Hush kratom is a company based in Idaho, United States. It manufactures exciting Kratom extract products. They are a leader in their industry. Catering to the needs of the majority of Kratom extracts users.

The unique thing about Hush Kratom is its production method. They extract kratom alkaloids with the help of food-grade solvents, which results in a product free from adulterants. They also eliminate all useless byproducts, thus securing a pure alkaloid product.

One of their most notable features is that all their products are third-party tested and GMP – (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant.

Hush Kratom Energy Shot’s Unique Features

Hush Kratom energy shots come in different varieties, each tailored to your needs. They offer shots generally with mitragynine extract, but some come labeled “full spectrum extract,” meaning it also contains 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). A broad spectrum mix of both alkaloids means it can be used for relaxation rather than just boosting your focus and energy.

Hush Kratom products are alcohol-free, unlike its competitors. Hush kratom extracts also come in liquid form, which many users find convenient as it doesn’t give consumers a sludgy aftertaste.

Hush kratom products also come in different flavors, like orange and coffee, which reduce the bitter earthy taste of Kratom, giving it a delectable touch.

Hush Kratom Energy Shot Product Info

Hush Kratom has a unique range of exciting products, each different from the others. 

Kratom product line:

Hush 2oz Energy Shot

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Hush 2 oz energy shot is a full spectrum extract, which means it also has (7-HMG). The 2oz shot has 65mg mitragynine, 3x more than the leading brand. It is also infused with 80mg of caffeine, making it best for pre-workouts. Taste-wise, it has a citrus punch to it because of the orange flavor. It is a convenient shot for users looking to enhance their focus and energy levels.


  • Convenient 
  • Good flavor
  • Full spectrum shot
  • Caffeine plus mitragynine
  • Good value


  • Less amount of mitragynine, compared to other products
  • Potent, not for beginners

Price: $7.99

Hush Kratom Ultra Shot


Hush Kratom Ultra Shot is also a full-spectrum shot. It is a 10 ml shot with about 110 mg of mitragynine per bottle, making it a very convenient shot for beginners. The smooth lime flavor also makes it an excellent pick for beginners.


  • Very easy to use
  • Good for beginners
  • Nice flavor
  • Full spectrum shot


  • Less amount of mitragynine compared to other products
  • A bit expensive compared to the lower amount of product

Price: $20.00

Hush Coffee Shots


It is a 10 ml full-spectrum kratom extract with about 110 mg of mitragynine. Hush coffee shot is infused with authentic coffee flavor, which makes it quite impressive as you get the boost from Kratom and experience the jolting effect of caffeine. A liquid coffee-flavored extract is a unique combination you won’t find on the market.


  • Coffee-Infused
  • Easy to use
  • Good taste


  • Higher Price

Price: $ 20.00

Hush Platinum Caps


Hush Kratom Platinum capsules are the first ever full-spectrum liquid gel capsules. Hush kratom offers two capsules per blister pack. Each capsule contains extract equivalent to 3-4 grams of plain Kratom leaf. 


  • Full-spectrum gel capsules
  • Higher amount of mitragynine per capsule


  • Costly
  • Less amount of mitragynine compared to other brands

Price: $20.00 per blister pack

Hush Gold Caps

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Hush Kratom gold capsules are basically Kratom extract powder. These are also full spectrum, with about twice the mitragynine in Kratom ultra shot. Each capsule contains about 6-7 grams of Kratom plain leaf. These are heavier in dose than platinum capsules, chiefly for more experienced users. These are available in 2 capsules per blister pack and 12 packs per retail-ready box.


  • Higher amount of mitragynine per capsule
  • Full spectrum
  • Easy to ingest


  • Not for beginners
  • Costly

Price: $20.00 per blister pack

Hush Silver Caps 

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Hush Kratom silver capsules are made of an enhanced blend of Kratom extract powder. Each full-spectrum capsule contains about 15 mg of mitragynine. There are 20 caps per jar, which means about 300 mg of mitragynine per jar, equivalent to 3 bottles of ultra shot, so this is a more cost-effective option.


  •  Value for money
  • Easy to carry
  • Full spectrum


  • A lower amount of mitragynine per capsule for experienced users

Price: $20.00 per jar

Comparison With Other Brands On The Market

Hush Kratom is one of the leading brands in the industry. Other leading brands are OPMS and MIT 45. OPMS is their main competitor. Users find Hush products more affordable compared to OPMS. Hush has also recently increased their product range, offering flexibility to their users’ price needs. Hush also offers full-spectrum extracts which can be beneficial according to one’s needs. Fitness enthusiasts report it helps them focus and boost their energy levels; others report they use it to relieve pain and elevate mood.

User Reviews

Generally, users have given positive feedback on the net regarding the extensive, fantastic range of Hush Kratom Products.

A user vouched for Kratom Coffee infused shots on his blog, saying he finds Hush Kratom products reliable and trustworthy.

Another review on the net recommended others to buy Hush kratom products. Saying he loves their packaging, but the price tag is a bit expensive.

A user posted an experienced video on youtube in which he mentioned that he liked the product overall. Still, the effect was short-lasting, and they must consume more than the recommended dosage.

Where To Buy Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom products are not available on their website. Still, you can find numerous online markets available on the web.

The most famous vendors with reasonable rates are Supernatural Botanicals, Ketum Superior, Kratom Point, Kratom series, and Payless Kratom.

Adding It Up

Hush kratom offers an amazing range of products that is so extensive, according to everyone’s preference. Their products are easily used as they are extensively labeled, giving content and serving details.

 The variety of full-spectrum extracts fulfills each individual’s need. It can boost your focus and energy levels pre-workout and also for relief or relaxation.

Their price tag is high because they maintain specific standards and provide deterrents free pure alkaloid extracts, which are third-party tested and GMP compliant.



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