Now and then, suppliers feel the need to introduce a new strain in the market, and this time you find a one with the name of Jongkong Kratom.

The growing demand and the will to try new kratom species has made farmers of Indonesia to try out new areas to cultivate the plant — hoping to see some unique qualities in kratom grown in different types of soil in the same climatic region.

All the new kinds of kratom that are available in the market have different attributes and impacts on users, but we cannot understand them by combing all the information on the Internet. People need to try the different types of kratom to understand what each strain has to offer.

Jongkong forests in Indonesia also have a favorable climate and moist soil that makes kratom rich and potent. For simplicity, people refer to the kratom plants grown here as the Jongkong Kratom. This species has its distinct aroma and effects, which we have reviewed after using the different types of Jongkong kratom.

Kratom is a local plant in the South East Asian region. Indonesia is famous for this plant as apothecaries and doctors of old times used it for medicinal purpose in the country for a very long time.

The tropical weather attributes to many qualities that kratom possesses, and this particular type of the plant is rich and potent, with pain-relief effect and an energizing aroma.

The soil plays an integral role in the potency and nature of the plant that grows on it. The Jongkong forest kratom is also exceptional due to its origin and its apparent effect on users is what makes it one of the most sought after kratom strain.

At every online shop and dispensary, you will find this strain since it has a strong effect and users love it. Just like other kratom varieties, the Jongkong kratom has green, red and white vein variations.

Green Jongkong Kratom

The green vein Jongkong kratom has a slightly dark green color and an earthy, energizing aroma. It is best used to stimulate the senses and relieve many kinds of pain.

People suffering from muscular pain and arthritis require a supplement that can soothe their aches and can help them lead an active life.

Due to the restrictions and the FDA’s lack of regulations on kratom usage, there is little research available on every new type of strains that makes its way into the market.

Due to this lack of research, we rely on reviews of users and our own experience of Jongkong green vein kratom to understand its effects.

  • Clarity

After consuming green Jongkong kratom, users achieve clarity of mind, and it helps in performing jobs and completing tasks without a challenge!

The uplifting effect of this strain makes it one of the most popular green vein kratom available in the market.

  • Pain Killer

If you have a migraine, arthritis, muscular pains or even an internal injury that keeps you occupied; try the Jongkong green vein kratom and shift gears!

You will feel liberated and ready to take on the world in ways you never imagined. All pain disappears and allows you to lead an active day and feel energetic.

  • Mood Enhancer

On days when you feel low, a dose of the green Jongkong kratom will work wonders. You will feel happier and more in control.

Many users select this strain as a winter season supplement as it keeps them energetic and uplifts their moods to carry on even when the winter blues make them sluggish and lazy.

Red Vein Jongkong Kratom

You may have heard that most of the red vein kratoms are sedative and not fit for day-time consumption. However, the red Jongkong kratom is a surprise. It boosts energy and gives you the spirit to go through the day with ease.

  • Pain Killer

The red vein Jongkong kratom is very similar to the green and white types, based on the effect they have on users. This strain is primarily a pain killer.

  • Mild Euphoric

The red vein Jongkong provides incredible pain-killing impact without sedation, and that is why it is considered a milder red vein kratom.

This type is a predominantly pain relieving strain with a slight euphoric property, which makes it a popular strain among users.

White Vein Jongkong Kratom

This strain has fast become popular among users for several reasons. This light green strain powder has a powerful aroma that indicates its efficacy.

  • For Fatigue

The white vein Jongkong kratom helps users fight fatigue. Due to the energizing effect of this strain, users can get rid of their tiredness and fatigue. The energy from this strain helps users feel motivated to face different challenges.

  • Not A Pain Killer

The white Jongkong kratom is an energizing strain that can help with focus and concentration, but it is not the right choice for those seeking pain killing effect.

This strain can help you achieve maximum output levels in terms of focus and work, but if you are looking for relief from a headache or any other pain, this strain is not for you.

  • Anti-depressant

This strain is an anti-depressant, and for this reason, only, it has rapidly gained popularity among users.

The Jongkong kratom is a newer strain in the market, and there is very little information available. This lack of knowledge is why our own experience and reviews of users are significant.

Why Are So Many New Kratom Strains Available?

As science has progressed, we have learned about the natural benefits of several substances present in nature. These substances are studied in depth and scientists discuss their impact on the quality of human lives.

The farmers of Indonesia are continuously striving to create new blends and strains to provide different types of the kratom plant, with a hope that it might help more and more people with the kinds of effects they require from a kratom strain.

In the United States, this decade may be the age of cannabis and kratom supplements, which have provided people with a natural alternative to anti-inflammatory and opioids respectively.

The status of kratom in the country is such that there is little or no research on all kind. What we know about kratom, is mostly through our own and other people’s experiences.

These experiences, in turn, determine whether other users try a particular strain or not. Some strains are known to be euphoric, while others are energizing.

However, what is the choice if someone requires a strain that can reduce fatigue but is not a sedative? Or a consumer is interested in a sedative but not particularly a pain killer?

The reason suppliers and processors blend new strains all the time is that the demands of users are getting flexible. They do not want to consume just one type of kratom but want several benefits from the same amount of dose daily!

Legality Issues And Quality Compromises

Regarding kratom, there have been different strategies of all the states, and it is tricky too!

The FDA does not approve of it as a drug and therefore, the use of kratom for research or even purchase and consumption, are not regulated. This lack of regulation on kratom supplements available has allowed several wrong products to find a way into the market.

How can a user steer clear of these bogus brands? How can one decide which online shop to try out? The answer is simple: know your state laws regarding kratom. Some states allow the natural supplement while others have strict policies against it.

However, during recent years, kratom has gained popularity, and therefore, there are several states where you can find it easily. You need to know what your state law has allowed and follow that!

This information is a safe way to find authentic and reliable kratom vendors. If your state does not allow kratom, then there is a chance that the kratom strains you find through secret dealers, is a bad deal!

The DEA removed kratom from the list of Schedule 1 drugs in 2016, and since then there has been a growth in its usage, import, and availability.

You can even find a lot of social media groups where information on kratom is available. The interaction may help you while deciding which brand to choose.

Where To Find Jongkong Kratom

It is no surprise that the Internet is an excellent place to find kratom vendors. What’s even better is that you can read a lot of user reviews and decide which kratom strain you will try first.

There are so many online shops and dispensaries in every state that one can easily find a seller who is known and recommended as well.

The social media groups are also an excellent way to find out people’s reviews and then give a new strain a try! Many people find these social websites comprehensive and helpful.

Moreover, you can search for the places and dispensaries that have more visitors. This will ensure that the stock of kratom is fresh and replenished.

Three Popular Brands Selling Jongkong Kratom

You can find several online shops selling Jongkong kratom varieties. Without any order of preference, we have put together a list for your convenience.

1) Kats Botanicals Jongkong Kratom

This shop offers a wide array of products and supplement options. Kats Botanicals promises quality and efficient service. The kratom at this shop is from plantations in Indonesia and other kratom-growing states. Kats Botanicals has a set of standards and compliance to these is the key to their consistent quality.

You can order easily from the website and pay through E-check or ACH, and upon clearance of your payment, your order is on its way to you. The delivery requires two to three days to reach you.

The special packing of the Jongkong kratom is to keep the supplement fresh and productive for longer.

Discounts of up to 10% on your first purchase will enhance the experience of shopping with Kats Botanicals and later also; you can enjoy exclusive discounts.

The online shop has lab test results published so that all users feel satisfied with what they order! Try out the online shop, and you will find economical offers and new kratom bundles to find the strain that suits you.

2) Mitra Gaia

At the online store, you can rest assured that the product is natural and authentic. The shop manufactures products from the most excellent kratom and sealed in vacuum bags to reach you fresh and competent. You can find black sealed bags of 1oz, 250grams and a kilogram of Jongkong kratom.

The price of the Jongkong varieties are reasonable and the option of bag size, you can even control the amount you spend at the shop! Mitra Gaia offers a 20% discount on Bitcoin payments and does not accept credit cards. You will have to pay through the bank, money order or using Bitcoin.

The shop offers same day shipping. As soon as a customer’s payment gets through, the order is packed and sent out for delivery.

Usually, normal delivery takes up to three working days. Customers have the privilege of using Mitragaia Rewards, which means that upon every purchase you can accumulate points which you can redeem later.

You can rest assured that all kratom capsules and powders are tested at reliable laboratories and fit for consumption.

3) Big Kratom

Another favorite pick, offering a large variety of strains at reasonable prices. This vendor provides clean, fresh and quality kratom from Indonesia. It is packed with care and shipped on time to ensure a new delivery to all customers.

The Big Kratom has powders and capsules in different strength and amounts to suit a broad customer base. You can enjoy discounts and rewards that make regular customers remain loyal to the suppliers.

Big Kratom is among the largest suppliers in the country, and therefore the quality, service and customer obligations are efficient and thorough. The shopping experience is straightforward since you can pick a product and then make a payment through money order or E-check.

Not to forget, Big kratom offers gift certificates which allow users to gift their friends with a chance to shop at the online shop and enjoy the various strains on sale.

You can return, exchange kratom powders or capsules within a few days and enjoy the strains that suit you the most! Reliable labs test the kratom at Big Kratom, and the results are available on the website for users.

4) Krabot

With a large clientele and delivery to a large number of places. Krabot’s variety of kratom strains and powders is also impressive. The kratom is from Indonesia and packaged to give you the comfort and benefits of this powerful supplement.

You can shop during sales and avail exclusive offers on bundle packs to try different kinds of Jongkong or other kratom strains.

Usually, kratom vendors do not accept credit cards so you can pay at Krabot through cryptocurrency, money order or E-check. Once your payment is received, your order is shipped and reaches you within 3-4 working days.

The list can go on as there has been an exponential growth in the Kratom industry. You can choose hundreds of vendors in the United States, but remember to find one that has good reviews and a customer base to prove them too!



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