You probably notice new products frequently appearing in a dispensary near you as cannabis’ popularity continues to rise. If you’ve been researching the latest gadgets available, you’ve heard about wax pens.

Are you curious about what makes them unique, what draws people to them, and whether they will meet your needs? You can trust us. Continue reading to learn everything you need about wax pens, including how to use them and why they might be the right choice for you.

How does a Wax Pen work?

Wax pens are designed to use cartridges or pods containing oils and other additives. The oils are heated into vapor in an atomizer before being inhaled.

When you turn on the battery, the coils in the atomizers are heaten up. Since they are made with metals, the coils reach maximum temperatures required to vaporize the wax.

Using a wax pen is easy: heat it and place your concentrate on the coils in the atomizing chamber. Your wax is instantly melted by the atomizer’s heat, resulting in vapor. This vapor can be inhaled to simulate the dabbing experience and its adverse effects without using any butane.

How to Use Wax Pen?

Let’s look at using a wax pen in more detail now that we have a better understanding of what it is. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is and offer expert advice to simplify it.

The first step is turning on the device by pressing the power button five times. Most vape pens will illuminate to let you know when they have successfully turned on.

The power button will then need to be pressed and held. The atomizer will receive a stream of power. As a result, you are producing vapor. You can take a hit as soon as you press and have the power button because it produces vapor instantly. Depending on the viscosity of what you’re vaping, it might take a few seconds to get thick, potent vapor hits.

Take slow, deliberate puffs to get the most vapor from the pen. As wax concentrates can be potent, start with smaller drags and work your way up to filling your lungs more as you get more comfortable with your vape.

You should press the power button five times to turn the device off after your fill of vaping. Any steps requiring a control will be skipped if your vape has a draw-fire mechanism. Instead, you’ll draw on the device, producing vapor. Stop puffing when you’re finished! The gadget will shut off by itself.

How To clean your Wax Pen?

Anyone who enjoys a rich, intense vaping experience should try wax extracts. They are not ideal for those who detest cleaning, though, as wax can be messy. However, you must regularly clean your wax vaporizer to continue enjoying your extracts.

Here are a few steps that will make cleanup easy for you :

  • Put it in its highest temperature setting and set it upside-down on a paper towel. This makes cleaning easier and enables the heating element to eliminate any sticky residue.
  • Next, pour isopropyl alcohol into a tiny glass bowl.
  • After the atomizer has cooled, disassemble the gadget to reveal the battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece.
  • Avoid touching the coils as you clean the inside of the heating chamber with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. The atomizer should soak in the small bowl of alcohol for at least 30 minutes if there is more residue inside than a swab can handle.
  • While your atomizer is soaking, clean the battery’s thread with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The stickier residue can be removed with the aid of a cleaning brush.
  • To clear away any buildup or obstructions, clean the mouthpiece with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.
  • After cleaning, rinse with warm water, let it air dry, and then reassemble.

Pros and Cons of Wax Pens

Since wax pens are portable, you can put them in your pocket and go about your day with the assurance that you can get high whenever and wherever you want. It’s a fantastic option for concentrate enthusiasts looking for a replacement for conventional vape pens/pods. You can also sneak up on them and hit them without anyone noticing.

When ingesting concentrates, temperature preservation is the goal. Each hit from the wax pen should be exploding with flavor. With 2 to 4 preset temperatures on most wax pens, you can customize a range of temperatures for the most flavorful experience.

Wax pens are a great and straightforward option if you start with concentrates. However, it’s essential to recall that wax concentrates have some of the highest concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids.

Safety Tips When Vaping/ Dabbing

Even though dabbing and vaping are generally regarded as safer than smoking, there are some safety precautions and risks you should be aware of:

  • Only write with a pen that was made to correspond with concentrates. Using the incorrect pen type could be dangerous because some pens are only for dry herbs or e-liquids.
  • Make sure your pen is fully charged. Overcharging has the potential to harm the battery and start a fire.
  • Never leave your pen on a heat source or close to one. The pen might get too hot and catch fire due to this.
  • Make sure to keep your pen. This might harm the atomizer and lead to a leak in pen.
  • Develop good cleaning and maintenance routines for pens. Your pen needs to be cleaned frequently for optimum performance and to avoid leaking. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your pen.
  • You can use a toothpick or Q-tip to clear the opening if your cartridge becomes clogged. Use only blunt objects to avoid damaging the cartridge.
  • When not in use, keep your pen out of the reach of kids and animals in an excellent, dry location. Small pieces might present a choking risk.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt,  wax pens are excellent choices for individuals looking for a covert way to use concentrates. Whether you want to vape at home or on the go, these devices have a lot to offer. When you’ve mastered the fundamentals, wax pens are practical tools to add to your cannabis toolbox.



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