Vaping is fast becoming a trend in the United States, especially among teenage and young adults. Several organic substances are used in vape pens or e-cigarettes these days. From the traditional tobacco cigarette, a transition to vaping seems safer to several users. Most of the materials used for vaping are leafy and can be easily used in a vape pen.

Kratom is also an emerging substance, which millions of people use for health benefits. It may be surprising, but a lot of young users think vaping Kratom is a better method. Without much research evidence, you might follow this trend as well, but is it safe?

Vaping is a risky method of consuming any organic substance. Tobacco, weed, CBD isolate tinctures, and now Kratom are all available as vape juices, but this does not vouch for safety!

The reason young users are turning to vape is that it gives them a euphoric feeling sooner and also keeps them calm.

Kratom is a Southeast Asian tree, and its leaves were used in traditional medicine in the region. It was introduced in the United States in the 1990s, and since then it has gained a lot of popularity. The conventional way of consuming Kratom is by chewing the powder or using it in teas or capsules. There are other ways of consumption as well, and one that is catching on fast is vaping! However, the risks of vaping are numerous, and it is essential to understand why vaping is not the best way to go.

What Is Vaping? How Do You Vape A Substance?

Vaping is inhaling a substance through a herbal vaporizer or an electronic cigarette. It is different from a traditional cigarette as the material is rolled in paper and then smoked. A vaporizer heats the content to below combustion and produces vapor instead of smoke.

Some vape pens and e-cigarettes use dry organic materials while others use liquids. These liquids have different ingredients such as glycerin and propylene, to aid the vaporization. Marijuana and tobacco are the typical vape pen content for users these days. It became famous as a less harmless substitute of cigarettes, but it has its risks.

Herbal vapers have been in the market for around 20 years, and users have consumed tobacco and weed through them, but for Kratom, the dangers are more significant. As vaporizers heat the substance to about 200 degrees, you may feel a slight ‘heat,’ but users think the impact is always worth it. For Kratom, the vaping temperature is around 175 degrees. This heat causes almost all the alkaloids to be squeezed through as vapors, bringing about significant results.

Users often say that the effect of vaping Kratom is different from chewing or drinking it. The Kratom impacts the brain more significantly after vaping. The euphoric feeling and calmness that follows vaping do not come from eating or drinking it.

On the contrary, when users eat or drink Kratom, the impact on the body is more significant. A herbal vaporizer or vape pen is therefore very different from consuming Kratom in your diet.

Deaths Related To Vaping

In early September, the third death associated with lung disease from vaping was recorded. In Indiana, the health officials announced that the victim consumed cannabis containing Vitamin E oil. The black market products are not regulated, and this adds to the danger of vaping. Pulmonary disease due to vaping is on the rise, and there are almost 450 victims of this disease recorded so far.

The Effect Of Vaping Kratom Only

Kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids, which can theoretically be an excellent substitute for the nicotine used in vape pens and electronic cigarettes. These alkaloids, when vaped, can get absorbed in the bloodstream and work faster than chewing powder. A lot of users say that vaping Kratom makes your pain vanish quicker and you feel a calmness take over. But is it safe? No! It is not secure.

The reason for Kratom being unsafe for vaping is that it does not give you the desired results while loading your lungs with alkaloid smoke. Many users say that it impacts their brain and sedates them rather than reducing pain. Some users also say that the discomfort and thoracic irritation is not at all a favorable result for them. Some users also reported fatigue, tiredness, and felt like they were going through a hangover.

What Happens When You Inhale Kratom?

The water vapors squeeze out the alkaloids as they are vaporized and then consumed by the body. From the lungs, the alkaloids get absorbed into the bloodstream, making the impact stronger and many times intolerable. The use of vape pens is becoming widespread due to excellent results.

Vape Parlors and Lounges

Did you know that there are proper Kratom vape lounges and parlors in some cities of the United States? Several of them are in Florida, while numerous are operational in the Rhode Islands, Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia.

These vaping parlors offer Kratom extracts for vaping, and many users have claimed that they are an excellent way to experience stimulation and a pain-free day! However, the smoke shop owners cannot vouch for vaping Kratom! The dangers involved in using a high amount of Kratom is known to users. Vaping always exposes users to a higher dosage because the Kratom liquid concentration is more than the powder, tea, or capsule forms.

It is pertinent to mention that users must choose their Kratom vendor with care. Due to the FDA’s lack of regulations for Kratom products, numerous Kratom suppliers sell cheap and low-quality, contaminated Kratom. The fresh and quality Kratom leaves have a better impact on the body than stale or infested Kratom powder.

The reliable vendors always provide lab test results and also label batch numbers on their Kratom packs. This labeling enables users to understand when the Kratom was packed and whether it is fresh or not.

Safety In Vaping Kratom

Users should always buy Kratom from a reliable source so that no contamination or filler may impact their health adversely. However, vaping is not a desired way of consumption. This danger is because vaping itself is dangerous and Kratom is too active a substance, and as it enters the bloodstream quickly, it impacts the users adversely.

Kratom is not dangerous if users consume it as tea, powder, or capsules. Tinctures for drinking are also safe but vaping is not a method free from risks. When users eat or drink Kratom, it gets digested and then impacts the body. This delayed impact is more long-lasting and helps carry out a healthy routine.

CBD or Kratom Vaping

The CBD or Kratom supplements are beneficial to health but vaping might pose some risks due to the smoke that enters the lungs. A large percentage of weed users vape, but it does not lead to dangerous health conditions such as pulmonary diseases.

“According to Mike (the managing director of, whenever you inhale any substance, it reaches the bloodstream through the lungs. This passage is faster. Therefore the impact is reliable, but in this course, the lungs suffer a great deal. As with all smoking devices, vape pens are also risky.”

Summarizing the negatives of vaping Kratom:

  • Vaporizing Kratom can reduce potency hence the lower effect on the body.
  • Pain relief will be less.
  • Vaping liquids can be expensive.
  • Heating can adversely affect the lungs.
  • Vaping Kratom leaves an undesired aftertaste.
  • Kratom targets deposited on teeth and lungs.

Where To Purchase Kratom

Every Kratom vendor is not necessarily authentic! You might find a seller who mixes fillers to increase the volume of powder. You may also end up buying stale Kratom that may have its adverse effects on the body. Due to lack of regulation, there are very few online shops that deliver fresh and potent Kratom. Several smoke shops and small vendors do not provide lab test results and other reliable proof of Kratom quality.

Even though vaping has become very common among young consumers; finding good quality vape juice is still an ordeal. This absence of quality Kratom juice adds to the dangers of vaping Kratom. Unreliable sources of Kratom mean the risk of unwanted side effects. Users must ensure that there is quality kratom used for consumption to get the results they require. Your local smoke shop or weed shop might not offer the best quality.

Numerous reliable online vendors provide excellent quality Kratom products. Usually, online shops import Kratom from Southeast Asian countries and process them in the United States. The process of extracting vape juice is quite meticulous and is supervised by teams of experts, which makes availability scarce.


Kratom is an organic supplement that has numerous benefits. However, vaping Kratom is very risky as the method of consumption is not at all safe. On top of the vaping dangers, Kratom itself is also a potent substance and cannot have a good impact on users. You can say that vaping Kratom has more disadvantages than advantages.

There are very few advantages! People who consume Kratom praise its potential to improve the quality of life but not for vaping. Several users have reported severe side effects.

How you consume Kratom is a personal choice. If you eat or drink Kratom, results will take time. This delay is because Kratom will have to be digested before it enters the bloodstream. However, vaping is not a favorable as it can lead to severe health conditions.

** The purpose of this article is to share information. The author does not reflect any research work or doctor’s comments. Due to a lack of research on Kratom, we rely more on users’ reviews and experiences.



  1. Is there a strain of kratum that does not make you nervous or fidgety but does not lose its pain killling effects—If there is can you lead me where to purchase it. thanks


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