Kratom and Mild Dependency


It is important to for consumers to be aware of the fact that no research indicates that Kratom is an addictive substance that can cause debilitating or life-altering dependency upon it. Instead, much like caffeine and sugar, kratom can result in extremely mild dependency, based on length and amount of usage. What this means is that if a person uses kratom for extended periods of time, and in large dosages, such as more than four grams, then they can become mildly dependent on it.

Physical dependence

In general, physical dependency upon a range of different substances, and not just kratom, takes place when the alkaloid levels in a person’s blood increase over an extended period of time. Due to these increased alkaloid levels, the most efficient manner of not allowing one to become tolerant to kratom and physically dependent upon it, even in a mild form, is a simple one. What one has to do is to stagger the dose being consumed to make sure that the alkaloids level decrease and the substance is removed from the body completely, prior to continuing again with the dosage.

Most research indicated that a minimum of twelve hours is needed for the human body’s alkaloid levels to decrease and for the chemical to be flushed out of the body. If this is done in the correct manner, then it is practically easy and highly effective way of bypassing physical dependency upon kratom.

Chronic pain

Many individuals seek the usage of kratom in order to lessen their chronic pains in joints or other bodily organs, and to get relaxation and a sense of calm. For such individuals suffering from similar conditions, it ends up being difficult to give up kratom for twelve hours or more. They need a substance to alleviate their pain and regularly going twelve hours a day without kratom can be a painful experience.

For these people, it is recommended that they keep altering different strains on a daily basis. This reduces the chances of their bodies becoming tolerant to a particular strain and, therefore, eliminates the chance of physical dependency taking place.

The bottom line

What needs to know about kratom is that it is a substance that can lead to physical dependency if used for long durations and in increased doses. One does not have to stop using it, just like one does not give up sugar or caffeine for similar reasons.

The question pertaining to kratom’s addictive qualities and chances will always keep surfacing due to lack of substantive research, and lack of awareness about different strains and qualities of kratom. This is why it is extremely important to be aware of the different varieties of kratom, such as the red, green and white vein strains, and to know what purpose is served by each strain.

Do you know yourself?

For kratom to be used in the right manner, it is crucial to know one’s self and be aware of whether one will misuse the plant by taking higher dosages or not using it for its medicinal properties. The onus is upon consumers to conduct prior research about different strains, know why they want to use kratom in the first place, and then use it carefully and accordingly.

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