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When we think of online shopping, it’s a big decision to take, and it is always risky. In the same way, buying Kratom online can be a nightmare. The reviews on the internet are always mixed — the good and bad reviews about a single brand that creates confusion for a buyer.

Success on online shopping is measured with the experience a buyer has with a particular brand.

Because getting quality Kratom is a difficult task, and many people have suffered from getting poor quality Kratom, Authentic Kratom is a brand that came to the rescue. They specialize in offering Kratom products without compromising a bit on the quality. They have satisfied thousands of customers with their service and continue to win the hearts of many others.

Key Products: Thai Maeng Da, Hulu Kapuas, Bentuangie
Payment Methods: Credit Cards (visa, master)

What makes this brand stand out from the rest?

Running an online business is a trend these days. However, not many brands rise up to the top because they lack in any of the most prominent areas that interest the customers. This lack creates a wrong impression on the clients, and even the reviews about the brand mention these flaws.

What makes this brand stand out from the rest? The key features of Authentic Kratom that make this brand one of a kind are listed below:

  • Sells authentic products of uncompromised quality

Quality is one feature that is most important when you think of buying something from a brand. I have tried many brands and was surprised to receive poor quality Kratom from most of these brands. However, I didn’t give up hope to find the quality that I wanted.

When I tried Authentic Kratom, it was a life-changing decision for me. It became a practice for me to order Kratom from there every time I wanted it because they had the best quality Kratom products which distinguish Authentic Kratom from other brands in the online market.

  • Takes raw material from a reliable source

Authentic Kratom gets their Kratom plants from trustworthy sources. The places they prefer to offer reliable products which makes manufacturing quality products possible for them. Because the raw materials are the basis for the final product and if they’re compromised in the first stages, the final product loses its authenticity. They tell their sources where they get the raw material from, that means they believe in transparent business. So, when you purchase from Authentic Kratom you are at peace because you know the process is clear from start to end.

  • Provides same-day shipping

Now, this is something extremely appreciable. Kratom, whether it’s in crushed form or powdered, loses its freshness if kept open for a few days. Therefore, Authentic Kratom, being a reliable seller, makes sure that the product received by the customer, is always fresh and doesn’t get stale.

Consequently, they follow the same day shipping policy; the orders are packed and processed for shipment on the same day you place an order by 2:00 pm Pacific Time. However, the delivery time may vary according to the package you choose.

Free shipment is another blessing. Other brands usually have a minimum order limit after which they offer free shipping. But with Authentic Kratom, you are at a total relief from shipment charges, no matter what is the quantity of Kratom you have ordered. This is a feature that makes sure that Authentic Kratom keeps customers as their priority and doesn’t compromise on their services in any way.

  • Offers promotion and coupon codes

To create interest among buyers, Authentic Kratom follows the tradition of providing promotion opportunities after every few days. Also, they have designed some coupon codes so that clients can use them to benefit from their services too. These practices are not usually followed for online selling, but Authentic Kratom believes that online shopping should be made more accessible than ever and should always comfort the clients.

  • Don’t make any medical claim

Authentic Kratom shares on their website that their products and instructions are not approved by the FDA. They also indicate that Kratom products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease. In easier words, Authentic Kratom doesn’t make any medical claims on their products.

So, its recommended to act on the advice given by a health care professional and ask them about using these products.

Also they have stated that the Kratom products they offer is not approved by FDA for human consumption so it should only be used for research purposes. Because they are so truthful on this topic, I believe this is a positive point as they are dealing transparently with the public instead of misguiding them.

  • Customers feedback

In the beginning, I was skeptical about their reviews, but now I know their reviews are real. These reviews are collected from actual customers after they receive their product. They currently have over 3000 reviews collected from genuine customers.

  • Customer support representatives

They have three live representatives that are available on the phone. If you have any inquiry about their products or you want to inquire about the shipping, then you can talk to them.

Few Notable Products

They work with some reliable Kratom growers in Asia and offer these products to different countries.

Borneo Kratom

The name tells where the strains originate from. Coming from Borneo, this Kratom speaks for its authenticity. All the varieties are carefully handpicked by the people who are masters in this field. At Authentic Kratom, they have the following categories of Kratom that they sell in powder form in three different quantities.

  • Borneo Yellow Vein Kratom: The 1 oz. pack is for $12.09, 5 oz. pack is for $64.95, and 10 oz. pack is for $129.90
  • Borneo White Vein Kratom: The 1 oz. pack is sold for $11.99; 5 oz. pack is sold for $59.99, and 10 oz. pack is for $119.99
  • Borneo Green Vein Kratom:  The 1 oz. pack is for $11.99, 5 oz. pack is for $5, and 10 oz. pack is for $129.90
  • Borneo Red Vein Kratom: The 1 oz. pack is sold for $11.99; 5 oz. pack is sold for $59.99, and 10 oz. pack is for $119.99

Apart from these, 1 oz. Combo pack of all four varieties is available for $39.39 while there’s a premium combo pack sold at $99.49.

Maeng Da Kratom

This is one of the most popular types of Kratom strains. It shares its roots from Indonesia and has dark leaves, which is green in color when it is turned into a powder or crushed. It requires a unique grafting technique to get this type of Kratom, which is a reason for its uniqueness. At Authentic Kratom, you get the following types of Maeng Da Kratom: Kali, Red, White, Yellow, Green, Horn Leaf.

All these types are available in three quantities, which are as follows, 1oz pack is available for $19.99, 5 oz. pack is for $99.95 and 10 oz. pack is for $199.90.

Vietnam Kratom

Just like other strains of Kratom, this one is also named after the source of Kratom leaves. The product comes from An Giang, which is a Vietnamese province. The four different types of powders that are based on the color of the vein of leaves from which the powder is extracted. The colors are green, yellow, white, and red. Sold in three different quantities, the 1 oz. pack costs 14.99, 5 oz. pack costs $ 74.95 and 10 oz. pack costs $149.99.

Authentic Kratom does not only sell Kratom powders they also sell other products made from Kratom leaves such as:

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are the best choice for people who have just started using Kratom. They are concentered form of Kratom leaves and can be taken in small amounts, and effective results can be observed. 15 grams packet is priced at $79.99, and a packet that offers 28 grams is for $139.99

Crushed Leaf Kratom

At Authentic Kratom, you’ll also find Bali crushed leaves in three colors, green, white, and red for $12.99 while Maeng Da Crushed Leaf Kratom is available at $13.99.

The Negative Side

It can’t be an altogether perfect package when it comes to shopping. Brands sometimes provide topnotch services, but they lack in one or two areas that don’t get due attention. This attention is required in all areas on which a brand is based upon. A secure building is possible only when its roots are strong. The same happens with brands, if the sources, which are all sections and subsections are managed carefully, they are durable, and the brand gains success. The areas that Authentic Kratom requires to work are:

  • Lab test results

On the flip side, Authentic Kratom doesn’t offer lab test results, so you can’t be sure of the product authenticity that you receive. However, other brands provide lab test results on their websites, which are proof of their transparency and a mile towards customer satisfaction.

So, Authentic Kratom should try to work on this thing as it’s a common practice to look for lab test results when buying online stuff that can pose a health risk.

They are in the process of testing their products. Additionally, they are in the process of getting the AKA (American kratom association’s) GMP program certified.

  • Price factor

The prices are also comparatively higher than other Kratom brands. I have experienced a difference while purchasing Kratom from different brands and that might discourage people from buying things from their store. They should reduce their prices by observing the price ranges of competitors as I believe prices have a significant impact on the customers’ mind and significantly shapes the shopping decision.

They offer a 30% discount on all kratom products that bring the price down to as low as $8.39 – $13.99.

Moreover, they are offering FREE Priority Shipping on orders of $40 and FREE shipping on all orders … there’s no minimum.

Lastly, the brand is offering up to 5 FREE ounces of Kratom (up to $70 value).

Combining all of their discounts it’s always a great deal.


Presenting you with a range of products to opt from, Authentic Kratom allows you to decide which Kratom species you want to choose for yourself. If they did not have so many options, people would have to select different brands to get all the varieties they want.

Keep in mind that they don’t make any medical claims on Kratom stuff that they sell. I have pointed out some negative points too, and I believe that brands who work on betterment of the loopholes become successful than ever.

In short, Authentic Kratom is a one-stop solution for people who are interested in buying Kratom. With so many features that set them apart in the world of online shopping, they continue to be one of the biggest sellers of Kratom in different forms. Place an order soon and share your views on the product you receive.

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