The love for gardening can lead you to plant morning glory flowers in your garden. Its distinctive shape, fascinating and vibrant colors are appreciable. However, the reason behind morning glory’s eminence is even more interesting. That is, if you munch the seeds of the morning glory flower, then inevitably it will make you high.

That is why its consumption and number are rising day by day. Besides, with every drug, the questions about its legitimacy and side effects can make you overlook the decision about its consumption. But despite all suspicions, people do not give up on drugs and that is the same case with morning glory seeds.

Well, to bring ease to your life, this article contains all the necessary information about morning glory seeds. Its side effects, way of consumption, and most grandly the safe way to eat morning glory seeds are also being discussed.

What Are Morning Glory Seeds, And Where Do They Come From?

Unlike other seeds, morning glory seeds contain D-lysergic acid amide or LSA, which has psychoactive properties. The side effects of eating morning glory seeds are quite similar to the consequences of D-lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD. Both the alkaloids lead users to experience hallucinations. If someone chews morning glory seed excessively or in vast quantities, then he or she has to suffer from diarrhea and some other diseases. That is why it is somewhat perilous to consume morning glory seeds.

On the other hand, people like to have morning glory seeds owing to their legality. But the DEA regarded morning glory seed as a schedule iii drug. Despite that, they can be bought or one can get morning glory seeds from its pot effortlessly. It requires the removal of flowers then you will see ripped seeds, make sure to let them dry first. Then soak the seeds in warm water before consuming them.

However, we cannot turn our blind eye toward the fact that morning glory seed is a type of drug. Many adolescents find it easy to get high through them because of its straightforward access, unlike other drugs. That is why its usage is not being recommended.

Best Time To Consume Morning Glory Seeds

Adequately, there is no such thing as the best time to consume morning glory seeds, since no research exhibits it yet. However, many consumers of morning glory seeds prefer to have them in the morning. But it is not advised to consume them when you have a busy morning plan. Since the reason behind glory seeds consumption is to get high. Therefore, most of the time, taking it during working hours can worsen things.

And what if you will have a bad trip? The whole day will be a nightmare in this case. That is why it is suggested that you should intake morning glory seeds in a peaceful environment. Even if it is midnight or dawn, it does not matter.

The adverse outcomes will be less if you get high when the chances of screwing up things are low.

Reasons Why People Consume Morning Glory Seeds

Like every other drug, people consume morning glory seeds to have fun and get high. However, unsimilar to other illicit drugs, morning glory seeds are allowable. That is why most drug users have shifted towards glory seeds. Yet, the access to morning glory seeds is child’s play and does not involve any penalty. This potentially adds numbers to the users.

On the other hand, Since users of LSA encounter hallucination, morning glory seeds are being used for spiritual purposes. History shows that hallucinogens like morning glory seeds are being used in sacred ceremonies for an extended time. And the goal behind this is to meet spiritual entities and to get disconnected from the materialistic world.

Nevertheless, LSA in morning glory seed is a type of hallucinogen. Therefore, people also consume them for recreational purposes.

In Particular, youngsters and teenagers consume morning glory seeds to slough the anxiety off.

Besides that, the availability of morning glory seeds in nurseries, medical stores, retail shops, and even in gardens increases its consumption to a great extent.

Side Effects Of Morning Glory Seeds

While coming to the side effects of morning glory seeds, it must be indicated that numerous users experience different effects. However, most of the time effects are similar or at least related. Outcomes might be both physical and psychological. And are determined from good to moderate to bad.

The experience of hallucinogens is primarily referred to as a trip. And this trip can be enjoyable or terrible. The bad trip comes up with awful experiences like a nightmare. Contrastingly, a good trip will be leisure.

The trip starts within almost 30 minutes and lasts approximately 8 hours.

The most common effects of chewing morning glory seeds are:

  • Hallucination
  • Diarrhoea
  • Cramps, mostly stomach cramps
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Deep and long sleep
  • Lethargy
  • Dilated pupils

On the other hand, people also complained that they endured anxiety and even paranoia with morning glory seeds.

Albert Hoffmann said that he encountered tiredness, detachment from the outer world, and mental abyss during his trip.

Nevertheless, some buyers of morning glory seeds surprisingly assert that they somewhat lost their appetite and memory during the trip. And it lasted for some time after the trip.

Contrastingly, a few users of morning glory seeds mentioned that their blood pressure and heart rates boosted to some extent during the trip.

Besides, if one is fortunate to have a good trip, then everything feels relaxing and soothing. Even the visuals and sound one experiences during a good trip are fun.

To summarise, tripping is not predictable. Some consumers do not experience even the most familiar effects of morning glory seeds for the very first time.

Moreover, no one can predict if he or she is going to have pleasant or bad trips. However, if one follows some techniques that withhold the users from having adverse post effects, then the possibilities of a bad trip can be lessened.

Ways To Consume Morning Glory Seeds

The method of consuming morning glory seeds is not variable. Like other seeds, most people prefer to chop the seeds first. Then they either engulf them or blend the seeds in tea. On the other hand, people who do not appreciate the taste of morning glory seeds usually mix them in their favorite food.

However, the morning glory seeds or any other seeds should not be consumed directly. Instead, seeds must be drenched in lukewarm water for some hours. It will assist the morning glory seed to fall its hard coat. Then after drying the seeds, one can chew them the way they like.

Tips To Consume Morning Glory Seeds

Well, consumption of the morning glory seeds is no doubt harmful. However, despite its risky side effects, people intake them to have fun.

Thus, some tips are mentioned right here to reduce the adverse effect of morning glory seeds. However, before enlisting them, it is required to point out that these techniques can reduce the chances of bad trips and dangerous effects. But both of them are possibilities. And we cannot guarantee that by following these tips and precautions you will have a good trip. Still, changes will be increased.

Take A Low Amount

If you are going to intake morning glory seeds for the first time, it is being offered to start with a low amount. By eating a low proportion of morning glory seeds, you can lessen the probability of a bad trip. At the first time, the user does not even know the normal effects of the drug. That is why low amounts will preserve you from dangerous effects.

Keep A Conscious Partner

To abstain from perilous outcomes of morning glory seeds, one should keep a conscious and sensible partner with her or himself. Even if you have a bad trip, the person can help you to get consciousness back easily and restrict you from harm. The effects and risks of consuming the morning glory seeds certainly cannot be managed by the consumer. Thus, a mindful partner can be the greatest aid.

Select A Safe Place

It is proposed to consume the morning glory seeds in a safe and agreeable environment. So that you will be apt to fulfill the motive of eating glory seeds. Avoid crowded and noisy places. Such an environment can enhance the chances of harmful outcomes. Plus, if you consume morning glory seeds for spiritual or recreational purposes, sadly, it cannot be accomplished in such places.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

While consuming the morning glory seeds, hydration can save you from its post effects. Diarrhea and nausea are common side effects in which the body loses a lot of water. So if you drink a considerable proportion of water, you will overcome the unfavorable effects handily.

Avoid Antidepressants

If you take antidepressants, then it is instructed to avoid the consumption of morning glory seeds. As these seeds contain LSA, which has psychoactive properties, antidepressants can lead to unfriendly side effects. That is why giving up on either antidepressants or morning glory seeds is being suggested. The consumption of both sides by side can be troublesome.

The Bottom Line

Well, since access to the morning glory seeds is legitimate, we cannot facilitate its consumption.

Still, it is always a better and deliberate aspect to search about medicines, drugs, or even new food before consuming them. Awareness can spare you from undesirable outcomes. 

Nonetheless, if the risks of chewing morning glory seeds may desist you from consuming it, then it is appreciable. Otherwise, if you decide to consume it regardless, then make sure to follow the precautions.



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