Green Horn Leaves are one of the rarest form of Kratom. This name is given with reference to the shape of its leaves which is different from all Mitragyna speciosa strains. Initially, it was only known to Southeast Asia but now the whole world knows about it.

Although it only grows in Asia but the suppliers are spread across the globe. It is popular as a multipurpose Kratom strain.

Green Horn has some extraordinary positive effects to boost energy. It is potent, beneficial and hard to find. There are numbers of reasons which forces the users to use green Kratom. Due to its high demand, it is gaining more and popularity each day.

For those who are not aware of the magical properties of green vein leaves, this review will be helpful.

A Kratom With Extra Strength

The Green Horn Kratom is a native of Borneo. It is a stimulating product famous among Kratom users worldwide. This Kratom strain looks like a shiny, emerald shade green, clean leaves.

Ideally, morning workouts become more effective with the use of Green horn Its properties are very similar to Maeng Da Kratom, which is another popular Kratom strain.

Difference Between Green Horn and Red Horn Strain

Kratom is divided into three colors red, white and green. This division is based on the color of stem and vein. This color usually determines the effects of respective strain. Red Kratom has stem and veins of red color.

It has maximum potential among all three colors. White Kratom is a mild strain. Green Kratom is red and white. It provides all the effects moderately.

It is subtle and elegant in use. Green vein Leaves can be used in a mixture along with red or white horn leaves for an increase in effects.

Effects Of Horned Kratom

Green horned leaves have the effects of all Kratom strains in them. It is a natural, harmonious blend of all. Following are its major effects on the user.

  • Energy booster

Green vein Kratom is an energy booster. It provides the substantial amount of energy which can last for whole day. For this reason, it is popular for pre-workout use.

  • Analgesic

It is a natural pain relief. It provides help in various mild and chronic pains. analgesic properties make it beneficial as part of medicines.

  • Mood enhancer

Green horn elevates mood swings to the positive end. It helps to overcome them. Also, this strain helps in social fear of interaction.

  • Cognitive support

The most striking feature of horned Kratom is that it provides cognitive support. A regular use of green horn Kratom leaves or supplements can induce affinity in intra-neural communication.

  • Long lasting effects

The results of green vein leaves are long lasting. Users only take two and maximum of three dosages per day. For most of the people, only one dose is sufficient.

  • Aid in sleeping disorders and insomnia

It helps to overcome sleeping disorders. It also regulates the irregular patterns of sleeping. For insomnia, green horn Kratom usage is the best.

  • Stress relief

It helps as a natural agent to control stress. Green vein leaves controls anxiety and pressure at maximum level. The regular user of this Kratom strain never gets an anxiety disorder.

  • Euphoric sensation

The high amount of green vein Kratom (5 mg or above) can initiate euphoric feelings. This sensation is so intense that it lasts for long. It is not suitable for new users. Only experienced and regular users can achieve the euphoric level with no side effects.

Side Effects Of Green Horn Kratom

Usually, green horn Kratom is only famous for effects. These effects are beneficial for all. But some users may experience side effects if their dosage is inappropriate. The case of side effects caused by green horn Kratom will have nausea, sedation, and dizziness. Other than these, there are no serious drawbacks of green horn Kratom. These side effects don’t last for long. Usually, they are dissolved in 24 hours.

How To Use Green Vein Leaves?

While selecting a perfect dosage to use horned green leaves, it is important to know relevant information. It is active even in minor amounts. That is why beginners start it from least amount and then go to higher dosage accordingly. High dosage is only suitable for habitual users. One can use horn leaves in following ways.

  • Green Horned Powder

For the majority of people, 1-3 grams of dosage is a lighter dose. 3-5mg horned leaves powder is an intermediate yet effective dose. The quantities above 5 mg are high and extremely potent.

  • Green Horned Supplements

Green horn leaves supplements are available online in the size of 00 capsules. It is available in 20, 40 or more capsule of 900 mg. Each capsule roughly has 1 mg in it.

A user should take 1-2 capsules for start. It elevates energy, help in the gym and minor pains. Regular users can take 3-5 capsules of green vein Kratom per day.

It causes minor sedation, medium analgesic and stress releasing effects. Generally, 6-8 capsules induce strong effects such as analgesia and sedative.

Taking 10 and more capsules per day are not suitable for many people. However taking 10 or more capsules of it provide strong pain management, opiate withdrawal suppression, and anxiety control effects.

Price For Green Horn Leaves Extract

Green Horn Extract is available online at an affordable price. Generally, for 25 mg its price is $13.00. for 50 mg, 100 mg and 300mg the online price is $25.80, $51.40 and $142.00 respectively. Many of the websites offer free delivery of the orders.

The Final Word On Horned Leaf Kratom

Green horn is a high profile Kratom strain. It is effective but rare. The best thing about it is that it provides all the benefits of Kratom in one strain.

It only takes practice and expertise in dose selection to enjoy its effects. Every person is different and requires a different dosage. The wrong amount results in side effects which are mild in nature. Two forms of horned green Kratom are available online.

One is the fine powder and the other is supplements (capsules). Both are effective equally. To enjoy the best moments of your life and make Kratom experience memorable, green horn Kratom is the best choice for everyone.



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