Phoria is a US-based famous brand for natural wellness founded in 2010. The name “Phoria” is associated with the fact that its kratom reveals a special euphoria. Indonesia is the only origin from where they get their kratom strains.

This brand is seriously concerned about wellness and quality and they keep on educating the public to create awareness about kratom and its various benefits. They always focus on avoiding microbial contaminations and that is why they dry kratom above the ground.

Due to the positive commitments, today, Phoria Kratom is the biggest name dealing in pure and fresh kratom across the globe.

What Kind of Products Do They Offer?

The different products offered by Phoria Kratom fall under 3 different categories as I have listed below.


You can buy 11 different types of kratom capsules from this store. Some are given below with the discounted prices for 30 capsules each.


You can get 6 types of kratom extracts from Phoria’s platform. I have listed some of them with the discounted rates for 30 capsules each.


They offer 12 types of kratom powder, I have mentioned a few of them along with their discounted price.

Do Their Products Come With Reliable Packaging?

Phoria Kratom takes good care of its products to be delivered safely to the customers and design safe bottles and packets.

As far as my experience is concerned, I ordered 28 grams of Borneo White Vein a few months back from this store and when I received it, I was amazed to see that how safely the product has been delivered to me.

What Is So Special About Phoria Kratom?

Phoria is one of the most popular and well-known kratom product suppliers. There are a couple of key factors that maintain its popularity as mentioned below. 

Finest Kratom Powder

The professionally trained and dedicated team makes the leaves of kratom go through a unique reduction process and hence they become successful in making a powder that maintains its purest form.

Fresh Matters

Once the drying process gets completed, Phoria’s farmers’ team harvest kratom overseas within 7 days.

Affordable Prices

They provide high-quality, pure, and reliable products at highly affordable prices. This is one of the reasons for their popularity among the users.

You can see the price ranges below.

Product TypePrice Range (Discounted)
Kratom Powder$9.99 – $34.99 
Kratom Extracts$14.99 – $89.95
Kratom Capsules$9.99 – $14.99

Do They Offer Authentic Kratom Strains?

Willing to purchase kratom? Worried about the quality of products? Phoria Kratom offers you a highly trustworthy platform to get the kratom you are looking for. This store is certified by a 3rd party for selling highly pure and potent kratom. 

They have improved their system to a great extent and you can easily track from kratom cultivation to product selling because they provide you with the batch numbers and lab-tested content. This is the reason that customers always appreciate their products with their amazing feedback.

Get Free Kratom From Phoria

Want to order your kratom? Have concerns about the quality? Don’t worry, Phoria Kratom provides a golden opportunity for you to get a free sample without even paying a single penny. You can place your order here at the cost of $0.00.

Phoria Kratom Special Offers

Phoria always cares about the customers and provides them with special offers as I have provided below.

  • If you are placing an order above $50, you can get free shipping.
  • If your orders are above $150, you can claim an auto 20% OFF on all products.
  • You can ask them to deliver your ordered product on the same day. 

Do They Have Efficient Shipping and Return Policy?

It is very easy to place your order quickly at Phoria’s store and get it shipped to your doorstep. 

How Do They Ship?

Once you place your order, they give you a tracking number through your email address in order to trace your product. They usually determine the shipping cost according to the destination. 

If you want to test the quality of their products before you purchase them, you can ask them for a free sample. They will surely ship the free kratom sample you ordered at the provided address. If you liked their item, go for purchase and if not, there is no worry about that.

They offer quick shipping (Monday to Friday). Same-day shipping is also available for speedy delivery.

What Does Their Return Policy Say?

If you have placed and received your order at the doorstep well on time but after opening it, you find that the product is not in its original form or is damaged. You can contact their customer service centre through either their Facebook page or email address. They will surely help you in this regard.

What Payment Methods Do They Offer?

Phoria Kratom offers multiple payment methods for the ease of its customers. I have listed all the payment options below.

  • You can pay through your Credit Card
  • You can avail eDebitDirect Payment option
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin are also available for the relevant customers
  • You can pay through your mobile banking application

What Can You Do If You Didn’t Receive Your Order?

Although it never happens but in case, your order has not been delivered to your home, all you need to do is cancel your order and place it again. It will be adjusted in the same amount you have paid earlier to them.

Final Verdict

In light of the above discussion, it can clearly be seen that Phoria Kratom has been succeeded to be counted among reliable kratom dealers across the globe due to the higher rate of customer satisfaction they have received in the past few years.




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