The world is progressing at an alarming rate, making our lives more advanced and complicated with each passing day. Stress and anxiety have become part of almost every adult’s daily life.

To overcome this problem, people make use of relaxants and other remedies to relax and help them get through the day. These things help people slow down and minimize thinking.

Marihuanilla is one of these things that promote relaxation and reduces stress significantly. All parts of this plant, including flowers and seeds, have been used in the past for several purposes.

Marihuanilla has somewhat similar effects to Marijuana, which is so famous and widely used not only for euphoria but medicinally as well.

The difference between these two herbs is that Marijuana is generally more intense and comes with several side-effects.

However, Marihuanilla’s effects are more subtle and help the consumer ease up. It can be a great substitute of Marijuana, which is highly addictive and has a few side-effects. These include bloodshot eyes, panic, cottonmouth, etc.

What is Marihuanilla?

Marihuanilla is a herb that originates mainly from Siberia, Mongolia, and China. You can also find it in other parts of Asia. History tells how people used Marihuanilla for ages to treat different conditions related to the stomach, intestines, and uterus. They used it for centuries, traditionally and medicinally.

Marihuanilla is originally famous for its abilities to cause euphoria and relaxation. You can consume it as a tea, smoked or vaped.

It does not treat or cure any disease or condition — can only help with the treatment. For instance, it’s relaxing, and stress-controlling properties regulate the blood flow. The happy hormones in the body maintains blood pressure, which is one of the root causes of several conditions.

Apart from its medicinal uses, you can also use it to take the edge off your daily life situations, which can be tiring for people. Having to be your best at work and meeting deadlines can be very-stress inducing for people.

Alcohol, marijuana, and other intoxicants are the usual go-to options for people, but they come with their risks and side-effects. This makes Marihuanilla a perfect component for people who want to take the edge off. But, don’t want to take dangerous and intense intoxicants at the same time.

Marihuanilla can be a suitable replacement for people who want to quit smoking marijuana or drinking. Since this herb is not illegal in any jurisdiction so far, it can be a good replacement in places Marijuana is illegal.

This herb has a few other names as well. The scientific name of Marihuanilla is Leonurus sibiricus. It is also called Honeyweed and Siberian motherwort.

It has more names in different languages, for example, Mahjiki in Japanese, Marijuanillo in Spanish, Ich-mao-thau in Vietnamese and I-mu-isa in Chinese.

We sometimes call it “little marijuana” as well. It has a subtle effect and moderate smell and a pleasant taste as well.

10 Key Facts About Marihuanilla

People have used every part of this plant for medicinal purposes in several cultures over the years. It cannot act as a drug. It just lowers the probability of the occurrence of related diseases and conditions.

1) Marihuanilla Has Numerous Health Benefits

Marihuanilla and Health Benefits
  • People used Honeyweed to treat impotence in men.
  • Marihuanilla can help reduce menstrual pain and help with other problems related to the uterus.
  • It can act as a diuretic and help treat kidney problems.
  • Honeyweed can help maintain blood pressure in hypertension patients.
  • Its usage can reduce the chances of hemorrhage.
  • Siberian motherwort can help in the treatment of arthritis.
  • It improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Marihuanilla has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is an excellent antioxidant.
  • It can act as a mild analgesic.
  • Honeyweed has a numbing effect on the body, which helps with pain.

Even though Marihuanilla has great medicinal significance, you should always consume it with precaution. Different people react to drugs or other intoxicants differently depending on their body type and the conditions they might have. If you have any conditions that are serious and have a chance of worsening, it is essential to consult your doctor before consuming Marihuanilla.

2) It Promotes Relaxation And Reduces Stress

Marihuanilla has cognitive effects. It is a mild narcotic, can cause intoxication, calm you down and slightly heighten your senses. Experienced individuals mentioned how it stimulates their brains and makes them feel relaxed and happy. They also slept better than usual after smoking Marihuanilla.

People widely smoke Marijuana for the euphoria. Many Marijuana consumers have reported panicking and overthinking under the influence of it. It has varying effects on people.

These side-effects of marijuana make it a risky drug. However, no one has yet reported experiencing similar side-effects with Siberian motherwort.

It focuses on calming the nerves of consumers and helps them stay relaxed, which makes it a good alternative. In the past, people also steeped Marihuanilla in alcohol for a different kind of euphoria and to treat diseases.

3) It Can Make You Slightly High

Marihuanilla can cause euphoria when consumed. When you take Marihuanilla in the form of tea, it produces very slight euphoria with increased relaxation. You can experience stronger exhilaration when you smoke it. It may even cause mild numbness.

Its effects are subtle and can last up to two hours. The intensity of euphoria depends on the amount smoked/consumed. You can also mix it with other substances that complement and maximize the euphoric effects. It has slightly different effects on different people. Some people felt energized and more attentive. However, some people felt lazy and sleepy after consumption.

Mixing of this plant with other intoxicants may increase its potency and induce euphoria, but it could also be risky. We do not advise you to mix this plant with drugs you have little knowledge about. However, you can mix it with similar and safer components, like marijuana.

4) Eight Different Alkaloids Are Found In This Plant

alkaloids in Marihuanilla

Marihuanilla and its effects have been a focus of research ever since it started gaining recognition in the West. Researchers have isolated several alkaloids from this plant. However, we can’t precisely pinpoint the alkaloid that causes the relaxing effects. We have listed the names of these alkaloids below.

  • Cycloleonurinine
  • Leoheterin
  • Leonurine
  • Leonurinine
  • Leuronurine
  • Prehispanolone
  • Preleoheterin
  • Stachydrine

5) Marihuanilla Does Not Have Any Dangerous Side-Effects

This plant does not have any apparent side-effects. It does not cause any physical dependence. However, like other intoxicants, somewhat psychological dependence is possible. Some consumers have reported feeling tired after the euphoria ends. This is not true for every consumer.

Since not a lot of research done yet, we are unaware of the long-term side-effects of this herb and what causes the soothing effects as well.

6) Marihuanilla Is Not Dosage Dependent

The effects caused by this plant depend on the amount consumed. It can vary from mild to higher than that if consumed in excessive quantities. However, to experience euphoria, we recommend you to take more than 10 grams at once for minimum effects.

So far, no one has experienced or reported overdose of Siberian motherwort anywhere. Even then, we recommend you to utilize this herb in adequate amounts to be on the safe side. Generally, one to two teaspoons of dried leaves is enough to make one cup of Marihuanilla tea.

7) You Can Take it as Tea or Smoke it

Marihuanilla smoke

People have used this plant for centuries in Siberia and China for its relaxing properties. In the past, they mostly drank it as a tea. You can take some leaves of this plant and suspend them in hot water for a few minutes. Then you can filter it out and have Marihuanilla tea.

It can help you relax, reduce your stress and has a minimal intoxicating effect. When you take it as tea, it has a subtle and pleasant taste.

You can enjoy it as hot tea, which comes with incredible after-effects.

Today, people mostly smoke it instead of consuming it in the form of tea. Since it is very similar to marijuana, you can smoke it in the form of a joint, a pipe, or through a bong. Marihuanilla users observed that smoking this plant causes a higher sense of euphoria and intoxication than taking it as tea.

Another way of using Marihuanilla is vaporization. You can vaporize it and inhale directly for a slightly different sense of relaxation.

8) Marihuanilla Is Legal In Almost Every Country

This herb is not regulated. Marihuanilla possession and consumption is legal in nearly every country except the ones that have banned all intoxicants altogether. Despite its legality in every state, we advise you to check the laws of your country before buying Marihuanilla. As far as the USA is concerned, it is legal in every state.

9) You Can Easily Buy Online

Ever since Marihuanilla got famous and people got to experience all the benefits this herb has to offer, many people started to get their hands on available Marihuanilla, and some even grow their own.

Multiple sellers have come up who provide purified and potent Marihuanilla products online. But, beware of scammers.

We advise you to buy Marihuanilla from known vendors with good reviews and a legitimate website. It would be wise to purchase such products from vendors who provide full details about the content of the package and purity testing information as well. Since the FDA has not approved this plant, there is a significant risk of scam.

Some of these online vendors include:

  • Mr Botanicals
  • Zamnesia
  • Magic Mushrooms Shop

10) The FDA has not approved Marihuanilla

You cannot consider Marihuanilla as a drug to treat or prevent diseases. No one has reported any significant risks or dangers of using this herb, so far. Vendors recommend buyers to use it at their own risk. Because of the lack of research and investigation by the authorities, we still know very little about this plant and its effects on consumption. The long-term effects of this plant are also not in our knowledge. It does not come with any guarantee, but it seems safe for use.

Every legitimate seller of Marihuanilla should mention this detail on the package as well as on their website for consumer’s knowledge. You should always investigate all the aspects like legality in your area, before buying this herb.


Leonurus sibiricus is one of the gem plants that have numerous properties for human consumption. It is still very new in America and some other parts of the world. Consumer reactions confirm that so far, it does not have any potential harmful long or short-term effects.

Since it is a mild narcotic, some psychological addiction is possible, which is why we recommend consumers to be cautious and consume Marihuanilla at their own risk.

It is essential to review all the details before consuming Marihuanilla to avoid problems in the future. These problems could include worsening of any pre-existing disease, possession issues within any specific country, possible overdose, addiction, allergies, etc.

When you use it correctly, this herb can be an excellent relaxant that can help people with stress, anxiety and anger management by assisting them to stay calm and relaxed.



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  2. For the guy saying cannabis is not addictive.. come on, everyone knows at least someone heavily addicted (daily, non-stop users). Is not uncommon and it’s shit. I’ve used too much in a period of my life and it’s soul-draining…


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