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Today, we are reviewing Zion Herbals; a U.S. based Kratom brand that offers multiple botanicals as well. Zion Herbals is in the market since 2015, and since then, it has continued to stun people with their absolute fantastic product line. Kratom is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., which is why you will see a lot of people selling it on their platforms.

No matter if you are fit as a fiddle or not, you can use Kratom or its extracts as energy boosters as well. Many people prefer Kratom over antibiotics as it is herbal and comes directly from a tree. What else is there to trust its genuineness? However, you will find many vendors that are selling bogus products.

Alarming, right?

But it’s true. People do like to play with your health, but it’s up to you if you give them a chance or not. So, if you are planning to purchase Kratom from any online store, then this review will help you a lot. Keep reading!

Reason To Write This Review

If you are new to Kratom, then you might not be aware of so many scams on the internet. This review will help you get to see if Zion herbals is a good brand for you or not. This review will help you discover either a new trustworthy Kratom brand or help you recognize just another internet scam. You will get to know once you reach the bottom of this article!

Let’s cut you some slack and begin with the review!

What Can You Get From The Brand?

The question must be more like, “what is that you can’t get from this brand”?

No matter if you want Kratom, CBD Hemp, or Green Tea, you will get everything from Zion Herbals. However, if you are ordering from them, then you must know everything about their top products.

You can buy Kratom tinctures, extracts, powder, and capsules from Zion Herbals. This brand is famous for its amazing quality, Kratom tinctures. Apart from it, their 24K gold Kratom extract is also the center of many customer reviews online.

The Supreme Blend from this brand is also one of their best sellers, so if you are looking for something to purchase, don’t forget to check their top products. This is not it; Zion Herbals is a top-class brand that has a wide range of products.

Their products include Blue Lotus, Akuamma Seed Powder, Botanafresh CBD Hemp Extract Gum, Green Tea Crushed Leaf, CBD capsule, Kanna extract powder, Mitragyna javanica, Tongat Ali, Organic red clover flowers, Livity extract, Kola nut powder, Klip Dagga whole leaf, and many more.

In short words, Zion Herbals is one store for all your needs!

You will find a vast range of products on their website from where you can easily order your favorite products. Do not worry about the quality; all of their products are equally amazing!

Note that it’s not only Zion Herbal’s products that you will find on their website. They sell herbal products from five different brands, including their own. The brands are Smilin Island Sauces, Nine Mile Botanicals, Indo Leaf, and Home Grown Soaps.

Try it for yourself and get the best online Kratom shopping experience with Zion Herbals!

How Heavy Will It Be On Your Pocket?

Here comes the main question and let me spell it out in exact words, “will I have to pay an arm and a leg for it”?

The answer is yes, and no. In reality, Zion Herbals is very affordable, but if you are purchasing single products, then they might feel like a little expensive. However, do not forget… QUALITY MATTERS!

If we sum it up, if you love using Kratom and mind it when I say it “Quality Kratom,” then you will not regret spending even a penny on it.

Since the brand has a lot of products on their website, so quoting all of their prices can be tricky.

However, you can get their Maeng Da Kratom capsules for $7.99, but if you are purchasing in bulk, you can get 1000gms of Red or Green Maeng Da in less than $100. Saw the difference?

The 100gms of Supreme Blend and 10 counts of Gold Reserve can cost you around $39.99 and $49.99, respectively. You can also purchase tincture from their store at a fair price of $19.99.

So, if you are looking to purchase something for yourself from their store, I will prefer to order in bulk.

However, if you cannot do that, then they have various options for you, as well.

You need to be sure if you are investing your money in the right place, and I assure you Zion Herbals is beyond amazing. If you have never used Kratom, CBD, or other herbal products on their website, then it’s time for you to get your hands on it.

Buying Kratom at such prices is very appealing. They offer an excellent choice of strain, and their other herbs are equally effective as their Kratom. Do no wait up for others to try it. Just try it and get an unforgettable experience. I am sure you will end up ordering again and again from Zion Herbals!

Nitty-Gritty Of The Brand

Here comes the main part after the product range and prices. In this part of the article, you will get to know the smallest deets about the Zion Herbals. So, buckle up and keep reading!

1) Shipping Options

Different vendors use different options to ship their products. Zion Herbals use USPS or UPS to deliver the products to customers. These shipping companies are known for their incredible service and fast shipping.

Zion Herbals send their products without marking them. You can get refunds/returns on items that are applicable for it. Also, they deliver products in standard shipping time. Typically, customers have reported that they received their product before time so that you can keep a good expectation with them.

Zion Herbals make sure that customers receive products in the original form and with no cracks or fault. Customers do look very happy with their product shape, thanks to their exceptional packaging.

2) Payment Options

Despite its amazing product quality, great pricing, and other things, this brand only accepts payments from limited credit cards.

Several other top Kratom companies allow users to pay through Zelle, Bitcoin, and many other options, but it is not possible here at Zion Herbals.

However, the brand is trying their best to reach to that point, but the current ban on Kratom in certain countries make transactions difficult.

3) Medical Claims

Zion Herbals does not impose any medical claims or show it off on any of their social media account or website. Despite this, they have mentioned at the bottom of their website that the U.S.

Food & Drug Administration does not evaluate their products. Their products are not eligible for any treatment, prevention, and cure of any illness.

4) AKA GMP Qualified

No, Zion Herbals is not qualified by AKA GMP. Their non-qualification might encourage many people to not purchase from Zion Herbals, but once you try it, you will become a fan of it!

5) Lab Test Reports

Zion Herbal individually tests their products at the Wonderland Labs, but there is no proof of such on their website.

Mostly websites that test their products posts lab test reports on their official website as proof, but that is not the case with Zion Herbals.

It might lead many customers into the abyss to dwell over the fact if they should or should not purchase from Zion Herbals.

6) Social Media Presence

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Zion Herbals is very active on their social media platforms, so follow them and get all the updates first-hand from the brand itself!

7) Customer Reviews

There are tons of customer reviews on the product’s quality, customer service, shipping, and pricing.

Many people have given positive reviews about their products’ quality, with most of them on 24K gold Kratom extract and Supreme Blend. Almost everyone recommends these two products by Zion Herbals!

8) Discount/Special Offers

Zion Herbals gives out discount offers from time to time, often limited-time special discounts as well. You can get free shipping on orders above $50. Keep checking their social media as they often give out coupon codes!

9) Customer Service

From customer reviews, it is clear that you will not be left unattended if, unfortunately, you face any undesirable situation with Zion Herbals. They are quick to respond and resolve issues within no time. You can trust Zion Herbals with all your heart!

Our Verdict

To sum it all up for you, Zion Herbals is the best brand that offers,

  • Great quality products
  • Amazing prices
  • Incredible packaging
  • Outstanding customer service

On the flip side, they also have some cons including,

  • No lab test reports
  • Non-qualified by AKA GMP
  • A little expensive

If you take my opinion, then you must give Zion Herbals a try if you want to experience something great in such prices. I am sure you will be stunned as I was!



  1. PS thank you for the review my brother has on the company for 11 years and he puts his heart and soul into it as well as legislative awareness scientists clean lab facilities, and by the way he is GMP certified.


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