One prominent player in the Kratom industry that has captured significant attention is Vivazen Kratom. They’re a well-known brand in the world of herbal supplements, specifically recognized for its kratom-infused products. 

The brand has gained popularity for its unique formulations, often in convenient beverage or shot formats. Vivazen Kratom has positioned itself as a go-to choice for individuals seeking a bigger jolt with a more concentrated blend of natural alternatives for well-being and relaxation.

This review aims to examine the Vivazen Kratom brand and its services, offering insights into the current position in the market.

About the Brand: Vivazen

Vivazen is the finest quality plant-based supplement brand known for its power-packed, unique blend of ancient herbs and botanicals. There is no information available about the origin of the company and the owner on which people should build their trust. But their vast customer base and brand quality speak volumes.

Their proprietary extraction process makes their brand the #1 selling plant-based pain relief formulas. However, lacking certification, and the product has yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this thriving business model manages to partner with 10,000 stores in the US.

What Customers Say About Vivazen

Vivazen has a great number of positive reviews. Their customers express satisfaction with the brand’s ability to provide good pain relief and mood-enhancing properties, but there are also some complaints about the taste.

However, some consumers mentioned that the product quantity may be less than expected, and the taste may only be liked by some. Overall, customers are satisfied with Vivazen’s quality and performance.

Is Vivazen Socially Active?

Vivazen is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They have a decent number of followers on their platforms. They post often to engage with their audience and share updates about their products or services. This active presence on social media suggests a commitment to communication and customer engagement.





Vivazen Prices Comparison  

Vivazen Kratom prices are competitive with other brands in the market. While prices vary based on specific products and quantities, Vivazen offers affordable options for customers seeking quality kratom blend products. The company offers a flat 10% discount on your first order and the option to buy wholesale to reduce costs. 

While the company lacks the AKA certification, its strategy considers consumer needs, providing consumers with reasonable costs and product excellence. 

Shipping & Refund Policy

On the company websites, they handle orders within one business day. If a customer chooses standard shipping, receiving the order usually takes 3-5 business days. They also provide a fast delivery option if customer is willing to pay extra money, then their order will be delivered in 2-4 business days. Vivazen doesn’t tell about the shipping company they use; they only ship within the United States. However, they don’t take orders from the state where it’s illegal.

According to the refund policy on their website, if the customer is satisfied with their purchase at Vivazen, they can simply return the unused portion of the product in 60 days, and the brand will issue a refund or exchange.

In case of damage during shipping, customers can report it within 48 hours for a prompt resolution. If the company approves the refund, they provide a prepaid shipping label for their customers, ensuring a cost-free return process. 

Vivazen Assures 100% Money Back Guarantee

The 100% money-back guarantee from Vivazen is an exclusive offer for United States residents. However, proof of purchase is mandatory to claim the refund, and individuals are limited to filing a maximum of 2 refunds per address in a calendar year.

The refund must be submitted within 30 days from the date of purchase. If more than one bottle is involved in the refund claim, the product may need to be returned at the consumer’s expense, with less than 40% of the contents consumed for quality assurance. The company offers a refund, limited to the purchase price only and doesn’t cover taxes or other damages. 

Acceptable Payment Options by Vivazen

Vivazen accepts various payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit cards, American Express, and Sezzle. The company also offers a reward and referral program where you can easily earn points by making purchases and referring friends.

Kratom Strains Vivazen Offers

Vivazen offers a limited yet diverse selection of kratom strains. Their offerings in kratom products are liquids, powder, gummies, and capsules, allowing customers the flexibility to choose from what suits them best. 

Here is a quick review of the current Vivazen offers:

Liquid Kratom: 

In liquid shots, Vivazen offers 4 different concentration products. Which are: 

1- Authentic Original:

Marketed as an original brand, the “#1 selling kratom shot in the US,” this product may offer relief in minor aches and give an extra little boost of energy when you need it the most.

This product comprises ten unique blends of natural ingredients, including the famous corydalis Yanhusou Resign extract and Passion Flower aerial part extract. This drink seeks to provide the best value for your money with Vivazen’s original brand.

Buying 3 shots will cost you $4.99/ bottle, and it can be as low as $4.49/ bottle if you buy 72 shots.

2- 2x Extra strength:

If you are looking to get an extra boost, the Vivazen’s extra strength blend may be an ideal choice for you.

This drink offers an extra dose of Panax Ginseng Root extract and Kratom to give you more revitalization throughout the day.

It will cost you $7.99 per bottle for 3 shots and can be as low as $7.35 per bottle if you are willing to buy 72 shots. 

3- Ultimate 3x liquid kratom concentrate

This is the most powerful liquid Kratom Vivazen offers, with a concentration of 3x more Kratom. This product is best for experienced consumers seeking maximum multi-purpose feel-good relief.

This drink offers a blend of Willow Bark Extract, Mitragyan speciosa leaf extract, and Kratom to give you a 3x energy boost.

You can order 3 bottles at a time at the price of $18.99/ bottle. Which is quite reasonable.

4- 2X liquid Kratom Concentrate:

This Vivazen product has 80mg MIT, a bold coffee taste, and only 1g of sugar per serving, which is the best value concentrate in the USA with consistent multi-purpose feel-good relief.

The product offers a blend of natural herbs with 2% carbohydrates and 10 calories per serving. It will cost you $12.99 per bottle with 4 servings.

Kratom Powder:

Vivazen provides three distinct kratom products available in powder form.

1- White Vein:

Crafted with a commitment to sustainable practices, Vivazen offers a white vein powder to customize your Kratom experience to match your desired needs.

This powder is a blend of 2g of Mitragyna Speciosa along with the white vein kratom leaf powder.

Vivazen offers 250g bags for $0.12/g, which can be as low as $0.09/g for 1000g bags. Which is quite reasonable.

2- Red Vein:

 The red vein powder offers only a Maenga Da kratom leaf powder to boost your energy for your physical activity. You can mix 1 serving with your favorite beverage. 

The red vein will cost you 250g of bag for $0.12/g.

3- Green Vein:

The green vein powder offers 2g of calories per serving with a total of 1% of carbohydrates. You can easily mix it with your favorite beverage. 

The green vein strain is priced at $0.12 per gram, and you can get 250 grams for this amount.

Kratom Capsules: 

Kratom capsules are small liquid soft gel capsules that deliver quick relief when you need it the most. This capsule offers a proprietary blend of natural ingredients like Mitragyna Speciosa, Holy Basil, and Kratom extract.

This will cost you $2.19/ KAP if you buy 10 Fastkaps and can be as low as $1.89/KAP if you buy 100 Fastkaps, which is quite reasonable.

Kratom Gummies:

Vivazen offers the most convenient way to incorporate the benefits of Kratom into your daily routine in a fast, functional, and edible format. These kratom gummies are chewable and can be used at any time. 

Vivazen offers a $2.39 cost price per gummy and can be as low as $1.89/per gummy if you buy 80 gummies.

On-the-go Kratom stick powder:

Vivazen has introduced a multi-purpose, on-the-go kratom powder. This product is portable and designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

This product blends natural ingredients like Skullcap, Holy Basil, and kratom extract.

The price of each stick is $3.99 if you buy 3 sticks at a time and can go as low as $3.69 for wholesale.

Vivazen Relax:

Relax Kratom by Vivazen is a fast-acting Kava shot with higher potency and efficacy than other Kava products. It offers a blend of different natural ingredients to give you instant energy. 

This product costs $6.99/ bottle for 2 servings.

Vivazen: The Popular Choice, But Doubts Remain

The Vivazen brand may need to improve product testing and regulatory compliance with organizations like AKA certification. However, their substantial and loyal customer following suggests an authenticity in their products.

The brand’s popularity among consumers speaks to its perceived value and effectiveness despite the areas where it may need to meet certain industry standards. 



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