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Cali Botanicals

Address: 11335 Sunrise Gold Cir H, Rancho Cordova,
CA 95742, USA
Ph: +1 916-352-7664

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

Story Of The Brand

Kratom is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. The various benefits of the plant are attracting a lot of people. In these circumstances, it is essential to have reliable and trust-worthy brands in the market. There are many brands selling substandard kratom in the market. Products from these brands can cause several health complications. This is why selecting a dependable kratom vendor is extremely important. There are plenty of factors that separate these brands from the reliable ones. Cali Botanicals is one of the most reliable brands in the current kratom market.

The brand was founded more than six years ago and from the moment of its inception, their team has been working relentlessly to provide only the best to its customers. The company prides itself in its completely organic and safe products. Everything from the cultivation methods to extraction procedures at Cali Botanicals makes it stand out. The aim of the company is to bring only the best product to their shelves.

Key Features Of Cali Botanicals

1) Forms Of Kratom They Are Selling

Kratom is sold in a variety of different forms. The leaf can be consumed by chewing on it while it is fresh, by drying it, converting it to powder form etc. Many people prefer to consume the powder when mixed in a beverage because of the overpowering taste of kratom leaves. Every good kratom brand has plenty of forms available. This way, customers can choose products according to their preference.

The brand has kratom in the form of powders, capsules and extracts. It even has full-spectrum kratom tinctures available. The brand even has sample packs available for customers that are ambiguous about what they want to select.

Pricing2) Prices

The brand is perhaps one of the most budget-friendly kratom brands in the market. They have extremely affordable prices and amazing quality of products. Their full-spectrum kratom tincture retails for 22.99$ which is probably one of the cheapest kratom tincture in the market.

Kratom powders from the brand start as low as 8$ which is very economical and of high quality as well. The budget-friendliness of these products also serves to attract new customers.

shipping-and-delievery3) Shipping

There are different shipping choices available according to the urgency and requirement of the customer. The company ships all of the orders via Express Mail.

There is the shipping option of USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail as well. all the orders are shipped on the same day if the order is confirmed before noon. If the order confirmation occurs after noon, the order is dispatched on the next day. Shipping services are not available on the weekends. The Express Mail takes 2-3 business days whereas the Express Priority Mail delivers on the very next day.

payment-methods4) Payment Methods

The company accepts payments in the form of e-checks and COD. The COD method is slightly complicated because you need to have a money order or a cashier’s check on hand when the delivery occurs.

On the other hand, the e-check method is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is enter your account number alongside your tracking number and the order is placed.

Lab Reports5) Lab Reports

Every good brand always has lab tests available for their products. Unchecked kratom products can be detrimental towards health because of various pathogens that can be found in the plant. It is necessary to be sure that the products you are buying and tested and safe for use.

All of the Cali Botanicals are tested and screened for heavy metals, toxic chemicals/pesticides as well as salmonella, E. coli and other pathogens. The company takes the health of their customers very seriously and makes sure that none of their products are damaging.

6) How ethical is the brand

The company keeps the comfort of their customers as its first priority. All of the products present on the website are completely legal and in compliance with the guidelines of the FDA. It is mentioned that the product are not meant for medicinal purposes on the website. However, there are several positive reviews raving about the relief offered by these products present on the brand’s site.

The company makes sure that they collect only the best leaves from well-known harvesters in Malaysia and Thailand. These leaves are then de-veined and washed and naturally dried. They are then screened and tested for potency and uses etc.

Top Strains

One of the most famous strain that the company sells is the Super Enhanced Bali Kratom which is available in the powder form as well as capsules. This strain is a highly discussed strain all over the kratom network. Other than that, the brand also sells Green Malay powder and Horned Leaf Kratom capsules.

The brand has an active social media presence. In the current age of social media, this is necessary because it serves to attract a wider customer pool.

The company pays tribute to the medical officers of the country by offering a military discount to the veterans as well as the serving officers.

Cali Botanicals sells tools and accessories along with their kratom products. They also offer gift cards and discount vouchers.

There are not a lot of drawbacks with the brand. The only negative is that they do not entertain refund requests due to late delivery. They also do not accept credit cards because of complications with credit card companies.

Our Verdict

Cali Botanicals is a major go-to brand when you are looking for affordable and high quality products. The brand makes sure that the ordering journey of its customers is as easy as can be. Money-wise and quality-wise, Cali Botanicals is a win situation.

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