is questioned.

There are numerous ways to get kratom locally. One point to remember is that if the city or country that you live in has banned kratom then it’s not available for you locally or even legal to have it. If you get caught while buying or selling kratom, you may be penalized and jailed according to judicial rules.

So, after checking the legality of kratom in your country or city, here are some of the ways to get kratom.

  • Smoke Shops To Buy Kratom

Puff Puff pass smokeSmoke shops offer kratom with packaging under various names and brands. People see two things before buying, i.e., quality and pricing. Only few smoke shops can provide quality kratom in their packaging.

In general, they don’t know anything about it. All they see is a profitable item. It is true that getting kratom is tough as it is not grown in the US.

It has to be imported from South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar.

As discussed above, kratom is costly, and so the shops try to mix it with other products to save kratom. It reduces the quality and therefore is not advisable to buy from smoke shops. One thing to note that here all smoke shops are not referred.

It is better to go for recognized shops for getting better quality kratom products. The next aspect is pricing. Kratom prices are more in local smoke shops compared to online websites.

  • Find Places to Buy on Kratom Maps

Kratom Maps is an excellent application for finding places, navigation, etc.

Kratom Maps is one such website where you enter the pin-code of your area and radius.

Radius represents a particular range and searches for shops or sources where kratom can be found. After entering both the values, click on search button.

Based on the inputs entered, search results are shown in maps. On the bottom, you will have a map indicating the places, if found any.

Under the map, the addresses of shops will be displayed. With the help of kratom maps, you can see the addresses of shops within a certain distance from your location.

You get the entire address and contact numbers too. Better contact them before approaching the place. It will be comfortable in all aspects.

  • Find Best Places to Buy Kratom on Google Maps

If you type something near me like coffee shops near me, movie theatres near me, etc. Google Maps will display the results based on your GPS location. But you may think why shops have to submit their addresses to Google Maps? We will discuss this point in a while as putting it here will get the current topic away.

So, if you type kratom near me, Google Maps automatically loads the shops with addresses, ratings, and comments of previous customers. Try your luck, and if you find any, you can ask for a sample before purchasing the products.

Or based on reviews, you can directly buy kratom from them. Kratom products are sold in the form of powders and capsules. One point to remember is that Google won’t show you the places if your region bans kratom.

Ordering Kratom Online

The sources mentioned above are the best ways to buy kratom offline. You can even try getting kratom online. The products available online have better quality with less price as compared to smoke shops.

I will tell you the reason also for this statement. The people in smoke shops don’t know in-depth about kratom. As said above, they see this as money product and nothing else.

They keep high pricing for starter packs which is really bad. Even though people buy the product, there is no guarantee of its quality. Why I’m stressing about quality, again and again, is because people buy kratom for its magical power of treating many health problems.

It solves issues like Stress, anxiety, diabetes, less sleep, low sexual drive, and the list goes on. As quality reduces, the effect of kratom on body slows down.

Among many, here are some of the websites to get superior quality kratom products and are as follows.

Best Online Stores To Buy Kratom
  • Super Natural Botanicals To Buy Kratom Online

Super Natural BotanicalsYou can visit the website by going on to www.supernaturalbotanicals.com. They have refined user interface. People can search for products by applying various filters like product name, region, aroma, and effects. They also include money back guarantee for 30 days, and free shipping is available on orders above $50.

  • PurKratom To Buy Kratom Online

PurKratomAs we know, kratom is sold in the form of powders and capsules also. Go to www.purkratom.com to find out the details corresponding to products. Among many, you can select either red, green or white strains in the form of capsules or extracts. PurKratom provides priority shipping on all orders.

The difference between regular and priority shipping is that you get your packages quite faster with priority shipping.

For example, based on your location, if the product you order takes 5 days in general to get you, it will only take 2 to 3 days with priority shipping. The support system is attentive and is happy to help you when needed.

  • Top Extracts To Buy Kratom Online

Top ExtractsAs per the name, Top Extracts is a website that provides you top quality Kratom powder and capsules. While most of the sites do offer powder and extracts of kratom, but Top Extracts are focusing on giving excellent quality capsules.

Premium Bali, Super Green Malaysian, Akuamma, Maeng Da and Red Vein Indo are some of the supplements available on the website. You can visit the site by going on to this link https://topextracts.com/.

  • Kratora – BuyKratom.us To Buy Kratom Online

Kratora Kratora – BuyKratom.us is not the one who ever compromise for quality. They delivered high-quality kratom products and have acquired genuine reputation from customers. The website has loads of varieties of kratom products like kratom leaves, extracts, powder, capsules, and strains.

People can select and buy based on their choice of interest. They also offer coupons and reward points to customers. Kratora – BuyKratom.us accepts bitcoin payments too. You can check out the website by going to this link www.BuyKratom.us.

The support team is helpful and responsive to queries from customers. Write to support@buykratom.us for any doubts regarding products, shipping, etc.

  • Coastline Kratom To Buy Kratom Online

Coastline KratomYou can visit the website by going on to this link www.coastlinekratom.com. They are giving offers to new customers with x% discount. The reason I mentioned x% is that discount percentages will change regularly.

Borneo Kratom, Maeng Da, Bali Kratom, Horned Kratom and Malay kratom are some of the products that can be purchased from the website. Customer support gets a 5-star rating.

You get fast and efficient responses from the support team. Write to info@coastlinekratom.com for any queries regarding the product, payment, shipping, refund, etc.

Why Submit Addresses To Google?

In the Google Maps section above, I stated a point that why shops should submit themselves to Google? The answer is to get visible online. We have to accept the fact that nowadays Google is more than a search engine.

Google clarifies all our doubts regarding any topics. So, submitting the address to Google will display the shop address to the users online.

Both in kratom maps and Google maps, you search for nearby shops around your location. Google analyzes and displays the shops around you that are registered.

We can zoom in and find out the names, but it’s not comfortable. So, submitting to Google will benefit both customers and shops.


The conclusion is that kratom is not sold by Walmart, Local GNC, Walgreens, and CVC. However, you can get them from smoke shops or can order them from online websites.

Pricing and quality are better in online stores rather than smoke shops. If possible, try to take a sample first before taking the entire package.

If you are interested in taking it on a regular basis after trying out the sample, then order them in bulk. Bulk orders cost less compared to single orders.



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