Kratom, a native of Southeast Asia is a powerful medicinal plant which has long lasting effects on the users. Scientifically known as Mitragyna species, it shares the same family as that of coffee.

Leaf extract of Kratom used as a part of traditional herbal medicine which induces energy, pain relief, stress control and euphoria.

It is further divided into different strains, among which each strain has a different power and capacity.

What makes ultra enhanced Indo so powerful?

Ultra Enhanced Indo is a highly potent strain of Kratom supported by the majority of the users.

All Kratom strains are useful, but Ultra Enhanced Indo’s leaves have more concentrated alkaloids which accelerate the actions.

The term enhanced means that its effect has been modified by any additive to make it more efficient.

Ultra Enhanced Indo has additional 1500mg alkaloids added to every 25 mg of the plant extract (dried) to potent it to a maximum possible level.

Whether you should use it or not is a personal choice, but if you decide to use it, special precautions are associated regarding dosage and quantity to avail maximum benefits.

The geographical effect

Kratom usually associated with Southeast Asia which has distant regions for specific strains. While the majority of the strains are from Malaysia, Ultra Enhanced Indo is a specialty of Indonesian region along with Premium Indo Kratom and Super Indo Kratom.

Unlike Super and Premium, the word “enhanced or ultra” is not a harvesting method of Kratom but defines added ultra concentrated alkaloids to it.

Some other strains from Indonesian Islands are not considered Indo Kratom but named after their respective origin e.g. Bali, Sumatra, etc.

Benefits of ultra enhanced Indo

Ultra Enhanced Indo is the most likely strain of Kratom among all which gives maximum possible effect in the least possible quantity. It gives a sensation of extreme euphoria and sedation which never experienced from any other strain.

Typically, it is consumed orally in a powder form. But, due to its bitter taste it often added in recipes e.g. drinks or supplements.

It enhances the mood, relieves chronic pains, reduces the stress and anxiety. It also has a high stimulating effect even in small quantity.

Ideal dosage of ultra enhanced Indo

Since Ultra Enhanced Indo has the largest amount of concentrated alkaloids, it would work efficiently in minor quantity. Other strains tend to produce the warming effect in low dose and relaxing effect in the higher dose.

But, Ultra Enhanced Indo provides the maximum force in lowest dose as that of 0.5g which is reported by the users to be effective.

The dosage can be increased in chronic medical condition, but never recommended as high as other Kratom strains. It is advised to discuss with a health practitioner before taking the large quantity of Ultra Enhanced Indo.

Also, it is not recommended to used with any other strain of Kratom or medicines for a disease due to its higher effects.

User reviews of ultra enhanced Indo

A discussion on an online forum “Reddit” expressed the user reviews where people used Ultra Enhanced Indo with a variation of 2-8 grams in quantity. They concluded that it really works best for energy and euphoria.

However, some users preferred to use it on an empty stomach than consuming it after a meal.

Another similar discussion on “Bluelight” forum believed Ultra Enhanced Indo to be a semi-synthetic analogue of mitragynine which is an herbal compound 30 times stronger than morphine.



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