Finding a reliable online kratom capsules vendor is a challenging task especially for the beginners who don’t know from where to start. After spending dollar sixty thousand on kratom in the last 6 years, I have created this list of trusted kratom capsules vendors that are known for their quality, variety of strains, great support, and quick shipping.

If you’ve heard of magical herb kratom, it’s probably because of your family or friends using it to help alleviate pain, anxiety, stress or get rid of opiates. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration because human studies on kratom are limited and still hard to do.

The miracle tree of South Asia, kratom is winning the hearts of thousands of people around the globe. The market for Kratom is thriving. Due to a rapid increase in its users recently, a lot of businessmen have shifted their interest to Kratom.

Given the number of Kratom capsule vendors out there, however, it might be tricky for the users to identify the top Kratom vendor for capsules.

This article presents the 25 top Kratom vendors who are selling the best Kratom capsules online.

The Kratom vendors listed here are valuable for the experienced and new users to find the best Kratom products available in-store or online which worth’s their money.

What Are The Kratom Capsules?

Kratom capsules are just like herbal dietary supplements that help you in boosting your health. Some people might feel the taste of kratom a little bit bitter which makes it nearly impossible for many users to ingest the powder through a toss or wash (oral) method.

If you are afraid that you won’t like the taste, yet you are still willing to experience kratom, then kratom capsule is the best alternative to kratom powder. The kratom vendors formulate soft gels capsules that contain fine kratom powder.

These capsules will have precisely the same effects as that of kratom powder. These soft gel capsules are made up of gelatin-based which ensures a better absorption inside the user’s body.

Kratom Capsules In Different Sizes

The capsules are available in various sizes. It starts from 000 to 4 sizes. The size 000 is the largest size and size four is the smallest size available in the market. Most of the vendors prefer to make the standard size of capsules. The most favorite size of kratom vendors is 00 size. However, the largest size, i.e., 000 is also quite common.

The size 00 contains nearly 0.546g of kratom powder inside it. Size 000 is three times bigger than size 00. Due to its large size, it’s somewhat difficult to swallow the capsule, making size 00 the ideal one to use. If you want to compare this size with the pills, the standard size for most of the drugs is size 0.

How Much To Take?

Kratom is highly specific when it comes to dosage. That is why every discussion related to kratom emphasize on its dosage. Since each capsule is designed to get the desired effects, it’s important to take them without overdosing.

Most of the effects start at low dosage, and the best results begin to show up on the medium dose. The high dosage of kratom is meant for only extreme effects.

Is Kratom Capsule Better Than Powder?

If you talk about availability and variety, no doubt kratom powder has these benefits. But kratom capsules is a better choice, especially for the beginners.

As kratom is sensitive to dosage, it is necessarily required to design the right dosage. The standard guideline on dosage is available online. The only problem with dosage planning is to measure the right dose of kratom powder at home. It needs extreme precision, which makes it a relatively complicated process.

The typical kitchen balance or chemical balance is used to weigh the powder. All these machines have a chance of error. Also, do not forget the human error in powder handling. Additionally, you are much likely to lose some quantity between measuring the powder.

In all this hassle and confusion, there are high chances that a user will miscalculate the dosage. To avoid this situation kratom capsules are best to use. They are the best alternative of powder if you don’t want to get into the process of measuring and designing the dose.

Every capsule comes with a set dosage which is also mentioned in the product description. Before you confirm your order at any kratom store, check their capsule sizes and the potency of a single capsule. Based on this information you can calculate the number of capsules you need for the exact dosage.

Various Benefits of Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are best to use because of the following reasons:

  • They are very easy to use.
  • They are accurate.
  • They are easy to carry.
  • They save the time for measuring powder.
  • They don’t have a bitter taste.
  • They bring all the best effects of Kratom to the user.

Where To Buy Kratom Capsules?

Do you know that genuine kratom products are not available at health stores? The chances to find kratom capsules vendors at Walmart, CVS or GNC are as low as zero. So the next question that comes to our mind is where do people buy it? To address the new readers, kratom powder and kratom capsules are available at the following places:

1. Buy Kratom Capsules Locally

There are various ways to buy kratom locally. The only thing to remember here is to know the legal status of kratom in your country. If there is a ban on kratom, you may not find it anywhere, and it won’t be legal to have it. Anyone buying or selling kratom in ban areas has to face the judicial rules and penalties.

If there is no such ban in your area, you are much likely to find kratom capsules at the following places:

  • Smoke Shops and Gas Stations Selling Kratom Capsules

Different vendors are selling kratom capsules at the smoke shops. You must have to check the quality and price for any strain you want to buy. It is easy to judge, just by reading the product description that tells origin, cultivation area, batch number, and expiry date. Price is variable among different strains, as per their availability and quality.

Most of the kratom capsules available at smoke shops come from South East Asian countries. For the quality product, it is better to go for recognized smoke shops. You can check a few shops to compare the price and buy the one that suits your budget.

  • Find Kratom Capsules Vendors on Kratom Maps

Kratom Maps is a useful tool to find out the places that sell kratom capsules in your area. It is a website that only requires a pin code of your city and radius to spot your exact location.

This information is used to search for kratom vendors shops near you. It will show the complete address of the shops within a certain distance from your location. You may note down this information and visit them to buy your desired kratom capsule.

  • Search Kratom Capsules Vendors on Google Maps

It is an excellent tool to search places. Like coffee shops or movie theatre, you can also find kratom shops around you. Based on the GPS information, the Google Maps will load the shops with an address that are close to your location.

It will additionally show the rating, address, and comments of other customers. You can easily find a kratom capsule selling shop around you through Google maps.

  • Special Retailers Selling CBD and Kratom Together

If you are unable to find any kratom shop locally, search for individual retail shops selling CBD and kratom together. There are chances that you will get your required kratom capsules from there. Some of these stores have their websites too; it is better to search it online before finding on Google maps.

2. Online Kratom Capsules Suppliers

Other than local stores, you can get kratom capsules from online stores too. The variety and price are relatively better than smoke shops and local shops. If you are not into online shopping; it is nearly impossible to find a specific kratom capsule that is not available locally. That is because all authentic kratom vendors for capsules deal online.

You can easily find kratom powder, kratom capsules, tinctures and extracts of all kratom strains at various online websites.

But of course, you can’t trust every online Kratom vendor. Looking at a picture can never give you the slightest hint whether it is a genuine kratom product or not. On top of that, the world of the Internet is full of scam sites. You are, much likely to get into a trap of shady kratom vendors for their cheap kratom products.

Why Do I Need A Top Kratom Capsules Vendors List?

All the new users may think of this question that why do they have to pick an online seller from this list. The purpose of this list is to educate the readers for a safe, satisfying and enjoyable kratom experience. It is the only way to let kratom win the war of controversy, which is another hot debate on online discussion forums.

The adverse effects of kratom are only possible when a user is not consuming it in the right way or the proper dosage. If everyone knows how to use kratom safely, it will end all the criticism on kratom’s status. In this way, the use of safe medication will be back in practice without a doubt.

Not every online kratom seller is reliable, especially if you want to buy kratom capsules online, you might fall for a trick. The kratom powder is enclosed inside capsules.

No one practically opens them to see what’s inside it. Unfortunately, many scam websites use a mixture of herbs, or God knows what is, inside.

The price of kratom capsules is also slightly higher than the powder. That is because the manufacturing of capsules takes time and it requires highly equipped machinery.

When there are so many reservations on purchasing Kratom capsules, the only reasonable option is to trust a reliable name in Kratom suppliers.

25 Best Kratom Capsule Vendors Online

Following is our list of 25 best Kratom capsule vendors online. The list is HUGE and enlists the best features of the websites. Go through all these names and find the one that suits your requirements.


SupernaturalbotanicalsSuper Natural Botanicals is one of the best kratom capsule vendor. Not just the product, they have much more to offer to their customers. This website has almost all types of kratom products.

Talking about the capsules, it has Maeng Da, Premium Bali, Borneo and Indo capsules in red, green and white vein strains. One can compare all these and select the one that suits him the most.

They have multiple payment options, return policy for unopened packages, customer rewards, coupon discounts, prompt customer care line and an affiliate program for publicity.

All the products on this site are excellent in quality; you can read the product descriptions for each one of them. The prices are highly affordable. You can track your orders online. If you are within the US, they will deliver your order on the same day.


BuyKratom.usNext in line is a trusted name for purchasing kratom. It is a website that enables you to search for your specific product by its name, type, region or by its properties. It helps a new user to select the best kratom as per his particular requirement.

You will find purest kratom capsules here. The product description with each strain will give you the general information about it.

The prices are economical as compared to other kratom sites. Here you can purchase several alternatives of kratom, i.e., blue lotus, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Akuamma seeds, Kava Kava, CBD, etc.

The website also has a blog which they use to inform their readers about various medicinal herbs including kratom. They accept multiple payment methods including the payment by bitcoins. You can call them for any of your queries. The delivery options include free domestic delivery over $50.00 or more. Online tracking and same day shipment, excluding holidays, is also available.


PurKratomPurKratom is a trusted name for selling online kratom capsules. You can find even the rare strains in the form of capsules here. These include greenhorn capsules, Kapuas, Sumatra, Thai, yellow vein, and Gold vein kratom capsules.

The price set for these products compliments their distinctive nature and effects. There are few other herbal products available too on the site. Everything that you find on PurKratom is of the highest quality. They are tested and guaranteed for results.

They offer same day shipment facility, online tracking, free domestic shipment on huge orders, customer care services, gifts and multiple payment modes. If you want to make your capsules at home, you can also purchase empty gelatin capsules from this site.


TopextractsThe organic sourced, best traditional kratom strains in capsules are available at Topextracts website. Topextracts is one of the best kratom selling websites that also facilitates the BULK purchase.

Here you will find all classic kratom capsules, i.e., Maeng Da, Borneo, Malay, Bali, etc. on affordable price. All kratom products here come with an ISO/IEC 17025 standard via the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). It only ships the products in the US, for now. You may find all relevant details in the FAQ section of this website.


KratomSpotKratomSpot is another name that you can trust for genuine kratom products including capsules and powder. It has multiple options in red, white and green varieties in capsule and extract form.

It shares highest ranking among regular kratom users for the purity of products with 100% satisfaction guarantees. Write your queries to or call the helpline at 888-510-2038 for more information.

6. is a big website that sells some herbal products including kratom. For now, you can only buy three types of kratom capsules from here, i.e., OG Bali capsules, White Maeng Da Thai capsules, Red Maeng da Thai capsules.

Take out time to check this website from time to time because it offers daily discounts on any particular product including kratom. These offers are time limited and let you purchase your favorite kratom capsule on the sale price. It gives free discount coupons with all orders; don’t forget to ask for one if you confirm your order here.


TheKratomSyndicateThe Kratom Syndicate is a relatively new kratom capsule vendor, but it is a part of these best Kratom capsule sellers list. It offers 100% pure kratom capsules, extracts, and powder. If you are looking for enhanced strains, you should check the site. You might even get enhanced strains in the form of capsules here.

One of the unique things about this website is that it accepts Bitcoins as a payment method too. In any case of dissatisfaction, you may get a refund by writing to the customer care at


SoulSpeciosaSoul Speciosa is an online kratom capsule supplier that promises the most exceptional quality of kratom products. Not just capsules, it also deals with kratom powder and extracts.

The name Speciosa in this website’s name is an adaptation from Kratom’s botanical name (Mitragyna Speciosa). It shows that it specializes in selling kratom products.

You can get reward points and coupons with each order that you confirm here. You can ask the customer care about how to avail of these options through phone line at +1 888-273-1450 and email at

The priority shipment requires 2-3 delivery days for every order that is above $49.0. For high-value orders usually above $99.0 and more, the site offers free FedEx standard overnight delivery. The user may get a refund if he is not happy with his purchase.


HappyHippoHerbalsHappy Hippo Herbals is another new website that assures best quality kratom products. Here a user can find slow, moderate and fast acting kratom strains altogether. If you pay here via Bitcoin, you will get 20% off for your order.

The orders are ready for shipment within two days of order confirmation and completing the payment. You will find the names of different kratom capsules here very catchy. Read the description, since it is so enjoyable that it somehow compels you to order kratom from here.



This online kratom seller only deals with kratom capsules. You will find many websites selling kratom powder, but kratom capsules are relatively less frequent to find online. So if your concern is to buy kratom capsule alone, directly head to this website and check for your available options.

The site is a hub to all kratom strains available in capsules. Here you will find Maeng Da, Red Indo, and Premium Bali. Super green Malay and many other competent kratom strains in capsule form. If your mode of payment is Bitcoin, you will get an additional 10% off on all orders.


KrakenKratomKraken Kratom never compromises on the quality of kratom products and ensures complete user satisfaction. You can purchase kratom in powder, leaves, extracts, enhanced form and capsule form from this website.

Like other advanced websites, it also accepts Bitcoin and even offers reward plans and coupons to regular buyers. Find your options in kratom capsules and if you have questions, go to the FAQs section. For specific queries write to for detailed answers.


Coastline Kratom is a website that gives 5% discount on all new orders. The kratom products, particularly capsules, are 100% genuine for their desired effects. It also provides free shipping on huge orders, and money back guarantees if the user is not satisfied with the product.

In capsules, you can purchase, Bali, Maeng Da, and white Borneo capsules at an affordable price from this Kratom supplier. For product related questions, usage guide, refund or shipment areas, write to


Kratom store is a fully developed website that deals with almost all kratom products including capsules. If you are searching for a specific product and can’t find it, you can request this website and get it on demand.

It is becoming famous for its supreme quality kratom products. This kratom supplier is the best if you want to buy red, green or red vein in capsule forms. It also has a blog to provide information regarding various strains and their effects.

Empty veggie capsules are also available here for preparing customized kratom capsules at home. It ships worldwide and you can confirm the order to your area by contacting them through the helpline number.


Kratomystic is one of the legit kratom suppliers that delivers leading kratom strain in all forms at your doorstep. There are many rare strains available here which quickly run out of stock. For avoiding this, sign up for their newsletter to know about recent additions in kratom products. For now, one can purchase Borneo, Bali and Maeng Da in capsules form here.

A new user will get 10% discount on first order. It offers 24 hours online tracking system to know the status of a specific order. Additionally, it provides free replacement of damaged and missing items, and that too without the shipment cost on the customer.


You may like to try this new kratom vendor for selling certified and genuine kratom capsules. It ships to almost all international designations excluding the regions where kratom is in the regulated items list.

It operates from the USA but delivers your required products to your doorstep. Kratom powder, extracts, and capsules are available here in all leading strains. The price is affordable, and it also offers timely discounts, sale and promotional rate for new kratom strains.


Sacred Kratom s is a highly appreciated kratom capsule vendor. It operates from California, USA and provides all its customer with the fresh batches of kratom from the native area. You will find all your favorite strains even the enhanced forms of them on this website.

It offers same-day delivery for domestic orders. It has an online tracking system, accepts some currencies and offers free refunds on unopened, unused orders. Additionally, it provides 10% off to every new purchase.

17. Kratjee.EU

Kratjee is the largest kratom supplier that operates in all Europe. It deals with the top quality kratom products with the aim of customer satisfaction, fast delivery, and best services. This website offers fresh stock on each order. Additionally, they deal with wholesale orders too.

Various kratom strains like Borneo, Malay, Riau, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Takra and even the Stem and leaves, mix in capsule form is available here. It only charges you for the kratom powder inside the capsule and not for the capsule itself.

It means the price is very reasonable for kratom capsules. You may ask their customer care a direct question by calling at +31-(0)30-8200914 on work-days from 9:00 to 17:00.


OriginalharvestKratomBuy the best kratom capsules online from this website by going through the available products list. Add your favorite product to the card, select your payment mode and fill the details to place an order. That’s all you need to do to buy one of the finest kratom capsules online.

This website has all classic and trendy strains in capsule form. Not to ignore that it even has enhanced versions of these strains in capsule form. It gives a guarantee of 100% pure, premium quality kratom products without any fillers or additives.

All the products that your order comes to you after a complete laboratory testing including chemical, physical and microbial testing.


This website has the most extensive variety of kratom capsules in all vein color and strains. This kratom seller has a mission to provide all its users with the highest quality of kratom at affordable prices. The site only deals with kratom.

All kratom products directly come from their cultivators in Southeast Asia. Every order is shipped from their warehouse in the USA.

The site also offers sample packs to try new strains in different forms. You may also request them for a specific strain if it is not available on the site. All the orders, regardless of the worth, have free shipping via first class USPS mail within the USA. It takes 2-3 business days to complete a shipment.


If you are looking for best kratom at less price but from a trusted vendor,  then try Kratomsensation. All the products available here are collected from the best sources in Southeast Asia. For minimum orders and low price orders, check this website before going to any other kratom vendors.


GaiaEthnobotanicalGaia is considered as one-stop-shop for many herbal products including kratom. They have a highly professional team, excellent variety of strains and high-quality kratom products.

The kratom capsules available here are potent and reasonably priced as compared to other Kratom vendors but you may not find all Kratom strains here.

With all these benefits, it offers a 20% discount on all orders that are paid using any cryptocurrency (they currently accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Monero).


Kratom Lounge is a comparatively new site that offers a great selection of kratom strains in various forms. These forms include kratom powder, tea bags, capsules, etc. The price set for these products is extremely reasonable. The supplier ships all these products from the U.S. warehouse, but the source of these products is in Southeast Asia.

For now, Maeng Da capsules, Indo capsules Bali capsules and extract capsules are available on the site. The price is very nominal, and each order comes with an affiliate program.

The fantastic thing about this kratom seller is that bulk purchase price applies to every order over 5kg weight. It encourages new kratom businesses and supplies to make bulk orders from them. For all wholesale inquiries, write to


Kratom Crazy is a well-reputed kratom website that sells best quality kratom. It offers all traditional kratom strains in multiple quantities along with a considerable price range which you won’t get anywhere else. The site is simple and easy to navigate. It also facilitates bulk purchases. It has recently started selling kratom capsules too, and users are happy with their quality. The only drawback is, you might not find rare kratom strains here.


Kratom Herbs started its business in 2005, and since then, it has been delivering the best available quality of kratom on lowest possible rates. The kratom capsules are available in Ultra enhanced Indo kratom, improved Bali kratom, red vein Thai, white elephant kratom, red vein Borneo and premium Malay kratom strain.

Although the low rates here look a little suspicious, yet the quality of these kratom products is unparalleled with top-rated sellers.

The every day low prices are just a marketing tool to compliment special price for returning customers. All the confirmed orders follow the same day shipment. The website protects the personal data (credit card details) of every customer.


This vendor operates from Washington, USA. They get all the kratom from Southeast Asia and ship it from there US location. If you live nearby, you will receive your order soon. Name any kratom strain from Maeng Da to Betuangie; all your favorite strains are available here in capsule form.

Each product comes with a brief description of the strain and the capsule both. The seller mentions on the website that their Kratom is 100% genuine in its potency.

There are no fillers or additives added. The capsules, in particular, are non-gelatin and have clean HPMC vegetable caps. The non-animal part makes these capsules suitable for vegetarian and vegan people. It also mentions capsule size, certification of Kosher and Halal along with global regulatory acceptance.

It accepts payments in the form of money orders, credit card, etc. It has the complete address, contact number and email address mentioned on the site, which gives it an authentic status. Try this site for your next Kratom capsule purchase.


Those of you who are looking for offline or online Kratom vendors to buy kratom capsuels, can easily choose any of the places mentioned above and avail high-quality kratom products.



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