Very few kratom vendors make you feel like a king when you log on to their websites. Tusk Kratom opens up with an exotic Sub-continental logo with a magnanimous elephant. As you log in to the website, there is an array of herbal varieties, and everything looks great, so our team decided to give it a try!

Let’s see what the store holds for all of us.

About the company

Tusk Kratom was founded to provide quality kratom products to people who cannot find authentic and impactful Mitragyna nearby. The manufacturers realized a shortage of trustworthy ketum products, and they decided to fill the gap by making various goods that contain a 30% higher quantity of Mitragynine, the primary alkaloid in this botanical.

Over the years, Tusk Kratom has become a famous brand, all due to its impactful, pure, and authentic Mitragyna products.

What gives Tusk Kratom an edge?

The best range of products with the liberty of using Mitragyna in various forms is available at a handful of vendors, and Tusk Kratom ranks high among those few! The most significant edge that Tusk Kratom has over other vendors is the wide variety of products without compromising the quality. You can find Mitragyna items that will entice you to use them soon! Apart from the capsules, powders, and liquid kratom, Tusk Kratom offers the following unique products:

  • Kratom extract powder,
  • Kratom extract capsules,
  • Gum, and
  • Gummies

You will see the same kinds of bags and jars full of pills or powder at other shops, but at Tusk, the innovation starts from the look! You get a choice between kratom gum that you can chew for long as the alkaloids get absorbed in your body and do their work. Similarly, there is a powder available in easy-to-carry tube containers that keep the powder safe from contamination.

The capsules at Tusk Kratom are also very enriching, the soft gels come on a leaflet with plastic pods, and the Non-GMO shells make them an excellent pick for all! The kratom gum is an innovative item, but even regular products like tinctures, capsules, and powder are perfect as Tusk kratom understands convenience.

What do we like about Tusk Kratom?

Tusk Kratom became a star for our team due to various reasons. First of all, the products are presented exquisitely, and their concentration of Mitragynine boosts the energy that we all desire. The Platinum capsules are a great purchase as they are made from kratom extracts. Each tablet is full of dried leaves with a potent dosage of alkaloids. The Non-GMO capsule shells are suitable for all people with vegan, gluten-free, and organic preferences.

Moreover, the impact of these capsules is quick! We felt a surge of energy along with an increase in mental focus with a single pill! The potency of alkaloids in these capsules is evident in the results.

Another lovable feature about these capsules is that they are not too outrageous in price. You will find it reasonable, and the results justify the amount you pay!

Shopping experience

As soon as you log on to the website, there is a pop-up for you to register your email address to receive the coupon for discounts. Tusk Kratom takes the lead with discounts, special offers, and deals that make Mitragyna consumption even more fun! Apart from the coupon code in the mail, all customers can benefit from the 15% discount at checkout. This deal makes shopping more fun and the stimulating results more effective.

However, customers might find it odd that there is no return or exchange policy! Tusk Kratom claims that all the products are excellent and that customers will not need to return any item. In case of any shipping delay or accident, you can get a 100% refund. Similarly, if you are dissatisfied with any product, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.

You can reach the shop management via email, and there are telephone numbers available too! However, we think you might never need to contact the shop after receiving your order as all items are excellent, and the purity of alkaloids gives you all that you want.

Prices of products

The price range for all the products at Tusk Kratom is reasonable. We were surprised that Platinum capsules cost $17.99 for three capsules. The Gold capsules are also very potent as they are made from Mitragyna concentrate, but they are for $14.99. It is common for ketum vendors to sell concentrates and extracts at a higher price since the manufacturing processes of these two items are complicated and require a skill. However, this changes as soon as you enter Tusk Kratom! Every product is within reach, and they have many options for the curious users who like diversity. You can never get bored with the products available at Tusk Kratom!

Unique products like kratom gum are also reasonable, and the best part is that the effects of each of these items are instant and long-lasting. Even if you buy the kratom concentrates and feel they cost more, the amount you use daily will span the cost over months! We found every product to be reasonable as the effects are outstanding every time.

Customers love kratom gummies from Tusk Kratom, and they are a good purchase as they cost no more than $20! The price range at Tusk Kratom is affordable, and the products are premium quality, which makes every item a must-buy!


Tusk Kratom is a comparatively new vendor, but the excellence in products and service make it an obvious choice for users. Whether you like Mitragyna powder or are a capsule-user, or if you like kratom concentrates more than regular products-Tusk kratom has all of it, and the packaging and presentation make it all the more favorable for customers all over the country. Try Tusk kratom and try the innovative products that will make you order again and again.



  1. Total lies! I still haven’t received my order and the tracking number they gave is illegitimate! Tried calling a dozen times with no answer! No email either it just bounces back! Wtf! Scam company? I’m pissed


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