There are so many reasons to choose Urban Ice Organics as your regular natural supplement vendor. The first and foremost reason is the diverse range of products, which has to be mentioned as we introduce the shop. We checked out the shop and were surprised to see a wide variety of kratom and CBD supplements.

The shop has a very interactive website which is easy for anyone who is in a hurry to order some pain killer or stimulant, without a lengthy procedure. We recommend Urban Ice Organics after passing the shop and its items through several tests such as quality, service, prices, and variety. After trying various supplements, we are sharing our results with users so they can also benefit from all that Urban Ice Organics has to offer.

Quality: Best kratom and CBD products, sourced from Southeast Asia and Colorado plantations respectively
Service: Fast payment methods and timely delivery
Prices: Reasonable process and discounts
Shipping services: Local USPS and FedEx
Payment method: Zelle, Credit cards, E-check
Wholesale purchase: Option available

The Company

Urban Ice Organics is headquartered in Nevada, United States and does not have a retail outlet. You can find brand products in various shops, but the company does not give out a list of these shops. The online shop is simple and interactive, so users can easily buy online and might not feel the need to visit a shop.

The online shop of Urban Ice Organics is rated the best with over 4.5-star reviews from users and market critics. This ranking is not a surprise since the quality and reasonable prices are enough to convince a new user.

Source of Kratom and CBD

Experienced farmers in Southeast Asia cultivate kratom variations under the most favorable climatic conditions to enhance the efficacy of the plants. These strains are then passed through different tests and filters; Urban Ice Organics uses the best leaves for further processing at Urban Ice Organics. The powder, capsule, gummies, and kratom oils are also from the best plants that have all the goodness and freshness intact.

The CBD is also from the hemp plant that grows locally in the United States under the supervision of experienced farmers and production teams.

The Kratom Range

You can find all the prominent kratom strains and powders at the Urban Ice Organics shop. The kratom grows under supervision in the farms of Southeast Asia and is used for capsules, teas, and powder form by the company. The company takes full responsibility for the organic and authentic kratom used in production. You can opt for powders, capsules, teas, and extract oil. All these product items are creatively diverse and offer users a new way of consumption than only capsules or powder, which are most common in the market.

You can find Indo leaf, Bali, Maeng Da, and Malaysian kratom in special packing of standard and extra-large bottles. So many people decide their favorite strain and ‘don’t want just a monthly dose since they know will need it for a more extended period. For all such users, the X-L bottles are an attractive feature!

Indo leaf is an excellent choice for all those who want to stay alert and work on their productivity. If you’re going to work on increasing focus, ‘here’s the kratom strain for you! People with depression can also benefit from the effect this kratom type has on cognitive functions and mental alertness. A euphoric strain to suit your moods and uplift!

Maeng Da is a lavish beverage in its native area, and you can try this to refresh your moods and make you feel good. Find the list of best Maeng Da Kratom here.

The Red Bali kratom at Urban Ice is also a good supplement for pain and anxiety. I tried this strain for backache, and just after one dosage, I was able to bend and touch my knees. It was quite an achievement, especially since my backache left me bedridden for several months in the past!

Green Malay kratom is a favorite for people since it affects your moods and keeps you refreshed for a more extended period. The instant pain relief factor makes it a popular choice among people who experience chronic pain.

urban ice organicsLab Testing

A laboratory test is a must for checking the quality of any kratom or CBD supplement! The FDA has not regulated the processing, manufacturing, or sale practices; therefore, you can quickly come across vendors who have no idea what they are selling. Substandard supplements not suitable for consumption are available at the lower process, but the price you pay with your health is a lot more! Lab testing is a safe way to ensure that you are buying the right thing.

Urban Ice promises quality with evidence. You can comfortably consume supplements from the shop without worrying about unwanted results.

The Creative CBD Range

The CBD products at Urban Ice Organics are enough for any user to get hooked! There are gummies, tinctures, and vape juice for CBD users. The diversity of Urban Ice Organics is further visible in products such as bath bombs and honey sticks! Now you can indulge in luxury while ensuring that you take your daily CBD dosage.

The strength of all the CBD products ranges from 250mg to 750mg. The bottles are attractive and add to the CBD experience!

Price and Payment Methods

The prices of different kratom strains vary, but overall, the prices at Urban Ice Organics are lower and affordable. One may ask how they can be more economical when a 30-capsule bottle at another shop also costs $22. Well, the strength of capsules at Urban Ice is 0.5mg per pill, which is sufficient for someone who has been taking kratom.

The other products, such as oil tinctures and gummies, also have reasonable prices.

Apart from this, the discounts that you get are amazing! If you are a regular customer, you will earn points which can be redeemed later for discounts. We got a cut on price after a few purchases and, I enjoyed the tincture more only because I got a pleasant surprise of paying less!

You can pay for your order through credit card, Zelle, or E-check. E-check takes a more extended period for approval and delivery. However, the card payment process is much faster.


Once the company receives your payment, the package is sent via USPS or FedEx, depending on your location. You receive your parcel within two to three working days. In case you think this is good on its own ‘here’s more; you receive the package at your doorstep!

No more waiting at post offices or FedEx only because your package got delivered! The convenience of sitting home, ordering, and then receiving it within three days is so addictive that you will love the supplement before trying it!

Wholesale Option

The Urban Ice Organics operates from Nevada and also has a warehouse there only. The products of the company are available with private vendors or at the online shop. The company welcomes wholesale buyers to join hands and spread the goodness of kratom to avoid opiate dependence and improve the quality of life.

You can join the company by filling out a form online. A basic questionnaire and some contact information are enough to get in touch with the company and become an active distributor of quality products.

The Must Try Supplements

When you log on to any online shop with such a diverse range, it is but natural to get confused about what to choose! Let me help you a bit here. If you are looking for a pain and anxiety killer, Red Bali at Urban Ice should be your first pick! It is a euphoric experience and will not put a dent in your pocket either!

The texture of the powders and the earthy smell ensures us that you picked the right thing! If you try the Red Bali kratom powder, the tea will taste good, and the aroma will soothe your senses. The effect of Red Bali kratom is also quick, which means you will not have to wait for the pain to disappear hours after you consume kratom!

If you want to focus on a task or increase your productivity in terms of quality of work; The White Malay should be your top choice. It makes you sharp and more focused.

For CBD, you can try the honey sticks. No real reason except that they’re a new thing! You can find gummies, capsules, and powders for CBD and kratom, but finding honey sticks is rare!

Overall Experience

The Urban Ice Organics interactive website is a smooth shopping experience. If your favorite item is out of stock, you can still keep a check on when it will be in store, and you can purchase! The payment step is also safe and secured. You pay through a secure link, and once the company receives it, there is no delay in sending out your order!

The overall shopping experience is simple, and the products are an even better one! The quality of kratom strains is excellent and will make your order again and again!

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