ZAZA Red is a little-known atypical tricyclic supplement available in small drugstores. Vendors sell it as a dietary supplement. However, it is closer to an antidepressant in function. ZAZA relieves stress, anxiety, and depression; however, lately, it has come under the spotlight for causing dependency issues. Let’s explore ZAZA red pills further!

What Is The Composition Of ZAZA Red Pills?

ZAZA Red consists of varying levels of a drug called Tianeptine. Tianeptine is a blend of nootropics: Combretum quadrangular Leaf and Piper Methysticum. It may also include Magnesium, Vegetable Capsules, and Vegetable Stearate, used for manufacturing purposes. The combretum leaf comes from deep jungles in Southeast Asia. It is also known as Sakae, which has antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Piper Methysticum comes from the Kava Kava plant, imported from the Pacific island. It shows efficacy for stress, anxiety, tension, and hyperactivity. ZAZA Red is a trademark of MRSS, Inc.

What Is Tianeptine?

It is an atypical antidepressant used in many countries. It boosts the user’s mood by making changes in the brain chemicals. How is it able to do that? Structurally, it is closer to drugs like amitriptyline, but it is unique because it binds to specific receptors in the brain. Those receptors produce effects similar to oxycodone and fentanyl usage. Through serotonin uptake, Tianeptine decreases stress hormones and increases extracellular dopamine.

What Are The Benefits Of ZAZA Red?

Clinically, this drug is a treatment for depression and anxiety. At the recommended dosage, users can reduce their anxiety levels and achieve a state of euphoria. ZAZA is excellent for patients with depression and those with chronic physical pain as well.

Although it is a sedative, its effects are so mild that it copies the effects of certain drugs without any hassles and adverse outcomes like dependency issues. Its customers do not use it recreationally for an all-time high but rather for a sense of euphoria for hours. These pills are combined with cognitive enhancers for better concentration and focus.

Is ZAZA Red FDA Approved?

ZAZA Red is openly used as an antidepressant in Europe and Latin America, whereas FDA prohibits its use in most states of the USA. The US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) warns consumers not to buy Tianeptine in any form as its claims of elevated brain function are unproven. There are restrictions placed on its selling in the USA. However, it is available in gas stations and smoke shops in many states like New York and Georgia. Most of these vendors sell it as a false dietary supplement. They call it the “gas station drug” due to its easy availability.

But Why The prohibition?

ZAZA Red pills are closer in function and structure to powerful drugs. However, the high achieved by ZAZA Red pills is short-lived, and consumers may pop another one to prolong the effects. It can lead to Tianeptine dependency. Many Tianeptine dependents are known to take 2 to 3 ZAZA Red pills bottles per day. The withdrawal symptoms were extreme once they tried to come off of it. Hence, FDA has prohibited its use within the US.

What Do The Lab tests tell us?

Northridge Treatment Center carried out various lab tests on ZA ZA Red from various gas station sellers and found that one pill of ZA ZA contains up to 700 mg of Tianeptine. Since FDA does not approve its selling, ZA ZA is sourced from overseas and may exceed the normal dosage. This lack of control leads to extreme dependency issues. The average dose of ZAZA is 20 to 80 mg of Tianeptine in controlled areas. The lab also found that most users take ZA ZA along with other strong substances, which can exacerbate the sedation manifold, causing a serious threat to the user’s life.

Lab tests also uncovered that ZA ZA has a short half-life which means that its effects, although intense, wear off a few minutes after usage. The brain receptors induce a need for further intake of these pills. ZA ZA causes extreme dependency issues, coupled with its short half life; its users have been medically reported to ingest up to 3000 mg of ZA ZA Red pills at a time to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Where Can You Find ZAZA Red Online?

ZAZA Red is a critically acclaimed formula in the market, also known as TIANAA Red. The drug is generally offered in powder or pill form online, in convenience stores, and gas stations. Only two brands sell ZAZA Red pills online: Allosupplements and Burman’s Health Shop. ZAZA is an atypical antidepressant, unlike mainstream antidepressants that medical professionals prescribe.


This nutritional brand offers a dynamic range of specialized premium supplements that harness the human body’s capabilities. Their diverse range of blends is multipurpose in their function. From strength and concentration boosts to stress and anxiety relief, Allosupplements have a supplement to each condition. Their premium blends are a must-try if you want to combat fatigue and feel more alert!    

What Type Of Supplements Are They Selling?

Along with selling essential vitamins and minerals blends, AlloSupplements sells some quality brands like Kara, Armor, and ZAZA. Let’s delve deeper into their ZAZA Red products range. They sell ZAZA red in variations of five blends.


The store sells ZAZA Red supplements in capsule and liquid forms. Their 60 ml ZAZA Red liquid bottles have been discontinued. However, each ZAZA Red capsule contains 700 mg of Tianeptine blend.

  • 8 capsule pack = $12.99
  • 15 capsule pack = $24.99
  • 24 capsule pack = $35.99
  • 60 capsule pack = $79.99          

Their website clearly states that only ages 18 and older can use ZAZA products.

Burman’s Health Shop:

Burman’s is the only other online competitor to AlloSupplements in the ZAZA red market. Burman’s health shop boasts of providing education and specialized care to all its customers. Their product range is unmatched by other supplement vendors. There is something for everyone!

What Type Of Supplements Are they selling?

Their supplement blends range from a variety of consumer-friendly options. For example, their Delta range includes cigarettes, dabs, flowers, oils, vapes, and gummies. They also sell THC-O, CBD, and health supplements.


They sell Tianeptine in variations of eight blends which is more than AlloSupplements. Burman’s Health Shop sells ZAZA red pills in consumer-friendly packaging and quantities. Each capsule consists of 700 mg of Tianeptine blend.

  • 15 Capsules pack= $34.99
  • 24 capsules pack – $52.99
  • A 3-pack bundle of 24 pills each = $141.99
  • A 5-pack bundle of 24 pills each = $227

Their website states that only 21 or older individuals can use this product.

Does ZA ZA Red Make False Product Claims?

ZAZA Red pills are used as antidepressants and for higher concentration levels. However, each ZAZA Red bottle mentions it is a dietary supplement, although FDA has prohibited their sale and use within the USA. Hence, ZAZA Red makes false claims regarding its functionality on the product packaging.

What Do Customers Say About ZA ZA Red?

Most users of ZA ZA Red pills can be found on Reddit warning others of its harmful and highly compulsive nature. Many claim that they have been a waste of money and share their difficult journeys of quitting Tianeptine. They all seem to agree that ZA ZA is highly potent and causes extreme dependency. Although it has been around since the 2000s, the latest lab testing has made its customers more aware of its nature and related health issues. 

One ZA ZA Red customer stated: 

The original Tianaa reds were hours of nodding euphoria. It would take exactly an hour to fully kick in. My dose was 10 pills.”

ZA ZA’s current consumers seem to unanimously agree that the dosage of Tianeptine in their pills has been drastically reduced, and they do not have the same strong effects as before. They all agree that more standardization can create a healthy market for ZA ZA Red users and it can reduce intake and dosage levels for them as well. 


ZAZA Red pills are an atypical antidepressant of a nootropic blend. This one-of-a-kind supplement improves concentration without the high and crash of other dangerous drugs. Although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved this supplement, many online and physical stores nationwide sell it as a false dietary supplement. ZA ZA Red’s consumers unanimously agree that with FDA approval and standardization, ZA ZA’s dosage level can be monitored. This will drastically reduce medical cases and dependency issues within its users and create a positive market for ZA ZA Red products.



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