Kratom has become a sensation throughout the Internet. People can buy kratom through online vendors or shops near them. But the question that haunts many people is, “what about the quality?”

It is good to check reviews before buying anything from shops or online websites. Previous buyers’ experience can help us decide to buy a product or not.

This article is a review of a kratom vendor Kraoma. Here we will discuss information about the vendor, different kratom types customers can buy, offers, and pretty much everything about them.   

About Kraoma

Kraoma is a Las Vegas, Nevada based vendor. They pride themselves in long-term sustainability, thorough quality investigation, and third-party lab testing.

The company was founded in 2014 by an entrepreneur and a kratom enthusiast who found kratom to help him overcome his back and neck injury. Before that, kratom was expensive, inconsistent quality, and took a week or more to receive in the mail.

The founder grew fed up with this and saw an opportunity to give people what they want, so he started Kraoma. The goal was to provide the most potent and consistent quality kratom in the fastest time possible, and for a price that most people can afford. So, they have developed direct connections with harvesters and farmers who grow kratom.

This step saved much money as there was no third party between Kraoma and their farmers. Right now, brand imports kratom from farmers of Indonesia and sometimes also from Malaysia.

Any company grows bigger when they start valuing customers. The vendor initially started with small orders but has grown a lot all these years due to its quality kratom, timely delivery, offers and discounts that attract customers. 

All of their kratom strains are checked for impurities. As a result, they are free from any chemicals or other forms of contamination. They also restock their supplies regularly, thus cutting the problems of in-storage compromise.

What Do They Have in Store?

Kraoma offers red, white, green, and yellow vein kratom. They have 22 different kratom strains on their website. These are the types of strains that they offer:

You might have noticed that they have given individual names to each strain which may have their purported effects. These names help customers to know whether the strain that they are purchasing is energizing or stimulating, or sedating, etc.

These are some of Kraoma’s most popular strains:

  • Kraoma White Maeng Da: This strain offers a boost in energy, focus, mood, and motivation. It also relieves aches and may help you get an extra rep or two at the gym. It’s the strongest white strain with long-lasting effects making it great for the daytime.
  • White Horn: It provides increased focus and a mild boost in energy and mood. It does not offer much pain relief from but is excellent for performing repetitive tasks. So, it can be a good alternative to coffee.
  • Kraoma Green Maeng Da: This is a good day time strain. It gives a boost in energy, mood, and relaxation without bringing you down. It also provides mild pain relief. This green strain can also help you feel more comfortable in social environments and more likely to speak despite being shy or introverted.
  • Red Sumatra: This is one of the favorite customer reds. It provides strong mood elevation and relief from stress in high-pressure and social environments. This red strain is great with coffee during the day, and at the end of the day, it provides more relaxing effects.
  • Red Borneo: It is one of the strongest day time reds for pain relief because it also gives a mild boost in energy and concentration. This strain can also calm down in high-pressure and social environments.
  • Red Bali: This is one of Kraoma’s most robust strains for pain relief and stress. It may also help with sleep and can slightly elevate the mood.
  • Red Maeng Da: This strain is a perfect day time alternative to Red Bali for those looking for the benefits of Red Bali without becoming very relaxed and sleepy. It’s slightly energizing and can help you keep going during the day.
  • Classic Bali: The best way to describe this strain is Red Bali on steroids. It’s only recommended at night. It’s a coarser grind, so it’s harder to mix with water, but the best for nighttime pain and stress relief. It also helps a lot with sleep.

To learn more about the different strains available, please visit the official website of Kraoma.

Price and Payment Options

Prices vary from $14.99 to $19.99 per 60 g. As seen earlier, there are different types of powders with their own labels. Thus, the price depends on the type you want to buy and how difficult it is for the vendor to source it.

It also offers Las Vegas kratom kilos for those who want to buy in bulk. This starts at $129 which is moderate, i.e., neither too expensive nor very cheap.

Kraoma is the best choice for those who value security and privacy. One can easily make a payment by using credit cards as well as by using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Ripple, and Monero. Other methods like E-check or Zelle are also accepted.

Packaging Appeal

The packaging is done in a lovely way. They are sealed tightly to make sure that you get the packet unaffected with the outer environment. Kraoma is paying attention to every single detail, form availing ethical naturally grown kratom to its packaging and delivery.

Shipping Services

There are three shipping options, and they are as follows:

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express

Orders that are under $75, ship free with First Class Mail. It takes around 3 to 5 business days for the order to arrive depending on the location of shipment. Orders over $75 are automatically upgraded to Priority Mail for free and will take around 2 to 3 business days to arrive.

Priority mail express is available when the order is urgent, and the customer wants it delivered as soon as possible. The company charges $19.95 for this express service, and the shipping cost is non-refundable.

Most of us know about the ban on kratom in some states, counties, and cities. So, the company can ship products to only those places where it is legal. They can send products to any place in the USA as long as kratom is legal in that place. Kraoma has a kratom legality map on their website which they regularly update.

Customers must be 21 or above to purchase Kraoma’s products online.

Buyers can return the product within 30 days of purchase. One point to note is that exchanges are only applicable to products that are damaged or if incorrect products got delivered.

Customer Service

It’s easy to fill the contact form on their site to get a quick response from the customer care executives. One can get a response within 24 hours after submitting their query. Sometimes, one can even get an answer within an hour.


With Discount Bundles, Free Samples and Kraoma Coupon codes, Kraoma offers new and recurring customers a lot. New customers can subscribe to the site and get a discount of up to 10% for their first order.

Along with this, points are added to your account with every purchase. Those can be redeemed when buying kratom on the website.

Kraoma also displays offers that expire within a few days are also displayed at the top of the website. They range from 10 to 20% off or even more. Codes displayed at the top of the screen can apply at the time of checkout to get discounted prices.

Free Samples

If any customer wants to try kratom but is unsure of which type to start with, they can benefit from this a lot. Kraoma offers two 10-gram samples to all new customers. Only shipping charges are to be paid which is $4.95 and covers both shipping and handling charges.

Free samples are also provided each time customers shop with Kraoma.

Discount Bundles

If you are looking for a bulk discount, Kraoma offers you the opportunity to save between 9-21% when buying your stock in bulk.

These bundles consist of four 250g pouches (Split Kilo), or two 250g pouches (500g bundle), or two 60g pouches (120g bundle),

The different bundles include:

  • 120g Mix and Match (Premium)
  • 120g Mix and Match (Top Shelf)
  • Split Kilo (Premium)
  • 500g Mix and Match (Premium)
  • 500g Mix and Match (Top Shelf)
  • Split Kilo (Top Shelf)

Kraoma’s Pros

There are some advantages and reasons why to buy kratom from Kraoma, and they are as follows:

  • 100% assured high-quality kratom
  • Delivery within the promised time
  • Good customer service
  • Offers
  • Low cost
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Allowing to test any 2 samples for free
  • Having multiple payment options

Kraoma’s Cons

While these may not be pressing concerns that may lead to believe that there is something wrong with Kraoma, these are, nonetheless, some of the issues that some people see.

  • The shipping charge is non-refundable

Final Thoughts

Among all the vendors of Kratom, Kraoma stands out for its customer service, fast shipping and the quality of their products. They have a wide range of types of kratom from White Vein Maeng Da to Red Bali Kratom. Kraoma also gives characteristic names to their products so that the customer knows what to expect from the kratom they purchase.

To new customers, they offer free kratom samples so that they can determine what kind of kratom they want to start with. They also provide discount bundles for those who want to buy in bulk and save on their purchase.

Kraoma is a good option for those who want to sample some new exciting strains from an established provider. People can get quality kratom strains and can save some money with their discount prices. What else people need other than these?

The company is legal, kratom strains being lab tested and verified, and the ability to track orders are some of the benefits. It is an excellent vendor, and many of their returning customers recommend Kraoma for buying kratom strains.



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