A new kratom vendor has hit the market and is getting popular by the name of Kratom Crazy. I saw a couple of ads for this company – they are undoubtedly very positive – and a number of people have been asked to review it whether the company is legit or not.

Things on the outer side looked great: they have a good sales pitch, a smooth website and a wide range of popular Kratom strains at competitive prices, so I was hoping for the best products. But let me give you a complete review for Kratom Crazy.

Ease In Purchasing And Site Appearance

The site works smoothly; the ordering process is pretty simple to follow and is almost the same as the other online websites. Each item you select is added to your cart and then you on the cart when ready for checkout.

The only glitch I came across is the comparison feature, it’s a little confusing when you use it for the first times because nothing really points to where you can find the list for comparing the products.

But here is a small tip on how to overcome this problem, you can go to My Account click on it and drop down menu opens up in that menu you will find an option that is named as “compare”, when you click on it everything you marked for comparison is collected there in the form of a list. Rest is fine and the user interface is simple and easy.

Are Their Products Of Any Good?

First and most importantly, how beneficial is their real Kratom? A sleek looking website, low prices are good but they don’t mean anything if the Kratom is not worth it.

In that case, Kratom Crazy is really good!

They have a good collection of well-known strains like the Maeng Da, Red Vein are some of the strains that I tried and I’m quite impressed with its quality.

With a strange name like Kratom Crazy, I wasn’t expecting some good strains here with the impressive result but I was glad to be surprised with the quality. I like that they stick to the classic strains that produce consistent effects on many people. Kratom Crazy’s kratom strains are great thumbs up for me.

What Else Is New In Kratom Crazy?

The Kratom Crazy Club:  Upon making your first purchase you get to join the Kratom Crazy club, you will join the “Kratom Crazy Club”. Basically, this is a customer loyalty program that issues you 5% – 20% discount coupon codes on your following purchases.

Quick Shipping: Standard shipping for small orders is reasonable at the cost of $2.99 whereas shipping on orders more than $50 is free. They also offer overnight shipment through FedEx inside the United States.

Money-Back Guarantee: Seriously, most of the Kratom Vendors I have come across and recommended are those who make sure that you are a satisfied customer, but Kratom Crazy is the first vendor that makes sure you get your 100% money back.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

Untrustworthy Credit Card Processor: This isn’t any kind of criticism but it seems that these guys are having issues with the payment service provider, so every time you make a purchase you have to make sure it works through the card and if it doesn’t then you have to call them for the alternative payment method.

As I said already, it’s not their fault but this has happened more than once and it’s an inconvenience, particularly when there are plenty of other vendors from who you can easily make a purchase.

They appear to have things sorted and are tolerating cards without issues once more. It’s simply the case with the Kratom business; I know numerous new sellers experience considerable difficulties installment processors as it’s seen as an “unsafe” industry.

So, for a safe and hassle free payment processing … you can send them an email and ask them for the paypal invoice. You have to let them know the Kratom items you want to purchase, quantity, and your shipment address.

Their excellent support team will create an invoice and then forward it to you for the payment. Quite simple and your order will be shipped immediately right after the payment.

In Conclusion

Honestly, when I heard the name, I wasn’t expecting it to be any good and by the name, I didn’t like it at all. I was as prepared for extra marketing and packaging, bold claims and ridiculous strains that will make you crazy, but thank god that was not the case. Instead, here you have got a genuine company with great kratom range. I’m more than glad to recommend them.

Kratom Crazy Coupon/Discount Codes

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  1. Absolutely awful product – I was having to take twice as much twice as often compared to my usual vendors. This is low grade stuff you find at Head shops. avoid.


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