Kratom is legal in many states of the US, however; people are dubious about its legality. This is the reason why they are searching for a good Kratom alternative which is not just legal but equally potent. Luckily, Mitragyna Javanica discovered as a useful replacement, but it is not as powerful as Kratom. Before moving on, you should know about Kratom, its essential uses and relation with Mitragyna Javanica.

Kratom is a most beneficial tree found in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia and more). Botanical name of Kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. Its leaves are used for making herbal medicines by Southern Asian people. Kratom is useful for:

On the flip side, Mitragyna Javanica belongs to the same family as Mitragyna speciosa, from where Kratom is extracted. That’s why it’s considered as a substitute for Kratom.

What Is Mitragyna Javanica?

Mitragyna Javanica is also present in Southern Asia. Because of its close relation to Mitragyna speciosa, Mitragyna Javanica is visually quite similar to Kratom. Both are sturdy and tall with broad leaves. However, inside of leaves is entirely different from one another. When it comes to Mitragyna Javanica uses, the herb is not as much effective as compared to Kratom. But, it’s still rated as one of the best alternatives to Kratom.

Alkaloids present in Mitragyna Javanica

Mitragynine is the most active alkaloid in the Kratom is useful for enhancing mood and relieving pain. On the other hand, this alkaloid is not present in Mitragyna Javanica. Instead, it contains Mitrajavine as an alternative, and it has plenty of 3-isoajmalicine as well. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about it because of no pharmacological tests were taken on Mitrajavine.

Comparison: Kratom v/s Mitragyna Javanica

Despite the fact that Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica are somewhat related to each other, no one could prove that Javanica is better than Kratom because most people are not aware of it. What is the essential difference between both of these herbs? Which one is stronger “Kratom or Mitragyna Javanica? Do they have same benefits? To know all the answers, continue reading this!

Mitragyna Javanica is perfect for those who are looking for a mild substitute of Kratom. Another big reason to buy it is that it is legal everywhere. People don’t face any issue while buying it. In addition, Mitragyna Javanica is not a strong antidepressant as compared to Kratom. It produces less dramatic stress relief.

Kratom also can reduce high blood pressure, however; this property is absent in Javanica. Both these herbs are much different when it comes to their function. In short, Mitragyna Javanica is not an entire substitute of Kratom. The only reason people use it as an alternative is that Kratom is not legal in many countries, unlike Javanica.

Is Mitragyna Javanica legal in the US?

In 1935, Thailand banned Kratom and many states in the US followed the same. That was the reason why public started searching for an alternative for Kratom and found Mitragyna Javanica. However, most of them were not happy with it because Mitragyna Javanica is not as promising as Kratom. Moreover, the best thing about Mitragyna Javanica is that it is legal and accessible everywhere. People of the US are getting to know about the uses of Kratom and its mild alternative – Mitragyna Javanica. So, more people are interested in buying it these days.

Mitragyna Javanica dosage and how to use?

mitragyna-javanica-dosageTo prepare tea, a hot cup of water requires around 10-20 grams of Mitragyna Javanica. Let it steep for almost 30 minutes. It is said that, Mitragyna Javanica doesn’t taste as intense or bitter as Kratom. So, it is more pleasant to have it instead! You can also fill 1 to 1.5 grams of Mitragyna Javanica in capsules for real stimulating and sedative effects.

Do your experiment with Mitragyna Javanica dosage in powder form. 1-2 grams is good for the beginners, and then you can gradually increase it to get your desired effects.

Users reviews of Mitragyna Javanica

User 1: I had taken two teaspoons of powdered Javanica. Its taste was not unpleasant. As a comparison with Kratom, it was less bitter. In addition to this, Mitragyna Javanica powder has the property to clump together. Whereas, Kratom powder is smooth and doesn’t form any clumps. After 3 hours of its consumption, I didn’t feel any nausea or a headache. Not feeling nausea is indeed a good thing! In short, it was a good experience for me.

User 2: Mitragyna Javanica is tasteless. I was not able to judge what it tasted like. Surely not bitter nor intense. But, because of its less painful nature, unlike Kratom, I realized that it doesn’t contain alkaloids. Mitragyna Javanica may work better for those who never tried Kratom before because they wouldn’t be able to compare these two. The bottom line is, this thing is surely not Kratom in any way!

Where can you buy Mitragyna Javanica?

Mitragyna Javanica can be bought from online vendors no matter wherever you live. This herb is easily available in different online stores. You can simply Google particular websites by pasting the keyword “buy Mitragyna Javanica online.” Relevant results will appear, and you can choose from the ones that suit your logistics.

The verdict

Mitragyna Javanica can’t replace Kratom for so many reasons, but it is good for those who want a mild substitute for it. Mitragyna Javanica is readily available and legal. Kratom, on the other hand, is illegal in some states. Mitragyna Javanica is available online, and it can be found in stores too. Without trying it, you can’t see its worth.



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