One of the strongest strains of Kratom is Maeng Da. It comes in various strains depending on the color of the central vein of the leaf. Red Maeng da is considered very potent and effective. The other usual types of Maeng da are White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da.

Yellow Maeng Da is an unusual form of Kratom. It can be considered a mystery because we do not have a yellow central vein of the Kratom leaf. This article will be discussing the properties of a very rare strain of Kratom that is not available in many parts of the world and is usually imported from Indonesia.

What Is Yellow Maeng Da and Where Has It Originated From?

Yellow Maeng DaYellow Maeng da, also known as the gold powder is mostly originated from Indonesia where this strain is called as Kuning. This strain is not naturally grown, but it is created. It’s a fact that Kratom leaf can only have three types of veins; red, green and white.

Yellow veined Kratom leaves do not exist naturally. So, if you ever come across any site that states yellow veined Kratom, they are just fooling you. There’s no such thing as a yellow vein.

You can create Yellow Maeng da kratom in some ways. During fermentation the alkaloids in the leaves change, resulting in a different aroma, flavor and of course color. Fermentation can be done by different methods. Mostly the leaves are piled up (stacked on top of each other).

The process needs warm air as well as moisture. Moisture can be achieved by moist towels, rain etc. Doing this process indoors has far more benefits as the external environment agents are known to damage the alkaloids in the leaf.

The sun and rain can be a source of damage too. The warm air and moisture generate heat that results in the release of natural ammonia which changes the levels of alkaloids in the leaf.

The leaves are periodically rotated throughout the process. Usually, the process takes around 7 to 10 days. The process needs to be done very carefully because usually, you end up degrading the leaf to the extent that it is no more useful.

Some farmers add stuff to these leaves during the yellowing process like cat’s claw which is known to cause miscarriages in pregnant women.

The addition of substances to Kratom during the process doesn’t help with the yellowing but improves the potency of Kratom. Most of these farmers do not even tell that they are mixing stuff into their Kratom leaves.

How Effective Is Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

It is said that Yellow Maeng Da Kratom is highly effective. This is something that is claimed by the users because research on Kratom is quite scanty.

A research group known as BioMed Research International published an article in a journal based on the origin and evaluation of Kratom. Out of 113 research studies included in this peer-reviews, 18 were cut due to irrelevancy. The rest of the 95 studies covered the pharmacology including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, identification of alkaloids, characteristics of alkaloids, toxicology of Kratom and its epidemiology.

The research studies covered topics like the motivation to buy Kratom, its legal status, its effects and the myths related to Kratom.

By far it is the most detailed and comprehensive research study. This study has proven that Kratom has a huge efficacy and its alkaloids can be changed by methods including fermentation.

Similarly, another study published in Frontiers of Psychiatry talked about the high efficacy of Kratom and especially Yellow Maeng Da Kratom. The data obtained for this study covered a time span of 10 years.

The study concluded by saying that Kratom enhances immunity, improves mood and reduces appetite. It is an effective painkiller and provides relief from stress while having anti-inflammatory action in the body.

Comparison of Yellow Maeng Da Kratom and Traditional Yellow Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent strains of Kratom. It is mainly derived from Thailand. Yellow Maeng Da has all the properties of a traditional Maeng Da, but the natural effects are amplified in Yellow Maeng Da Kratom as it is processed in a way to enhance its properties.

Yellow Maeng Da has more beneficial effects than classical Maeng Da. It provides a lot of energy and improves mood significantly. It makes one highly active, confident and energetic.

If taken in the morning it induces high energy. The effects of Yellow Maeng Da are way more intense and long-lasting than classical Maeng Da.

What Effects Are Produced By Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

brainstormingIt has all the benefits that a classical Maeng Da can provide, but the effects provided by Yellow Maeng da kratom are way more enhanced. It is very stable, and its effects are long-lasting.

At a medium dose, it evokes intense brainstorming activity. Yellow Maeng Da kratom improves cognition and learning capabilities. It helps in improving memory and also increases concentration span.

It enhances thinking and expands the mental capabilities making one more sharp and intelligent. It doesn’t allow one to get tired easily and reduces fatigue. It promotes activity and elevates mood. It increases enthusiasm and helps in building stamina.

It also can induce euphoria at high doses. Yellow Maeng Da has a strong analgesic effect. It also acts as a sedative at higher doses bringing about relaxation and calmness.

What Are The Side Effects of Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

nauseaUsing Yellow Maeng Da kratom in the wrong way can result in certain side effects that are common to all strains of Kratom. Overdosing on Yellow Maeng Da kratom may result in excessive sedation.

Taking Yellow Maeng da kratom in excess in routine can result in the development of dependence which can lead to addiction too. Taking this strain or any other strain regularly develops a tolerance which means you need more and more of Kratom to experience the effects of Kratom.

The usual complaints of nausea and sometimes vomiting. This occurs because of the unpleasant taste and smell of Yellow Maeng Da Kratom. Improperly taking this strain can result in adverse effects which means that every user is not at risk of developing these side effects.

Some users have reported that they experience dizziness, lethargy, diarrhoea, upset stomach after excessive use of Kratom.

What Is The Right Dosage of Yellow Maeng Da kratom?

Yellow Maeng da kratom is superior to any strain of Kratom so the dosage must be carefully monitored. Users state that even low doses of Maeng da Yellow kratom induce quick effects.

It is recommended that you take low doses of Yellow Maeng Da kratom initially and then gradually increase your dosage to avoid any side effects. The dose at which you will begin to notice effects is around 1-2 mg of Yellow Maeng Da Kratom.

At this dose, you will get the desired effects, but it depends on the quality of the strain and the reliability of the vendor from whom you purchased the strain.

Ideally, users state that it works best in the range of 2-5mg. You need a little of your experimentation to find out the correct dose for yourself. The effects last up to 10 hours or more.

What Are User Reviews About Yellow Maeng Da kratom?

Users have given positive reviews about this strain of kratom. They like it. One user narrated about a toothache. He took the Yellow Maeng Da tester that was sent to him by his vendor. He had instant effects after taking it.

According to him, the effects lasted for a long time, longer than any strain he has had before. He also experienced a strong euphoria followed by calmness and relaxation. According to users, it has been rated as follows;

  • Sedation= 4.2/10
  • Stimulation= 6.5/10
  • Pain relief= 4/10
  • Euphoria= 6/10
  • Nausea= 5/10


Yellow Maeng da kratom is a new and unique variant of Kratom, and it has enhanced effects. It has the benefits that are provided by classical Maeng Da but is more potent and effective.

However, with this efficacy, it is reported that the side effects produced by Yellow Maeng Da kratom are very mild in nature and rare in occurrence. You can try it too but ensure that you get it from a reliable vendor who doesn’t claim to derive this strain from ‘Yellow veined Kratom leaves’.




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