Kratom has become a popular herb among people over the past few years. The credit goes to its long list of health benefits. However, the world is still discovering more about it.

Many users boost its effects through potentiation. It is a process where you take Kratom in conjunction with some other natural things.

What seems appealing to Kratom-heads is that the potentiator can also be citrus. But does this make it safe? How do these potentiators work? How to potentiate Kratom with citrus? And there are so many more confusions which need to be cleared out. Let’s take a closer look at the particulars.

What Is Kratom?

Belonging to the coffee tree family, Mitragyna Speciosa is also a tree that is widely found in Southeast Asia.

What sets it apart is that it has therapeutic properties. The leaves of this tree are consumed not only for therapeutic purposes but also for recreational uses.

The leaves are distinguished on the basis of their vein colors. Initially, only the leaves were the available form, but now not only is it available in multiple forms but also strains. These strains have varying effects and potencies.

What Is Citrus?

Citrus fruits are one of the most famous fruits in the world. The credit goes to their refreshing taste, nature, and nutritional value. They are usually juicy and pulpy. These fruits include lemon, orange, lime, citron, mandarins, and grapefruit.

Almost a third of these fruits are used to make juices. They are a healthy choice for all wellness-oriented people because citrus fruits are fibrous, full of vitamins, and low in calories.

What Are Potentiators?

Potentiators are any substances that increase the effects of Kratom. In a nutshell, they help make even the small doses feel stronger, and the results last for longer. Kratom users who are beginners especially like to potentiate their Mitragyna Speciosa. They practice this because this way, they don’t have to spend much, nor will they come across the side effects of a larger dose.

How Do Kratom Potentiators Work?

They potentiate it by adding other substances to their Mitragyna Speciosa. These substances can be turmeric, grapefruit, chamomile tea, valerian root, diphenhydramine, caffeine, magnesium, cat’s claw, watercress, akuamma seed, acetaminophen, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, coffee and the list goes on.

These substances increase the Kratom’s bioavailability. They help Mitragyna Speciosa reach its full potential in your stomach. Guess what? It is like eating a snack that will elevate the Kratom’s impact.

Why Do People Use Citrus To Potentiate Kratom?

Although there are a number of potentiators that people use, citrus is a common one. Citrus has citric acid, which helps pull out the compounds found in Kratom. This makes the experience a strong one. What else is there about it to appreciate? Let’s explore.

  • It has a number of health benefits, and it is a strong antioxidant
  • Most of them are tasty and mask the bitter taste Mitragyna Speciosa carries
  • It contains enzymes that break down the alkaloids, making you experience mighty effects

How Do People Potentiate Kratom with Citrus?

It is not a hectic process to potentiate it. You can use multiple ways to do it. Let’s talk about some of the easiest ways through which you can potentiate Mitragyna Speciosa with citrus.

  1. Are you a person who loves having a glass of cold orange, grapefruit juice, or any other citrus juice? Well, you can mix Kratom powder in your glass and enjoy it.
  2. If you are getting late from the office and don’t have enough time, then you can use a toss-and-wash method. Measure the powder, take it into your mouth, and gulp it down with citrus juice.
  3. You can squeeze a lemon or lime into your Kratom tea and enjoy it.

Are Kratom Potentiation Methods Safer?

Well, it is understood that the impact of this herb varies from user to user. We can say the same about the effects these potentiators will have on the consumers. There can be unwanted and unexpected results of potentiating Mitragyna Speciosa. These side effects will depend on the individual’s age, weight, metabolic rate, and more.

Some consumers who are sensitive to the effects like increased heart rate and sedation will find these potentiator’s impact overwhelming. However, using natural and everyday substances like citrus can have less side effects.

Taking Mitragyna Speciosa and over-the-counter medicines together to increase the effects will be a blunder. This can be very risky and full of side effects. In the same way, some users who are dependent on other substances take Kratom to wean themselves off these. But this is also wrong and hazardous.

Is Overdose Possible With Potentiation of Kratom with Citrus?

Yes, it is possible. The substances that, when combined with Kratom, make the dose stronger can make you feel overdosed. Also, most of the cases where Mitragyna Speciosa turned out to be harmful involved mixing it with other medicines and substances. However, the risk is higher when it is paired with any opiates, unlike taking it with a natural substance like turmeric.


So, now you’re up to speed on how to potentiate Kratom with citrus. Users who cannot increase their dose due to the fear of side effects, developing tolerance, or spending more prefer potentiation. However, it is not risk-free either, but comparatively better.

We are not health professionals, but we share with you what users share. Therefore, discussing with a doctor before making Mitragyna Speciosa a part of your life is advisable.



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