Do you make use of Kratom products? It is one of the most popular products used in our environment. Kratom has many benefits for its users as it helps reduce pain enhance human ability to carry out their activities amongst other benefits.

Sad to say, identifying the authentic product in the market has become hard due to the presence of plenty sub-standard product in the market. Many industries claim to produce or market the original product, but only a few industries actually do this.

This review will inform us about a particular industry that is efficient in producing quality Kratom products that are sufficient for your health.

Treasure house botanicals have a wide range of Kratom product which is exactly what every Kratom users want. We will be reviewing their products, their price, the available coupon codes and how to buy their product.

Products of Treasure House Botanicals

On each of the product produced by treasure house botanicals, there is a product label in the lower part where there is a batch number written there. These numbers represent the current batch number of their products.

Since the difference in weather, harvest, and time of the year affect the type of strain produced; the number will help their customer know what he is buying in detail.

If you have once bought a specific strain that works well for you, as long as you have the batch number, you can still be sure you are getting the same product quality.

In this way, you can keep track of your favorite strains. Here are some of their products and their usage. Note this is blended into capsules and powder.

1) The Maeng Da

Being one of the first developed strains, this product has a special place in the Kratom market. It is developed through selective breeding and grafting as this will help the strain have extra strength. This strain is harvested from the most mature leaves, and it has a higher than average energizing aroma.

The beautiful aroma of Maeng Da is soothing for aches and pain. It is the most popular strain and has become the gold standard for scents. Treasure house strain is harvested from the mature tree of close to 20 years which is originally imported from Thailand.

2) Modern Maeng Da

Most vendors are presently selling this product as Maeng Da. What differentiates treasure’s house botanicals product from others? The effect after it has been picked is a significant difference. After picking it is first sorted by vein colors, this is done so that every tree color is 100% unique.

This makes sure that variation between different batches is rid of. To retain its aromatic compounds, it is cured indoor, unlike other leaves that are cured outdoor. The aroma of modern MD is more focused and concentrated, and it has a warmer and more full bodies scent.

3) The Elephant Strain

This strain is named after its massive leaf size that resembles the ear of an elephant. Based on its similarity in strength to Maeng Da and its excellent full spectrum aroma it is now gaining popularity in the market.

It has a high ability to relief ache and pains. Treasures house elephant strain are processed in the best way possible as it is carefully sorted out.

4) Jonkong Maeng Da

Jonkong Maeng strain is another popular product sold by treasure house botanicals. It highlights the effect of location on Kratom. It undergoes a curing process which is done indoor and sorted out individually. It is related to the regular Maeng Da; the only difference is the location.

5) Piaman

This is another type of elephant strain, the leaves are from Hulu Kapuas region, but they are not the same as the regular elephant. The leaves are industrially flash dried within a few hours; this gives it a much brighter color than usual. These processes alter the alkaloid profile of the leaf.

The Coupon Code is Given on Treasure House Botanicals Products

Treasure house botanicals offer discounts on its product for their customers. They don’t give coupon codes; instead, they provide a discount on their product. Unlike coupons which are codes entered when checking out your payment, discounts automatically reduce the price of the product.

  • There is a reduction in the price of white Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da. For 250 Gram powder, it is sold between $15.71 – $16.71.
  • There is also a reduction in the price of white Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da powder. 1 kilo is sold within the range of $50.00 – $54.00.

How Much Does Treasure House Botanicals Products Costs

As crucial as Treasure House Botanicals Kratom products are, their prices are not pocket-breaking.

  • You can buy multiple Kratom strain of 150 capsules for $21.95.
  • You can buy 250 grams of Kratom powder for $20.71 for Batch #29.
  • You can buy 250 grams of Kratom powder for $20.71 for batch #30
  • 100 grams of batch #29 and 30 Kratom powder can also be purchased for $11.95.

How to Pay for Treasure House Botanicals Products

Based on the restriction placed on this product, the payment procedure is not the conventional or well-known ones. Here are ways you can pay for treasure botanicals products.

1) Pay Through Debit/Credit Cards, Payable Through an Email Invoice

After checking out your product, an invoice is sent to your email address. The invoice will be sent through a secure and large payment processing company.

Having received the message and click on it, you will be redirected to the secure server for your card, at this point; you will enter your card information.

You can be sure that both the vendor and the machine will not see or know your cards details. The processing is done through a much-secured process.

Having obtained your invoice, you will need to double check to know it is correct, that is it corresponds to your order. Your orders will be packed based on the order you made on the website.

2) Pay Through E-Check

Another way to pay for Treasure House Botanicals services is through e-check. This option is not prohibited by any law or anywhere for the purchase of Kratom products. Although it takes a longer time to process your payment, it works like the traditional cheque.

You will be required to enter your bank routing number, and your account number when you are checking out. It may sometimes bring error code for you during checking out.

All checks received are processed at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. It may take up to two days for your check to be deposited into your account.

3) Pay Through Cryptocurrency

Another way to pay for their product is through Bitcoin which is the most popular Cryptocurrency available. This is the easiest and safest way to pay for Treasure House Kratom products. It is worthy to note that there are no laws restricting the use of this product.

Do Treasure House Botanicals Sell Laboratory Tested Products?

Presently, there is no information available on whether they sell laboratory tested products or not, but the known truth is that their product is authentic and original and can be used without fear. Further information will be dished out in the nearest future.


This review has helped us in knowing the necessary details about Treasure House Botanicals products. We have identified the available products and their costs. We have also discussed the discount applied to products on Treasure House Botanicals.

We further examined the available payment option available. Information not presently available like selling of laboratory tested products will be released in the near future.

Now that you know where to buy the original product, we do hope this will help you have improved health.

If there are local laws guiding the use of this product, consider them before proceeding to purchase the product. To gain maximum benefit from this product, use it appropriately as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.