Banana Kush feminized seeds give you the chance to grow your crop of this tropically tasty cultivar. Banana Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid famous for its fantastic, fruity flavors and potent effects.

Tantalizing tastes, succulent scents, and huge yields make Banana Kush a firm favorite with indica fans. The added benefit of feminized seeds means more productive harvests for those up to the challenge.

If your interest is piqued, stick around to find out everything there is to know about this heavenly hybrid. You’ll learn about the fragrance, flavors, effects, and medicinal uses of Banana Kush below. You’ll also find useful tips on growing your own feminized Banana Kush seeds inside or out.

Banana Kush Feminized Seeds Description

Breeders created Banana Kush feminized seeds to give home growers the best chance at cultivating a productive, all-female crop of Banana Kush cannabis.

Feminized cannabis seeds don’t have a Y-chromosome. As a result, they sprout into female plants in 99.9% of cases. If you’re looking to maximize your yields, using feminized marijuana seeds is your best option.

Feminized Banana Kush seeds develop into moderately tall, bushy plants exhibiting a blend of sativa and indica growth characteristics. This strain is perfect for experienced growers who can satisfy their needs and provide a consistent environment.

Banana Kush produces enormous, dense flowers coated with trichomes as harvest draws near. Smoking the delightfully aromatic and flavorful buds provides a pleasing combination of mental and physical effects.

You’ll find detailed info on Banana Kush feminized seeds in the following sections. Before moving on, here are all the facts briefly laid out below, giving you an idea of what to expect when growing feminized Banana Kush seeds.

  • Seed Type: Banana Kush feminized seeds
  • Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Genetic Background: Ghost OG x Skunk Haze
  • THC: 17–21%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Flowering Time: 7–9 weeks
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxing, sedative
  • Flavor / Aroma: Earthy, sweet, tropical
  • Indoor yield: 18 oz. / m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21 oz. / m²
  • Height: 3–4 feet
  • Grow Difficulty: Intermediate to expert

Banana Kush Feminized Effects

Grow feminized Banana Kush seeds, and you’ll get more than just tropical flavors. Staggeringly high amounts of cannabinoids make for a long-lasting and heavy-hitting experience that’s perfect for whiling away a lazy evening alone or with friends.

Although Banana Kush is indica-dominant, that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of sativa effects. Spark up, and you’ll be treated to an opening volley of pleasing cerebral sensations. A wave of uplifting euphoria takes you to a place of pure bliss and puts giant grins on the faces of even the most somber smokers.

The sativa side of this cultivar is powerful but short-lived. The elevating mental properties of Banana Kush leave you in the perfect mindset to enjoy this strain’s indica side.

You won’t be left waiting long for Banana Kush’s deeply relaxing effects to emerge. As the upbeat feelings begin to taper off, a delightfully mellow buzz creeps in to take its place. Physical stress and tension evaporate under the mollifying quality of Banana Kush.

Moderate amounts leave you completely content to lounge happily without causing extreme couch lock. Continued consumption enhances the cannabis’ sedative side, making moving feel as though you’re submerged in molasses. Before long, eyelids get heavy, and the thoughts of deep sleep become incredibly attractive.

Cannabis grown with Banana Kush feminized seeds has a lot to offer medicinal users. While CBD levels are low, the double-header of effects may still provide relief for various issues.

The mood-boosting qualities of this strain may help to ease feelings of anxiety and depression. Banana Kush also delivers a shot of optimism and confidence, acting as a powerful social lubricant for more introverted users.

Medicinal users may also find Banana Kush’s strong indica properties alleviate physical issues such as cramps, chronic pain, or muscular tension. Insomniacs find this strain’s sedative effects to be highly effective in combating sleeplessness.

Feminized Banana Kush seeds produce cannabis which contains 17–21% THC and 0–2% CBD. If you’re unsure of your tolerance levels, it’s best to take things slow and steady with this one.

Such high cannabinoid levels can produce some adverse effects in larger doses. Overdo it, and you may experience slight dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia. These side effects can be easily avoided by pacing yourself, so consume moderation for an entirely enjoyable smoking experience.

Banana Kush Feminized Flavors

Cannabis grown with Banana Kush feminized seeds possesses a uniquely tropical array of tastes and smells to delight the senses.

The vivid green colas begin exuding their exotic aroma as soon as flowering begins. Earthy and sweet drool-inducing scents swirl and mingle in the air, silently promising an exquisite smoke.

The alluring smell given off by cured Banana Kush is even more appealing. Breaking open the crystal-coated buds releases a deliciously fruity fragrance that seeps into your nose and brings a freshly picked hand of bananas to mind.

Spark up, and you’re treated to an equally impressive taste. Earthy Kush notes and a hazy sweetness coat your tongue and its distinct banana flavor. Exhaling the smooth, creamy smoke leaves a sweet aftertaste with slight woody undertones.

How to germinate Banana Kush Feminized Seeds?

Once you’ve gotten hold of some Banana Kush feminized seeds, it’s time to germinate. Germination is simple and shouldn’t present any issues for experienced growers, especially when using premium quality cannabis seeds.

Cannabis seeds need the right conditions to germinate. Providing these conditions is straightforward and probably the easiest part of growing feminized Banana Kush seeds.

Planting cannabis seeds directly in moist soil is a perfectly acceptable way to germinate, but many growers prefer methods they can monitor. Another option is to use a germination chamber, but you’ll need to pay for the privilege.

Instead, why not save some money and follow one of the following germination procedures. Both require just one or two ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen and cost next to nothing. These methods also allow you to easily check your Banana Kush feminized seeds’ progress.

First up is the tumbler method. You’ll need a glass tumbler and some bottled or purified water. Using the latter is important, as tap water in many countries contains chlorine, affecting germination rates.

Once you have the required materials, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Place your Banana Kush feminized seeds in the tumbler and cover them with an inch or two of water.
  1. Leave the glass undisturbed for 12–24 hours in a dark, warm place. A cupboard or drawer does the job nicely. Over the next few hours, your cannabis seeds take on water and sink to the bottom of the glass.
  1. Your feminized Banana Kush seeds should start to open after 24–48 hours, but don’t worry if some take a little longer. Seeds with thick casings can take up to five days to germinate. As soon as you see white taproots emerge from your seeds, remove them from the glass and plant them, root down, in their beginner pots.

You’ll need two plates, absorbent paper towels, and purified water for this next method.

When you’ve gathered the requisite materials, go ahead and follow these five steps:

  1. Douse two paper towels with the water and gently wring out the excess moisture afterward. The towels should be damp, not soaked.
  1. Place a damp towel on one of the plates, then arrange the Banana Kush feminized seeds on the towel with around an inch left between each seed.
  1. Use the second damp towel to cover the seeds, then use the other plate to enclose the seeds inside.
  1. Put your homemade germination chamber in a warm, dark place and let nature work. Check-in every twelve hours, ensuring the towels remain damp throughout. If the towels dry out, moisten them with some more purified water.
  1. Your Banana Kush feminized seeds should pop open within a day or two. Carefully move any opened seeds into their starter pots. Any unopened seeds left after 6–7 days may be unviable, but this is highly unlikely.

Use the above methods to quickly and easily germinate your Banana Kush feminized seeds.

Banana Kush Feminized Seeds Grow Information

The majority of growers tend to plant Banana Kush feminized seeds indoors, where you can easily control the environment. Outdoor cultivation is possible under the right conditions, but unfavorable weather can introduce mold and bud rot problems.

When it comes to medium, feminized Banana Kush seeds thrive in either hydroponics or soil. Hydroponics allows you to regulate nutrients and avoid overfeeding or nute-burn. Soil-based setups enhance the terpene profile of the cannabis, creating richer fragrances and flavors.

For indoor setups, maintain a temperature of 68–80°F in your grow room. Regulating relative humidity (RH) is important when growing Banana Kush feminized seeds. The tightly-packed flowers can succumb to mold or mildew in damp, humid conditions. Limit RH to 50–60% during the bulk of flowering, and reduce a further 10% for the last two weeks.

Keep your Banana Kush plants well-trimmed and lavish with plenty of TLC, and they’ll reward you with a significant haul of cannabis. Indoor yields average an impressive 18 oz./m² after 7–9 weeks of flowering.

Outdoor growers have great success sowing feminized Banana Kush seeds in the right climate. You’ll need plenty of sun and temperate, warm weather to get the best out of these seeds. Clearer weather causes Banana Kush to reach greater heights and larger yields.

You’ll need to spend plenty of time pruning Banana Kush outdoors. Cutting back larger fan leaves allows light to penetrate down through the plants and facilitate greater airflow. Pruning is especially important when growing feminized Banana Kush seeds, given their susceptibility to mold in damp conditions.

Growers in the Northern Hemisphere should consider planting Banana Kush feminized seeds in a greenhouse to keep the plants dry. Harvest no later than October and expect your plot to provide up to 21 oz./m² under optimal conditions.

Banana Kush Feminized Seeds Genetics

Breeders created Banana Kush feminized seeds by fusing the Kush-derived Ghost OG with the pervasively aromatic Skunk Haze.

Ghost OG is a specially developed OG Kush phenotype with a heavy-hitting, pine-and-citrus flavored buzz. Like many Kush hybrids, Ghost OG is a sturdy and resilient cultivar that delivers a well-balanced set of mental and physical effects.

Skunk Haze is a spacey hybrid of Skunk #1 and Haze. Skunk Haze plants tend to be tall and leggy with light, fluffy buds that don’t get too dense. Tricky to grow and hard to conceal, Skunk Haze provides users with an intense cerebral smoking experience.

The resulting Banana Kush is a strain that brings the best of both parents to the table. Easier to grow than Skunk Haze, but more difficult than Ghost OG, you’ll need some experience growing before tackling this one.

Check out the lineage of Banana Kush feminized seeds below:

OG KushGhost OG    Banana Kush feminized
Skunk #1  Skunk Haze

Where to buy Banana Kush Feminized Seeds?

Banana Kush is a well-established strain, so finding seeds shouldn’t prove too difficult. You’ve got a few different options for purchasing Banana Kush feminized seeds; let’s take a look.

If you live in a legalized state, check out your local head shops for feminized Banana Kush seeds. Always ask your store how long they’ve had their seeds; you don’t want to buy old ones that haven’t been stored correctly.

Another avenue you can take is to purchase your Banana Kush feminized seeds from a medicinal dispensary. These places usually store their marijuana seeds properly, and their quality should be as expected. One thing to remember is you’ll need a medical cert to complete any purchases here.

Buying marijuana seeds online is an excellent choice. You’ll get better prices and more options from established online seed banks.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place to purchase these Banana Kush feminized seeds. Head over to their site, where you can learn more about the strain to help you make an informed purchase.

A Truly a-peeling Hybrid

Growing Banana Kush feminized seeds require a deal of experience to get the best results but are well worth the effort. These feminized seeds make things easier, guaranteeing a productive crop of plants without a pollen sac in sight.

If you like the sound of this high-yielding taste sensation, treat yourself and pick up a pack of Banana Kush feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. today. Their dedicated customer service team will pack your marijuana seeds discreetly and ship them to your door in days.



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