Kratom is a herb that has been proven helpful in treatment of sleeping disorders, pain killing, depression and anxiety. Viable Solutions is a new brand that has been providing different kratom products online to the people within the USA. Let’s have a quick review of this brand and check whether it fulfils our standards or not. Here are some factors on the basis of which we will review this brand.

About Viable Solutions

Viable Solutions has worked with diligence to provide Kratom to all US states as well as Canada. This company has started working in botanicals industry in 2005 and after researching and testing kratom a lot, the company has launched different kratom products in 2011.

Is Viable Solutions Lab Tested?

Viable Solutions kratom is tested for sake of legality, purity and its strength. Lab results of all manufactured Kratom extracts are available on the website and can be found by scrutinizing QR code on the label and adding LOT number present at the top of the parcel.

Are They AKA GMP Certified?

No! Viable solutions is not AKA qualified. American Kratom Association is established to provide programs for manufacturing high-quality kratom and protecting Kratom from getting ban. For AKA GMP certification, participants have to finish independent annual third-party audit to make sure their conformity with the program.

After researching from American Kratom Association website, it is clear that Viable Solutions is not  AKA GMP qualified and they also do not come under the category of pending participants because they did not agreed  their manufacturing process scheme, but they made sure that each batch matches the American Herbal Product Association testing requirements.

Are They Making False Medical Claims On Their Website?

There is no scientifically proven evidence that Viable Solutions kratom can have medical benefits in treating human diseases. Viable Solutions has claimed that they have been providing the safest, high-quality and persistent kratom and kratom extracts in the market today that is used curing various health issues such as depression, obesity, anxiety, and high BP, alcoholism and stomach parasites.

According to FDA, Kratom is not safe to use because over-dosage of kratom can lead to death. They don’t allow any brand to make medical claims on kratom benefits on their websites. If any brand makes those claims it means they are going against FDA guidelines. Many deaths are associated with kratom. So we must say that medical claims by viable solutions are not 100% true.

Is Viable Solutions Selling Kratom With False Names?

No! There is no issue regarding the names of kratom products. The names are correctly mentioned with the kratom extracts. Kratom comes in different forms such as powder, capsules, extracts, abd, and tinctures. Here are some of the Viable Solution’s products:

  • Nodzilla kratom tincture
  • Gold reserve
  • Full spectrum blend
  • Gold reserve extract
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Green Vein Sumatra
  • Maha Kali Red Vein
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red Vein Sumatra

All their products were tested to monitor the Mitragynine presence in all their products before they were made available to people for sale. Due to these reasons, it is cleared that why many people are attracted to the results of these products.

Key Kratom Products You Might Willing To Buy

All the kratom products are tested properly providing high-quality and purest kratom. Here are some key products:

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is one of the top Kratom that belongs to Thailand having green veins on its leaves, due to which it has got this name. The strong, energizing benefits associated with Green Maeng Da are:

  • Green Maeng Da shows effective results and it is mild as compared to other Maeng Da.
  • It boosts up self-confidence making one more talkative and it develops a desirous sense of peace and calmness.
  • It enhances energy levels and it makes a person feel active throughout the day.
  • It is used as an analgesic to reduce both acute and chronic pains.

Price:  Its price varies from $5.00-$125.00 depending upon its amount.

Maha Kali Red Vein

It is best-known kratom belonging to South East Asia for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression by producing a feeling of euphoria. This is the original kratom version that is why it is purest among all kratom product.

  • It produces long-lasting mild relaxation effects allowing you to have a more comfortable sleep.
  • It is a mild strain and even it can be used daily in smaller doses between 1.5g-2g.
  • Maha kali is the best detoxifier due to its antioxidant properties. You can have this by adding into your tea.

Price:  Its price ranges from $10.00 to $75.00 depending upon its amount.

Gold Reserve Extract

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract has been made by the application of 90% of highly vigorous kratom alkaloids with Sundanese kratom powder. This extract is highly active in performing its relaxing functions.

  • This extract is the perfect blend for relieving pain and boosting energy.
  • It stimulates your body to perceive the feeling of euphoria.
  • It provides mood-enhancing and relaxing sensation.

Price: its price ranges from $15.00 to $100.00 depending upon its amount.

Is Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) Active On Social Media?

24/7 online service is present on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can place your order, have advice, anytime, anywhere. They allow a quick service and they will respond to you as soon as possible.

Is Viable Solutions Kratom Cheaper Than Other Brands?

Viable Solutions offers high-quality kratom extracts in fair prices when compared to other competitive brands. Their prices vary with the specificity of strain you are ordering. For 25g strains of green and white Vein Maeng Da, the price is $5. The price increases when you go for large amounts. 100g strains cost $20 and 1000g package costs $125.

2g of Mitragynine Kratom Extract has a price of $35. Hush Ultra Kratom Tincture costs $15.00 for its 10ml bottle and if you are buying 5 tincture bottles, then it will cost $62.50. It means you can save $12.50 by ordering 5 bottles instead of one. While, for ordering 10 bottles together, you just have to pay $100 instead of $150. So, viable solutions is a good kratom platform with its amazing packages.

 Are They Offering Return Guarantee?

They are offering return policy within 30 days of receiving your order in case you get the wrong parcel and want to ship back to them. They will tell you that either your return will be accepted or not. For replacing your product or returning it back to them, you don’t have to open the parcel because only unopened parcels are accepted with a 10% restocking fee. 

Shipping And Payment Options Of Viable Solutions

If you place order before 2 PM EST during weekdays, you will get it on the same day and if ordered after 2 PM EST or during holidays, the orders will be posted on the very next working day. They also allow COD orders that can only be shipped through UPS or FEDEx. You can track your order after getting the tracking code from them.

Customer’s Reviews

Most of the customer’s reviews are positive on Viable Solutions’ kratom products.

Positive Reviews

  • Excellent deals are available on various kratom products at affordable prices. Such a low price on Kratom is not seen anywhere else.
  • The quality is great and the results are amazing.
  • They offer a quick service with exactly the same product I have ordered and their packaging is good enough to impress anyone.
  • Red Maeng Da both in powdered and capsule form is the best for pain relief, euphoria, sleeping comfort and giving energy.
  • Their kratom is effective than all other kratom brands.

Negative Reviews

Almost every verified buyer had reacted positively after using their kratom extracts except a few who had a little problem with it.

  • Red Maeng Da, which is specialized for pain reliefs, is not successful in relieving knee pains which I had during surgery.
  • Taste of tincture is unpleasant but it is effective.
  • Product is nice, but more than one dose should be present in each bottle



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