If you have been thinking as to which is the right vendor to buy Kratom online, you are in luck as you are in the right place. Here you will find the two best Kratom vendors who we have assessed based on user ratings. Of course, personal preference always plays a part in what works best for you. But this will give you some general guideline as to which site you should consider to purchase Kratom from.

For every consumer, the first prerequisite is the best quality product. Also, consider looking at the reviews, customer service and competitive price. A great variety occurs especially in price. Many vendors also offer to send sample before you make the purchase. Samples give you an idea what Kratom will suit you best. If you want to opt for this option, then Google “Kratom Samples” and find vendors that offer you the option of samples in exchange for a review of their product.

Here are the top two Kratom vendors online that we recommend the most:

Kratom Crazy

Kratomcrazy.com remains in on our top list as is a great online Kratom vendor which has drawn a lot of users towards it. The main reason for its large fan following is the extensive range of quality Kratom which they sell and create in different variations.

kratom crazy reviewThey have a huge Kratom department which carries almost every kind of strain, even the ones that are rare and seldom available, from Maeng Da, Sumatra White Vein, Red Vein Borneo, Green Malay and many other types of Kratom. Their Kratom is shipped directly from the US to any other part of the world, but there are some countries where they don’t offer their service. Whether you want to go for a small or bulk amount of Kratom you are in the right place, when it comes to Kratom Crazy.

Their kratom is said to be collected from mature trees in Indonesia and Thailand, which are chosen from the absolute best Kratom trees to guarantee the most noteworthy mitragynine alkaloid content conceivable. A lot of customers stated that every order received guarantees quality and freshness. If you are looking to find a wide collection of raw Kratom strains and fascinating items, they are all accessible at KratomCrazy.com

Products & Pricing

Kratom Crazy Customer Reviews

Kratom Crazy Customers Reviews

(Read our Kratom Crazy review here)

Kratom Crazy Coupon Code

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Happy Hippo Herbals

happy-hippo-herbals-reviewIn case you’re searching for finely-processed Mitragyna Speciosa of high quality and freshness at reasonable costs, this is the correct spot. Happy Hippo Herbals guarantee to ship same-day for requests set before 12:30 pm CST amid the week and 12 pm CST on Saturdays, and do everything conceivable to make your visit charming. Orders get 10-30% more item through free samples (which you select!) and other additional surprises.

They have a wide range of Kratom strains sorted out in the form of slow, moderate and fast. Different Kratom strains are for the different effects will let you choose the best one. Here on table we have list down the which strain comes under right category.

Products & Pricing

  • Newbie Hippo Starter Pack – $40.00 for 3oz
  • Elite Elephant (Super Green Malaysian) – from $14.00
  • Happy Hippo I (Super Green Indo)- from $13
  • Hippo Stem & Vein (Stem & Vein) – $20.00 for 4oz
  • Hulu Hippo (Dark Pink-Green Hulu Kapuas) – from $13.00
  • Kicker! Hippo (Super Green Indo Rural Farm) –  from $13.00
  • Pleasant Green Hippo (Green Sumatra & Blue Lotus) – from $13.00
  • Red Hot Hippo (Red-Vein Thai) – from $13.00
  • Rockstar Hippo (Elite White Maeng Da) – from $14.00
  • Sleepy Hippo (Deep Jungle Yellow Sumatra) – from $14.00
  • Smiley Horned Hippo (Super Red Horned) – from $13.00
  • Snuggie Hippo (Blonde Indo) – from $13.00
  • Super Mojo Hippo (Smooth Green Maeng Da) – from $16.00
  • White Hippo (White-Vein Borneo) – from $12.00
  • Happy Hippo II (Red-Vein Borneo) – from $13.00
  • Bali Hippo (Top-Shelf Bali) – from $14.00
  • Hyper Hippo (Elite Maeng Da) – from $16.00
  • Magic Hippo (Red Sundanese-Java) – from $ $16.00

Happy Hippo Coupon Code

Happy Hippo Herbals offer various discounts / coupon codes for the first time Kratom users. Here below we have the latest Happy Hippo Herbals coupons to let you save a few bucks.

In A NutShell

There is nothing more important than the criteria of the Kratom user reviews. All over the internet, you will come across different Kratom communities, forum, and groups where actual users have put in their real experiences and reviews.

There are discussions regarding the effects and quality of the product. Which Kratom vendor is best for buying? So before you make your purchase from any website please first search online for its reviews.

What we have experienced so far is that Kratom Crazy is consistently getting high marks for almost everything. They are rated best for their high-quality Kratom, trustworthiness, quick delivery, good customer services and competitive prices. We have come across hundred of reviews written online by all kinds of users from around the globe for its reliability and trust. We recommend that you visit the website and compare their products with other sites and then make the best decision.

If you select any of these two online Kratom vendors to purchase your Kratom from, we are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.



  1. Just want to point out that there is no way Kratom Crazy sources any of there kratom from Thailand. Kratom is illegal in Thailand and therefore cannot be exported. Although many strains of kratom originated in Thailand, they are almost exclusively grown in and imported from Indonesia.


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