The charm of kratom becomes infinity times more intense if you use a high-quality product from a reliable vendor in town. Unikorn Candy, despite being in the concentrated Kratom market, outstands for its supreme quality kratom products. For that reason, customers, who once gave them a chance, never knocked at any other kratom vendor’s door, Reason?

Because at Unikorn Candy, you are pampered for all of your kratom needs, the right way!

Is the hype about Unikorn Candy worth considering?

From potent and long-lasting kratom products to extensive lab-testing, Unikorn Candy does not leave any stone unturned to provide the best customer experience. It becomes difficult to choose your kratom vendor online because there are plenty of stores with a bulk of products, and each one claiming to be the top one.

Sometimes, these vendors are taking the edge of false claims, and at other times, the product is of low quality; if you are really facing this problem, to your surprise, your search end right here.

Unikorn Candy smartly fulfills all the gaps that various kratom vendors consistently fail to accomplish.

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Unikorn Candy user reviews

With a remarkable rating of 4.3 stars and tons of positive user reviews, Unikorn Candy is definitely going to be your next favorite kratom brand.

Do you want to know what users are saying about Unikorn Candy?

Just read a few testimonials here:

Bobby, Oct 18, 2020

By far the best kratom I have gotten so far in a year that I have been taken kratom. The powder dissolves in water faster than any other kratom I have bought, that’s the purity talking. Plus, it always and always hits. When I was burned out on other vendors, kratom unikorn never stopped.

James Holley, Oct 28, 2020

The quality is exceptional, and the customer service is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it!

Amanda, Nov 5, 2020

Excellent customer service!! I’ve messaged the vendor more than once, and they’re always receptive, kind, and helpful! Great product as well- The most potent IMO!

These reviews speak for the more robust kratom products and their immediate effects. Moreover, they are soft towards their customers. They do not leave their issues unresolved, no matter if they require a prolonged discussion concerning the best strain for the problems they face or a quick answer concerning their order’s delivery.

Top-rated Unikorn Candy products that you must try

Are you a beginner who is a bit confused regarding what you should order at Unikorn Candy? Well, if that’s the case, have a read about their featured products that will leave you all surprised!

Sample Pack – 5 Ounces

As a newbie, it is always advised to start with a sample pack. With sample packs, you can enjoy an ounce of 5 different kratom strains, and with each experience, you get to realize which strain is an ideal fit for you.

Price: The sample pack of 5 ounces is priced at $50, but right now, this pack is on 50% sale, and you can grab it for $25.

Unbreakable Rainbow (Blend)

This blend is a favorite product of many customers.  It’s a powerful blend consisting of red, green, white, yellow, and gold kratom. After a few minutes of ingestion, the million-dollar effects pop up. It is ideal for an energy boost, motivation, pain relief, and anxiety.

Price: The price ranges from $7 (for 1 Oz) to $91 (for 1 kilo).

Tangerine Candy Smokeable CBD Flower

At Unikorn Candy, you can enjoy the pleasure of using CBD flowers too. Tangerine is a Sativa-leaning variety of CBD flowers and is an ideal replacement for your pain-relieving pill and energy-boosting coffee.

Price: The price ranges from $5 (for ½ gram) to $200 (for 1 Oz)

Digital gift cards for the best experience

The exclusive feature of digital cards lets you gift it to anyone in your family or give it to the poor as a gift. When you purchase a digital gift card at Unikorn Candy, you receive an e-mail that explains how you will use it. Moreover, you can use it for payments at Unikorn Candy as well.

Price: The price ranges from $5 to $200.

How to contact Unikorn Candy for queries?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, you can e-mail at For text, note down this number (Text: 413-404-0322). They will respond to you within 2-4 hours.

Final Thoughts

Unikorn Candy is a Veteran-owned kratom store where you can enjoy kratom’s real charm at affordable prices. With exceptional customer service and fresh products, Unikorn Candy is making its place in the hearts of kratom enthusiasts. So, the next time you are confused about where to buy high-quality kratom, Unikorn Candy would be your 100% valid shot.



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