The distressing feeling of pain is the common problem among all age groups. The nervous system triggers it and eventually spreads to the corresponding area or the whole body. Ordinary people are the victim of sharp and dull pains which come and go on their own.

A self-medication of pain management involves over the counter pain killers which regarded as safe. What if you are told that you can control pain by a healthy herbal alternative? Nature has blessed us with medical treatments hidden in herbs which are waiting to be utilized. This review will explain an astonishing herbal alternative which you can rely upon without doubt.

Kratom as a natural pain relief supplement

For ages, Kratom has widely used for overcoming mild and chronic pain. It is the South-east Asian native plant which has distributed worldwide after the studies on its magical properties were made. Some people doubt it legal status.

Some parts of the world have approved it as a standard drug, but the rest have not approved it yet. That is why they cannot access it. The good news is that there is an equally potent herbal alternative of Kratom which provides same benefits to you and it’s none other than white willow bark.

White Willow Bark – an overview

The use of white willow bark is as ancient as history itself is. In 400 BC people were advised to chew the white willow bark to cure fever and swelling. It’s a part of traditional medicine of China and Europe. The prolonged medical use of white willow bark has proved it useful for pain management such as back pain, headache, body pain and inflammation.

Research by Department of Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science Institute, School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea proved it to be one of the most potential anti-inflammatory chemicals from an herbal origin.

It is helpful in severe medical conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Medicinal usage of White Willow Bark

White Willow bark has been widely used to relief in pain. The active chemical responsible for making it powerful for pain management is salicin which is commonly found in stem and bark of the plant.

Some other chemicals like polyphenols and flavonoids of white willow bark extract work as powerful antioxidants, antiseptic and immune boosters without any harmful health effects.

White Willow Bark as a natural analgesic

The bark of white willow contains a specialized chemical “salicin” which is similar to aspirin. The natural flavonoids of the plant mix with salicin and give a powerful effect of analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound. Initially, it was used to make aspirin in the 19th century. Its effects are slower than aspirin but more durable and safe.

Specific Uses


White willow bark cure problem. The commercially available painkillers often disturb digestive system and cause gastrointestinal side effects, but this issue is entirely controlled while using white willow bark.

It is a healthy alternative to chemically induced medicines.

According to The Health line, it is nature’s gift to cure a headache. However, no clinical researchers have been specified with a problem regarding white willow bark.

A combined study by Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, Bristol University, UK and Beth Israel Health and Healing Center, Boston considered white willow bark to be one of the historically originated forms of modern medicine which have proved to be helpful in multiple pain problems.

Back Pain

White willow bark has shown efficacy to relieve a backache. It also helps in joint and muscular pains whether caused by a medical condition or general pain due to physical exertion.

The general pain managing effects of white willow bark are tested and verified by multiple types of research. Such as a study from Department of Orthodontics, Columbia University proved White willow bark to be helpful for musculoskeletal pain.


Osteoarthritis is a medical condition which imitates intense pain in bones and joints. Medical Center of the University of Maryland has studied white willow bark for being helpful in the management of osteoarthritis, and the results proved to be highly confident. So it’s a well researched natural supplement for pain management.


White willow bark extract is helpful for various other conditions such as following.

  • Cramps
  • Fever
  • Flu
  • Acne
  • Cancer

Dosage of White Willow Bark

Since its active agent is salicin, an alternative to aspirin is not recommended for minor children.

It may cause Reye syndrome in young children if the poorly administered dose is given to them.

For adults, the dose is prescribed by the doctors. However, the researchers proved 240mg to be sufficient for adults for pain management.

It is advised to not to be given to people who are allergic to salicin or sensitive to it.

Some scientists suggest it not to be used with medical conditions of liver, asthma, diabetes or kidney since it may cause some abnormality in the medical functioning of the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Therefore, it is highly appreciated to use with the consultation of the health service provider.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Salicylates are not advised to be used in pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding due to possible chemical interference causing developmental abnormalities. It is recommended to consult the doctor for an alternative.

Side effects

There are no as such side effects if you are healthy and not taking any other medicine for anything. Natural products are regarded safer than the commercially produced drugs, and both should not be used together at any cost.

A study by Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan and School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Creighton University Medical Center, USA considered Efficacy and Safety of White Willow Bark extracts and found them to be safe for everyday use.

The dosage of white willow barks should be carefully administered, and an overdose may cause skin rashes or an upset stomach for some time.

In extremely high dosage it can cause kidney inflammation and tinnitus leading to other diseases.

Or this reason it should only be used for the recommended dose.



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