Health is wealth, and nobody can deny it. Having an active lifestyle and eating healthy food is vital to stay healthy. But what if what we consider as beneficial food is harmful to us?

For so many years, people have been using herbs for medicinal purposes. One such herb is Kratom. It has been popular for its energy-boosting properties, relieving discomfort, etc. However, some people often have different questions about this substance. One of these questions is, can Kratom cause gallbladder stones? Don’t worry! We will find the answer to it together in this article. Let’s keep reading!

What Is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa, known as Kratom, is widely found in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its recreational as well as medicinal benefits. Kratom belongs to the coffee family. However, its composition is different from coffee.

You can find it in different colours because it is available in different strains. The vein colour of the leaves determines the age of the plant. It can be eaten as it is in the form of dried leaves or in the form of powder. Moreover, it is also accessible through gummies, tinctures, extracts and capsules.

What Are Gallbladder Stones?

To know about gallstones, we must first understand what a gallbladder is. It is a small, pear-shaped organ located right beneath the liver. Its function is to hold bile which is then released into small intestines. The gallstones are deposits of digestive fluid, and they are hard. Therefore, they are called stones.

For some people, these stones turn out to be problematic. Therefore, they go for gallbladder removal surgery. On the flip side, some people don’t experience any pain or symptoms, so they don’t opt for the treatment.

Could Kratom Harm The Liver?

Like other substances, a few side effects are linked to Kratom use. However, most of them are a result of overdosing on it. Mitragyna Speciosa side effects include trouble breathing, hallucinations, nausea and aggression.

Talking about the relation between Gallstones and Kratom, a few cases have been reported where it caused liver damage and cholestatic pattern liver injuries. On the other hand, there is also a case where a man with a history of Kratom use was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes and jaundice. Nothing can be said with complete certainty as there is no scientific evidence to prove that Kratom caused people to suffer from these illnesses.

Can Active Alkaloids In Kratom Cause Gallstones?

Well, there are over 12 compounds found in Kratom, but two are active. These active alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Their effects highly depend on the dose and these alkaloids react with the opioid receptors. Now to answer whether they are responsible for gallstones or not requires a lot of scientific research. Unfortunately, there’s limited research done on the substance. This is one of the reasons this substance is banned in some states. 

What Is The Link Between Gallstones and Kratom?

Although some rare cases were reported in the past where Ketum caused some liver-related problems, but there are barely any cases reported that are linked to gallstones. It should be remembered that you should not self-medicate and should not mix any medicines with Mitragyna Speciosa unless the doctors recommend it.

Is Kratom Bad For Gallbladder Stones?

Nothing can be said for now about whether it is harmful or helpful for gallstones. However, it seems like it should be avoided as some cases were reported where it was bad for the liver. Furthermore, it was also noticed that acute liver injury was recovered as soon as the intake of Mitragyna Speciosa was discontinued. 404 cases of liver injury were studied by the U.S. Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network. Supplements were held responsible for these cases, and eight of these cases were caused by using Kratom products. The participants had used the substance about 15 to 49 days before the injuries.

Can You Improve Your Gallstones By Quitting Kratom? 

As per a case, the acute liver injury, which was said to be caused by it, was recovered when the patient stopped taking Kratom. So, if you are its user and suffering from any of such issues, you can discontinue it and see if there is any improvement, but this should be done only after consulting a doctor.

So Is Kratom Safe?

Whether it is responsible for gallstones or not, you cannot say if it is completely safe. It certainly has benefits to offer, but there are side effects also. These side effects are especially caused when you overdose on the substance or mix it with other medications.

So far, there are some short-term and long-term described side effects of this herb. Neither of these side effects is scientifically proven, especially the long-term effects of Kratom are not studied extensively. Therefore, the actual extent of chronic use is not yet confirmed. Its side effects include nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia, constipation, weight loss and discolouration of the cheeks.

The effects of this substance depend on several factors, including age, weight, medical history and more. This is why it is recommended to consult a doctor before choosing this herb so you can get the benefits out of it instead of having health complications.


Finally, you know the answer to “Can Kratom cause gallbladder stones or not?”. It is said that long-term use of Kratom is sometimes linked to acute liver injury. But, nothing can be said with certainty as there is a lack of research on this substance, its effects and its side effects.

To be safe, you should use this substance only after consulting your doctor. Your doctor will assess your medical history, age and weight to suggest you anything. Furthermore, you must start with the lowest dose and gradually increase it according to your needs.



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