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Address: 1574 Coburg Road PO Box #369 Eugene,
OR 97401
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Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

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Purchasing kratom online should be an enjoyable and simple experience. Think about it, you’ve done your research, you’ve chosen your ideal kratom strain, you’re ready to click check-out and wait for your order to be shipped. And then it hits you.

Please choose your preferred method of payment. You whip out your credit card only to realize the kratom vendor doesn’t have a payment processor in place to do so.

Very few kratom brands have the ability to accept credit card payments. Why? Well, because kratom isn’t approved by the FDA (yet), most payment processing companies steer clear of the industry.

Tropic Health Club has a solid payment processor partnership that allows them to accept credit card payments. Thanks to this brand, you can now purchase premium kratom products online without worrying about how you’re going to pay.

Who is Tropic Health Club?

Tropic Health is an online supplier of premium red and green kratom capsules as well as their unique CBD tincture.

They make it easy to buy kratom thanks to their monthly subscription club. Never miss a dose by opting into a monthly package of your favourite kratom strain.

You can also check out their one-time purchase only option for those not ready to take the plunge. The best part about purchasing kratom from Tropic Health is they accept credit cards!

If you’ve purchased kratom online, you know how difficult it is to find a reliable, high-quality source of kratom that offers a credit card option at checkout.

Why Credit Card Companies Aren't Crazy Over Kratom?

High-risk industries can be classified as such for quite a few reasons. Regarding kratom, it is mostly due to lack of regulation in North America. Credit card processors like Paypal tend to steer clear of high-risk.

Higher than normal chargebacks, vendors who cannot fulfil orders, and age-restricted items are also considerations as to why the big three credit card companies and top payment processors are hesitant to accept the kratom industry.

Like CBD and cannabis, kratom is considered a drug of concern. Unlike cannabis however kratom is legal in many states and countries globally.

No payment processing company on the planet will allow you to sell an illegal product. There are high-risk credit card processors that will work with kratom e-commerce stores and businesses.

How Can Kratom Sellers Accept Credit Card Payments?

Without a solid digital presence and a credit card processor backing your business, it’s going to be tough to succeed in any business deemed high risk by major banks and government departments.

Fortunately, there are payment processing companies that offer high-risk merchant accounts. These companies understand kratom is legal (in most countries and states) and there is a demand for high-quality kratom.

Unfortunately, the fees associated with a high-risk merchant account may not be feasible for small kratom vendors. The most common solution for kratom vendors who find it difficult to secure a reliable payment processing company is off-shore merchant accounts.

Perfect Payment Processing: How Tropic Health Club Beat the System

Partnering with a payment processor that knows the kratom industry is legal and also a viable business can go along way, and that’s what Tropic Health has done.

Their focus on providing consumers with premium kratom on a consistent basis is what motivated them to find a solution to this growing issue.

Without a reliable payment processor, users are unable to buy kratom online efficiently. Up until recently, echeck was the most common way for a kratom user to purchase kratom from an online vendor.

Now, brands like Tropic Health Club have found a solution to make kratom purchasing fast, simple, and convenient.

Why Buy Your Kratom from Tropic Health Club?

Topic Health Club has made it easier for kratom users to buy premium quality kratom on a consistent basis.

By providing a secure and reliable method of payment (aka accepts credit cards) it’s easy to reap the many therapeutic benefits of kratom.

Comparing Tropic Health’s kratom selection to other well-known brands it’s easy to see how they stand out.

The quality of their kratom is top-notch, their customer service is on-point, and they stand behind their products. They believe buying kratom online should be a simple and enjoyable experience.


As of this fall, Tropic Health Club offers a compact selection of kratom health products. Currently, they offer high-quality green and red kratom capsules packed full of therapeutic benefits. They also offer a premium 450mg CBD tincture.

Both of these wellness supplements are holistic and are known to help an array of discomforting symptoms like aches, pain, and even anxiety. If you’re like me and need more automation in your life, opt for Tropic Health Club’s monthly subscription.

There’s no risk. They offer a money-back guarantee, free shipping, and helpful support staff ready to help you.

When you subscribe to Tropic Health Club’s monthly option you save over 12% and receive free gifts on qualifying orders.

If monthly orders aren’t your thing and you make a one-time purchase, you can take confidence in knowing your kratom is third-party lab tested, all-natural, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Kratom Capsules

Tropic Health offers all-natural red and green kratom capsules. The extra-strength green kratom formula that may boost your energy, increase your ability to focus, and enhance your mood. Each package contains 60 capsules.

Their red maeng da kratom is made specifically to aid in relieving discomforting symptoms like aches and stress. Like the Topic Health green strain, the red maeng da capsules may boost your energy levels, enhance your mood, and improve your ability to stay focused.

CBD Tinctures

Tropic Health’s full-spectrum CBD oil has an impressive 30mg of CBD per dosage. Compared to other CBD tinctures, that’s about x3 more CBD in each serving.

Just like kratom, their CBD tincture is all-natural, third-party lab tested and is backed with a money-back guarantee. Tropic Health also follows good manufacturing practices (GMP) for every product they produce.

First off, Tropic HHealth can process credit cards, which makes life easy when it comes to buying kratom online. That’s bonus point number one.

Bonus point number two is their 30-day money-back guarantee they offer on every order. Clearly they are confident in their products.

Tropic Health receives their third bonus point for the fast and free shipping they offer. Nothing seals the deal for me faster like free shipping.

The only thing I could say that isn’t positive about Tropic Health Club is that their kratom selection could be broader.

I understand their focus is on delivering premium kratom reliable to their customers is their number one priority, but it would be nice to have other options such as a kratom tincture.

Our Verdict

When it comes to buying quality kratom online, it’s the dawn of a new era. Topic Health is proving that you can purchase premium kratom with your credit card bringing a little stability into a highly unregulated industry.

If certain governments and policymakers could sit down and agree that kratom is a viable wellness supplement, payment processors like PayPal would be happy to have kratom vendors use their service. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet.

Until then, you must find a reliable kratom vendor like Topic Health that can consistently supply you with the kratom you need. Reaping the many therapeutic benefits of kratom should not be a difficult task. Topical Health Club has made it that much easier.



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